Angel, Season 1 Disc 2

Angel, Season 1 Disc 2

1×05 Rm w/a Vu

Cordelia is on the lookout for a new apartment. Her old place is just too roach infested. She shows up at Angel’s place, bags all packed. She figures she’ll stay with him until she finds a new place.

Doyle is having his own issues, and it involves a demon trying to collect on Doyle’s outstanding debt. Angel and Doyle strike a deal. Doyle deals with Cordy’s issues, and Angel will work something out with the thug.

Doyle manages to find a gorgeous apartment/house for Cordelia. It’s so beautiful in face, that something must be wrong with it. There’s a ghost. A real bitchy bit of a ghost too. The team find out what happened in the house many decades before. Since Cordy doesn’t want to give up this luscious apartment, she begs the fellas to figure out a way to get the poltergeist out. They find out that this apartment has suffered a rash of suicides. The poltergeist tries to kill Cordelia several times and seems to be confusing her with her dead son’s harlet of a girlfriend. Angel & Doyle actually save Cordelia from a hanging. At one point the ghost calls Cordelia a bitch, and that just makes her snap. At that moment she seems to channel a spirit and tears down one of the walls in the living room, and discovers the woman’s son had been walled up inside there all those years ago by the woman herself. The woman had a heart attack moments later, so both of the ghosts have haunted the apartment. The lady ghost is banished or whatever ghosts do, and the son ghost sticks around as a nice little helper ghost.

Cordelia: You know what? I get it. You’re a ghost. You’re dead! Big accomplishment! Move on! You see a light anywhere? Go towards it, okay? Ooh, cold wind. Scary. What’re you gonna do, chap me to death?

We’re seeing more to Cordelia here on Angel. She still has her shallow moments, but her character seems to have actually grown a bit from all those near-death experiences in Sunnydale. I’m sure it help that he father lost all their money right before she left Sunnydale, so she’s truly been on her own. That’ll mature ya real quick.

1×06 Sense and Sensitivity

Ok, I’ll try to be short and sweet on this one. It’s a Kate-centric episode, and that peeves me. Really don’t like her. Ok.. let’s see… She captures some dude, gets a little too rough with him in the interrogation room, so has to go to sensitivity training. The trainer has this weird stick that he has people hold while they are speaking about their feelings. It looks weird and carved with runes and whatnot, so you know it ain’t on the up-and-up. Later, everyone from the class seems just a tad too huggy-feely with everyone else. It seems to spread from person to person too.. cuz eventually Angel even gets all wordy and emotional. Quite amusing to see.

Cordelia: You know what I think? I think he uses his tortured, creature of the night status as a license to be rude and insensitive. Sure, he’s polite to the helpless and the downtrodden. But he ignores the people who are close to him, the people who matter the most, you know? Can you say “clueless?

They all figure it out, it eventually wears off or something, and all the police folk believe their punch was spiked at the party the night before. Oh, and Wolfram & Hart show up again. They seem a tad bit too interested in our friend Angel.

1×07 The Bachelor Party

Just as Doyle is finally getting somewhere with Cordelia, his estranged wife shows up at Angel Investigations. She wants a divorce so she can marry her new dude. Doyle is taken aback, doesn’t know if he really wants to, but signs the papers eventually. However, Angel discovers that the new fiancé comes from a long line of pacifist demons. Nothing terribly shocking in their world, really. The new dude invites Doyle to his bachelor party, cuz that isn’t weird, and turns out it’s not just cuz he’s trying to be nice.

Cordelia: (to Angel) All of a sudden, rich and handsome isn’t good enough for me. Now I expect a guy to be all brave, and interesting – and it’s your fault! Both of you.

It would seem that the bachelor’s family has a bit of a tradition when marrying someone who’s been married before. In order for the new marriage to be successful, the fiancé must eat Doyle’s brains. After all is said and done and discovered. Doyle’s ex-wife decides she can’t marry someone with such barbaric practices.

Cordelia still doesn’t know Doyle is half-demon.

It’s a eh episode. Good to learn more about Doyle, but I happen to know he doesn’t have very many episodes left. So, in hindsight, this episode seems a bit pathetic. This is a great character, and this episode just felt like wasted effort.

1×08 I Will Remember You

Previous on Buffy — 4×08 Pangs — Angel showed up in Sunnydale, didn’t tell Buffy he was there, but she finds out after the fact. So, she then appears in his office quite royally peeved. As Angel is trying to explain he was trying to do them both some good, a demon interrupts by bursting in through a windows. They battle, Angel wounds him before he jumps back out of the window. Ooooh, his blood makes Angel feel weird. Foreshadowing, perhaps?

They follow the demon through the sewers. Then they kind of argue about what they should do. They split up.. Buffy to the surface, Angel to stay in the sewers. Angel ends up finding the demon… fightfightfight… slay demon, but he gets quite a bit more of that tingly feeling blood on him. It seeps into a wound and suddenly Angel’s heart begins to beat. Uh-oh. He just might be alive?

Angel: I love chocolate! Ugh, yech. But not, as it turns out, yogurt.

Angel goes back to the office and tells Cordy and Doyle about it, but doesn’t want to freak Buffy out right away. Then the first thing he does is get sudden food cravings. He goes through the fridge in the office and just starts tearing through everything. Just jamming his pie-hole with stuff. Once he recovers from that. Doyle helps Angel get in with the Oracles to find out what has truly happened to him. He needs to know if his debt to the PTB is paid. The Oracles inform him he is indeed human, but the PTB didn’t do it. He’s no longer a warrior, so they don’t want his ass anymore. His mortal now. Go away.. you’re so beneath them now.

Angel goes to find Buffy and he walks out in sunlight to greet her and gives her a big whompin’ kiss. Later, we see them trying to figure out what it all means to their relationship. They actually end up thinking that they should still be apart. I did not follow the logic in that part of the conversation. But, we must have conflict before they start getting it on whilst on Angel’s kitchen table. They go it like bunnies.. it’s an all night thing that involves ice cream and lovey dovey swooney eyes. The whole nine. Then… BAM!

Doyle gets a vision. The demon that infected Angel has regenerated and is more powerful than ever. They have to kill it. But Angel’s all weak and mortal and stuff so he’s not much help. Buffy wakes to find Angel gone, Cordelia squeals, then Buffy takes off after him. Buffy shows up, the demon declares the soldiers of darkness are approaching and they will bring the end of days, and then she slays him. Angel now feels like less of a man cuz he’s a mortal weakling.

Angel goes back to the Oracles to find out if he can become a vampire again. They laugh at him. HaHa, you mere human man, they laugh. Eventually they agree with him, but the only way they can do it is to turn back the clock by 24 hours. He will remember everything but no one else will. He goes to Buffy to tell her, they cry and look all moony at each other as the clock ticks and boom, back to when Buffy arrives. Demon bursts in, Angel kills it immediately, and then Buffy just leaves… never to know the day of passion they shared.

Ok, I’m a bit torn on this one. I do love this episode overall. I like Buffy/Angel relationship stuff. They’re so tortured and stuff. The Romeo & Juliet of the vampire times. However, the “turn back the clock” plot device just seems cruel and predictable. Can’t they figure out a way to have the lovey dovey moments without it being such a mindfuck for everyone. Just cruel. You know what this means, right? Angel is going to be even more tortured and brooding than before. And I bet you thought he’d maxed out on that.

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