What up!?!?

So you came here to find out a little something about MOI. What to say, what to say?

I grew up an Army brat and moved around more than your average gal. This is probably what made me the socially awkward yet extraordinarily opinionated person that I have become. I am also a dork/geek/nerd or whatever you want to label it. I will wear that label proudly. Give me some gadgets, some bleeding edge software, an xbox/ps3, and a plethora of books and you can call me content.

I’m married to an impressively caring man that I met during my first semester at Texas A&M. He was (is?) a Longhorn, but he was on my turf. He didn’t have a chance! Cut to 16 years later, and sometimes I think we haven’t changed a single bit. In a couple years we’ll have been together half our lives. Dude, if nothing makes you feel old… that will definitely do it :D

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  1. What a great self-description! Loved it!!!
    And the site is really nice!
    By the way, David and I temporarily experimenting with veganism. I’m curious to see if it really helps with sinus… Will let you know.
    Alex Holway (from suburbialand in CT).

  2. And here I was so proud of you only to realize you are an Aggie??? Really, Andrea?? Geez!! At least your hubby knew what he was doing and Hooked Em!!!! LOL

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