…And Even More WAITING!

…And Even More WAITING!

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It took me 30 minutes to get a hold of Miguel. I had literally just gotten off the phone with him when the nurse called me back, and I could not get him on the phone or on text or anything. So flipping frustrating. I had a friend that was doing IVF at the same time as me texting me, and my mom texting and calling me, and another friend texting me. But I wasn’t saying a peep until I got to talk to my man. That seemed only fair, except he wasn’t really cooperating. Finally, I think on one of my many call attempts, he answers. I don’t even remember what I said. I wonder if he remembers. Hmmm. So, somehow I relay the information. He is ecstatic! He wants the OK to tell one of his buddies up there with him so he can truly experience it and not alone. I tell him he can tell that ONE person. I then proceed to tell three :D Actually, no, four. TEEHEE. A few days later my four becomes five. But that’s it, that was my max. I think in the end, Miguel told four people.

Just when I thought the most horrible waiting period was over, I get a good knock of reality right upside the head. On Monday February 21, 2011, I went and got my blood drawn again. Didn’t really stress too much about it, just waited til the end of the day when I got my results. My HCG levels were higher, but not as high as they should have been. Apparently, HCG levels should close to double every couple days. My first HCG level was 57, this new level was 87. They said it should be 95. Now I start to worry. I also started getting a pretty wicked cold that day. Oh, and all-day nausea started the previous day. Oy vey.

I get another blood draw on Wednesday, it was better. I got another one the following Monday, February 28, 2011. Much better. Had our first sonogram on March 2, 2011. At this point I’m considered 5 weeks 4 days. From this point forward, I think we have sonograms every week for a few weeks with the exception of Spring Break week (aka SXSW). This was good and bad.

See, Dr Silverberg is a super upbeat and positive guy. I’ve walked into his office feeling like the world would end and I walk out without a care in the world. I’d heard stories about some of the other doctors, and some (like the one that told us the bad news) just don’t have that great non-stop positive attitude. So, it was quite odd to see a different side of Dr Silverberg — oddly cautious. We would have our sonogram appointments and he would say something like “it’s not as big as I would like”. But then he would end with “everything looks fine”. Some other gems were “we’re not out of the woods yet” and “that heartbeat is slower than I’d like”. He would mostly end with “everything looks fine, see you in a week” or whatever. This caused me so much flippin’ worry. I would take whatever line of the week and just dwell on it. Thank goodness Mike would just focus on the “everything looks fine” portion. Cuz he would have to talk me down some weeks. By the time the next sonogram would roll around I was a wreck. It wasn’t until I was about 8 weeks 4 days that I got a big boost of confidence.

We’d been hearing or seeing the heartbeat since 6 weeks 4 days. But at the 8 week mark it was like hearing a freight train. It was a whopping 170 beats per minute and it was just truckin’. That made me feel so confident. I wanted to say screw our 12 week rule of when to tell people and announce it to the world! But, it’s glad one of us can manage to stay sane at any given point, cuz Mike insisted we keep our deal of 12 weeks. Dr Silverberg was still concerned about the size of our critter, but we saw him one more time at 9 weeks 4 days, and the critter had almost completely caught up with growth. So, he released me to see my OB finally. He also told me to make sure I send them a picture once the baby was born, but the nurses kept telling me I better bring the baby up there. I’m sure they really like seeing the end result of all their work. I don’t blame them at all.

We see my OB — Dr Stephanie McNelis (love her!) — at 10 weeks 4 days. It was weird cuz her sonogram machine is a bit inferior to TFC’s. It felt like we were going quite a ways back. She couldn’t even pick up the heartbeat and made it seem like it’s rare when she can. Madness! I’m spoiled over here, give me everything or give me nothing! I kid :D Everything looked kosher, they gave me bunches and bunches of samples of prescription pre-natal vitamins and a couple bags worth of swag, told me to get blood drawn and said come back in a month. A month!??!?! I have gotten sonograms weekly dangit, what is this month thing?!?

Apparently, “because of my age”, and because of the IVF thing, I’m considered High Risk, so that is actually going to afford me more ultrasounds than your normal pregnancy. Some at my normal OB and some at a high risk place that has higher resolution ultrasounds! At first I was offended at being “high risk”, but if the only downside to that is getting more peeks at the critter, than I’ll wear that label proudly!

Just after Miguel got back from a wedding in Venezuela, we started telling everyone about the little critter. I probably rode on that high for 3-4 days. It was great getting it out in the open. Probably didn’t help that because of IVF we knew WAY earlier than most folks do. It was just so much WAITING.

So, now we’re pretty current on things. I’m 14 weeks as of the moment of writing this. I get my next ultrasound (on the belly this time!) in 4 days. Then I think we’ll be scheduling the ultrasound for determining gender with the high risk place soon after that. Really exciting times for us.

This is the end of this portion of the story, but I imagine I’ll be pretty darn chatty about all this, so hopefully I’ll write more as we go. I don’t want to be one of those batty ladies that talks about her pregnancy or kids all the time to people. I’ve been on the other end of that, and trust me — the non-parent types really can’t stand it. So, I’ll use my little blog here to get most of that out, hopefully. I can’t promise anything, but I’ll say that I’ll try my best :D

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  1. So excited for you!! Don’t worry about chatty in up….just find another mommy or mommy-to-be to do it with. Trust me, we all love talking and hearing about sweet babies :)

  2. Oh Andrea…#1 I am woefully behind in the lives of my friends with the wedding being 2 weeks away, school and work I miss a lot of posts and such. I HAD NO IDEA!!!! As I sit here with tears streaming down my face I am so happy for you two!! I remember that doctor’s appointment you had so many years ago. This is such wonderful news and you are going to be the coolest mom on earth!! You have earned the right to be one of those “batty ladies” I want to hear about every moment!!! Love ya girl!! Congratulations again!!

  3. I got to read the whole process, wow mama, what a journey. For the record, you tell a story beautifully and with great humor and heart. This has been so great to read!

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