A Complete and Total Bust

A Complete and Total Bust

It was bound to happen. I failed at something miserably. But, the good part is that it wasn't really my fault. 

The Devil Came on HorsebackIt was that time of year again. It was my turn to host the book club this month. That also meant that I had to choose the book. I chose a bit of a downer for a book, but I wanted something different, and it kinda meant a lot to me. I chose The Devil Came on Horseback by Brian Steidle.  Overall, it was a good book, but it was lacking in writing skill. I also felt like I did not connect to it emotionally like I did with the movie. But I still liked it. Let's say 6 out of 10. 

As usual, I kinda freaked about having people over.  For some reason, I get it in my head that 500 million things have to be done before I can allow more than 1 person into the house. So, first up was the Curtains/Panels in the dining room. Granted, we knew we had to do this for weeks, but we waited until the last minute. They turned out so amazing. We finally finished them on Sunday morning. 

Dining RoomHere's a pic of one side of the dining room. I'm going to try to get a better picture of the whole look. I freakin' LOVE this. 

The rest of the list didn't really get done, and I wasn't freaked about it. Some members of that list were finishing the kitchen kick boards, clear off the patio, mow the yard, put away the rest of the china. Actually, I did put away the china, and Mike put up a missing cabinet door on one of the cabinets. He also drilled the hardware holes on one of our pantry doors. It'll be nice to be able to open both sides again.

On Saturday, we were supposed to go to my friend Malaka's house for her annual crawfish boil. I've been SOOOOO looking forward to it, and was so psyched for it. However, we ended up not going cuz we had so much to get ready for. Mike was kinda stressed about it too, and that is mostly my fault. Anyway, we ended up skipping out on the party, to devote all this time to getting stuff ready, and then seriously… 5 people did not show up. Out of a possible 8, that's a pretty big party killer. And these people RSVP'd yes to it, so it wasn't just me hoping that 8 people were coming, it was supposed to be a  pretty sure thing. I could understand one person having something come up unexpectedly, but 5 !?!?!?! So much food got wasted. LOTS of money spent too. Now, I didn't have to go so overboard, but it's how I do things. If everyone had actually shown up, it would probably have been a perfect amount of stuff. I even baked my blueberry crush dessert thing. Granted, it came out pretty gross, but still. It's the effort that mattered. I also managed to get two hunks of brie together and even put the puff pastry on myself. I only baked one to start with, thank gawd. I'm trying to not sound melodramatic here, but it really was heart crushing. That's not to take away from the 3 ladies that managed to actually show up. I'm glad they did, but I'm sure they were expecting more to come too. I might have to think about future bookings. I'm not quite sure all the stress is worth it in the end.

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