Angel, Season 1 Disc 3

Angel, Season 1 Disc 3

1×09 Hero

Like I said for the last episode. Angel was gonna be quite broody after that mess with Buffy. And he is. So, because of that business is suffering right along with him. Doyle tries to talk to Angel about said broodiness, and finds out the truth about what happened the day that Buffy came to town. Doyle is stunned that Angel could sacrifice everything he’s wanted with Buffy for the sake of saving others. Angel tries to explain about sacrificing for the greater good.

Doyle: (to Angel) There’s a girl upstairs who’s not quite sad enough to cry in me arms, but keep up the dark cloud. I might get lucky.

Doyle tells Cordy about what he’s learned about Angel. They agree that there shouldn’t be any secrets between the three of them. Doyle begins to tell Cordy about his demon parentage but he’s interrupted  by a vision. Doyle and Angel investigate the location he saw in his vision. They find a clan of mixed blood human-demons in hiding. They think that Angel is “The Promised One” that has been sent to save them from The Scourge. Doyle informs Angel that The Scourge is an army of full blood demons who want to exterminate any and all mixed bloods. Years before Doyle had a friend ask him to save him and his families from The Scourge, and Doyle turned him away. Right after that, Doyle began getting his visions.

Doyle and Cordy take charge of getting the current clan to a boat to escape The Scourge. One of ’em takes off, Doyle goes after him. While Doyle is gone, Cordelia finds out about his half-demon heritage from one of the clan they are helping. Angel manages to get in with The Scourge, who turn out to be just weird demon-y Nazi types. Weird uniforms and all. They have a weapon called The Beacon that will incinerate creatures that contain any amount of human blood within a quarter mile. The Scourge arrive at the boat, they start to put The Beacon in place and Angel realizes the only way to save everyone is to jump on it and unplug it, but that will kill whoever does it. Just as Angel is about to jump to it, Doyle punches Angel and knocks him to the deck below. He kisses Cordelia goodbye and sacrifices  himself, saving everyone and leaving Angel and Cordelia to mourn.

Great episode, but I really hate to see Doyle go. He’s a really fun and funny guy. Adds a lot of humor to the show. I looked up Doyle, aka Glenn Quinn, was actually fired from Angel due to a growing problem with drugs and alcohol. He died a couple years after his last Angel episode due to a heroin overdose. He was also well known as Mark from Roseanne.

1×10 Parting Gifts

After the death of Doyle, Angel asks the Oracles to turn back time again. He tries to convince them of the importance of Doyle and his visions to Angel. Without Doyle, he’ll no longer have a contact to the Powers That Be. The Oracles allude to the fact that everything will be taken care of. And they will not turn back time and take away Doyle’s sacrifice.

Meanwhile, Cordelia gets a killer head-splitting jolt while in the middle of an audition. Guess we’ve found who’s going to be Angel’s new connection to the PTB. Turns out that Doyle’s “gift” was given to her during their kiss before he died.

Cordelia: I’m really not a seer. I only had a vision once, and I’m pretty sure it was just something I ate!

They also have a new client… an empathic demon named Barney. He’s being stalked by a mysterious man on a motorcycle. Angel goes to Barney’s apartment to investigate and comes face to face with the stalker. It’s Wesley Wyndam-Pryce, Buffy’s former Watcher. He was fired by the Watcher’s council and his now a Rogue Demon Hunter. The idea of this is just hilarious. Squirrelly bookish Wesley as a hunter. Funny. He’s still as clutzy as ever though.

They believe that it is a Kungai Demon hunting Barney to steal his empathic abilities. BipBapBoop.. turns out it’s actually the other way around. Barney has been going around stealing other demon’s abilities and stuff. However, Cordelia is stuck with Barney and he finds out that she’s a seer. So, he kidnaps her to auction her and her eyeballs off to the highest bidder. Turns out the highest bidder is a rep from Wolfram & Hart. Damn that firm again. BimBamBoom, Wesley and Angel save her. All is wonderful again.

Cordelia: Are you all right, Wesley?
Wesley: No. It’s these pants. They tend to chafe one’s…legs.

Wesley in all leather is a good enough reason to watch this episode. It just looks so unnatural.

1×11 Somnambulist

Angel is having dreams where he is ritually killing people. He finds out that people are dying exactly as he’s dreaming them. He’s afraid he’s really doing it, and not really remembering. Wesley shows up at the office, stake in hand, and tells Cordelia he thinks Angels is the serial killer. He researched Angel thoroughly once, and the killings match crimes Angelus committed in the late 1700s. Cordelia isn’t having it, and order Wesley to leave. Then Angel tells them about the dreams he’s having and Wesley suggests that maybe Angel is sleepwalking. Then, they chain Angel to his bed for the night to make sure he’s not the one committing the crimes.

Kate: Angel, are you okay? Not that the brooding “man of mystery” thing isn’t working for you. I mean it is, a lot.

Morning comes, another murder, and Angel is in the clear. He realizes that the killer is a man named Penn. A vampire Angelus sired 200 years ago. Angel gives Kate the cop a sketch of the man, with no other info really. The cops scour the streets with Angel’s info. They find him, Kate ends up trapped with him.. and shoots him three times.. he pops up with no damage as vampires do, and she’s kinda weirded out. Then Angel pops in to save the day.. he also happens to pop into vamp face and Kate sees this. Angel tells her what he is. She goes off, does research, and finds out all about Angelus’ past. Now she’s pissy and wants nothing to do with Angel. In another fight with Kate, Penn, and Kate.. Penn manages to grab Angel and use him as a shield against Kate. Angel gives Kate “a look”, and then she takes a huge piece of wood and stabs it through Angel and into Penn’s heart behind him.

Still really dislike Kate. Her eyes bother me. Her whole mopey face combined with the mega-whining just gets so old. The story of Angel and his kiddie was decent enough though. But, there goes Kate, ruining everything, as usual.

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