A week from today…

A week from today…

I will be in Hawai’i on the island of Oahu. A week after that I will be on the island of Maui. Yes, you can be jealous :D

The first week I will be with a couple girlfriends. They were originally going for a wedding, but since they were going to be there anyway, they thought they would ask their friends if anyone wanted to join and have some good girl time. It sounded interesting to me, but I’ve never done a girl trip of any sort, so it was a bit perplexing. The more it stayed on my mind, the more I realized I needed to truly consider it.

I told Mike about it, and he was just jealous I would go to Hawaii for the first time without him. So, at some point one of us suggested I meet up with him on Maui after my time with the girls. Well, twist my arm, but ok. I guess I’ll spend two weeks in Hawai’i instead of one, and see a city, and then see a nice relaxing type island. Oh, the struggles involved in that decision, let me tell ya! :D I jest, of course.

So, I tell the girls I’m going, and that’s that. I book the ticket, which cost a fortune, but Mike’s ticket kinda made up for it cuz he used miles for his. From talking to booking was like maybe 4 days. That is downright spontaneous for us.

Mike will actually head to Maui a couple days before I get there, and he’s doing his usual Mike thing. He’ll be couchsurfing with one or two different people until I get there and then we have a condo for the rest of that time. He also rented us a convertible car. So, I just cannot wait to get there and just chill. It will be so incredible. I don’t care if I don’t leave the beach. I will be perfectly content to chill & read on the beach, maybe hit a luau, drive around a bit.. then back to the beach. No rush rush.

Mike has also been taking scuba lessons in prep for the islands. I guess he finally believed me when I said I would never take scuba lessons. It’s just not something that interests me. Actually, the thought of going scuba diving is pretty creepy if you ask me. So, I’m really glad he finally did it. No better time than to scuba than in Hawai’i. I thought maybe if I saw him enjoy it or see his training stuff that maybe it would drive me to want to do it. I saw some of his DVD training, and I can officially say that I am so NOT interested. Looks like a buttload of work and just painful. Yeeesh. But he seems to really dig it. I’m really glad. I think he’ll have a blast with that.

So, a week from today, I will be on a plane headed to Honolulu. I bet I’m the only one that gets excited about long plane rides. That is awesome killer reading time. Hell, I might even get some work done on my script and/or book.

I also vow to post while I’m there more frequently and to include pictures even!

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