Angel, Season 1 Disc 4

Angel, Season 1 Disc 4

1×12 Expecting

Cordelia’s been seeing a hot young-ish LA photog named Wilson Christopher. Lame name. Lamer dude. It’s Ken Marino, who just doesn’t fit this role for me. Preconceived notions and all that. He seems perfect, so obviously something is very wrong with him. He takes Cordy home and she invites him in and they spend the night together. If you know what I mean… you know what I mean, right? SEX. Cordy gets laid.

Anyway, she wakes up and is about eight and a half months pregnant. Ew. Angel gets concerned when Cordelia doesn’t show up to work. He and Wesley force their way into her apartment and find her all preggers. She tells Angel all the info and he goes to find answers. Wesley takes Cordy to a ob/gyn for an exam. While doing an ultrasound, we discover that there is at least seven heartbeats up in there. The doctor takes a sample of her fluids, and it eats through the glass syringe and burns through the floor too.

Angel: (sees Cordelia drinking blood) I don’t think I’ve ever realized just how disgusting that was.

The search leads Angel to one of Cordy’s fellow companions from the night before, and he finds her in the same predicament as Cordelia. Wesley does research and finds that a Haxil Beast is the demon father. He’s wanting to impregnant a bunch of gals to create an army or something. Cordelia suddenly gets oddly protective and knocks Wesley out and ends up in a warehouse with all the other preggers ladies. They are being psychically called by the father… who ends up being this really bad special effect beast thing or maybe a dude in a big ugly suit. Either way, it looks horrible, and I’m so not feeling anything weird and creepy like I think I should be. Angel throws a bit vat of liquid nitrogen at the beast, Wesley fires at it, and the beasty gets all frozen. The babies mysteriously disappear from the ladies’ wombs, and then Cordelia comes over and hits the frozen beast making it shatter.

Gaw, LAME episode. LAME LAME LAME. There’s the bad looking monster. There’s also these random chicks we’ve never seen that are suddenly Cordelia’s BFFs. I don’t think so. It was just all around sucky.

1×13 She

Wesley becomes an official member of the Angel Investigations team. Cordy has her weekly vision which leads Angel and Wesley to a corpse in an ice factory. He searches the factory and meets up with Tae, a demon from another dimension.

Angel: I got two modes with people: bite and avoid.

Ok, I’ll be honest… This is about the point that I checked out of this episode. It was so uninteresting I lost… interest and started chewing my toenails or something (No, not really).  Basically something about saving these demon chicks from these dude demons that want to take their will or personality or something. Like I said. Totally lost interest. So, I think it’s safe to say that this episode blew chunks.

1×14 I’ve Got You Under My Skin

Cordelia gets her usual head-splitting, migraine-inducing vision from The Powers That Be. This one leads them to a family that is suffering from a demon possession. Angel just has to figure out a way to find out which one of the family members it is. He gets invited to a dinner with the family and brings some brownies that will expose the demon. It turns out to be the little boy and Angel explains to the parents what is happening. They did not know there was a reason for their boy’s strange behavior. Relieved at having an answer, they allow Angel to attempt an exorcism.

Wesley: You’ve heard of Lizzie Borden? She killed her parents with an axe.
Cordelia: I remember the children’s rhyme. And how come they’re all full of death and cradles falling and mice getting tails cut off? Anyway, the whole thing needs a ratings system, don’t you think?

They finally succeed, but the demon spirit is able to flee. They find it again in a sea cave, and get a chance to talk to the demon. Turns out that the demon wasn’t really controlling the boy at all. The boy was just evil naturally. Can’t do an exorcism on an evil, serial-killing boy, now can ya?

This just seems too The Exorcist to me. Too tight a ripoff. Plus just overall seems kinda blah. Doesn’t really move our characters or stories forward. Just too “monster of the week” for me.

1×15 The Prodigal

Ok, don’t think I’ve mentioned it yet, so I’ll say it here. This is an episode that includes flashbacks to Angel’s past. A couple issues I have with any of the Angel flashbacks… his accent is horrendous, and he looks about as horrendous. The girls always look very nice in the flashbacks, but it just never seems to be very flattering to our Angel.

So it would seem that Angel, then known as Liam, is from Galway, Ireland. I’ve been to Galway. It definitely no longer looks like it did in this flashback. Let’s sum up the moral of the flashbacks… Liam had issues with his father. He wanted to be out and about drinking and whoring, and his dad wouldn’t have any of it. Liam was a pissy little whiner I guess and leaves or his dad kicks him out or something. Darla then turns Liam into Angelus.. and Angelus comes back to his family to eat them all. Bastard.

Angel: (about Kate) Ever since she ran me through with a 2 x 4, things have been different.

Our non-flashback story is much more boring, cuz it’s all about Kate and her father. If I think I dislike Kate, I definitely abhor her father. Just an ass… with the depth of a toothpick. It’s like the writers decided to go on strike when coming up with these particular characters. But, do you see? This episode is all about daddy issues. See how that ties together? Boo.

Demons, fights, and whiney Kate… etc etc. We find that her dad is in league with some bad people cuz he’s delivering weird secret packages or something for some lawyer types. I’m betting we’re dealing with some Wolfram & Hart folks here. Those lawyerly types end up being vampires and kill Kate’s dad when he starts to ask questions about the packages.

Well… that’s one awful character down… if only we could get the other somehow.

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