Angel, Season 1 Disc 5

Angel, Season 1 Disc 5

1×16 The Ring

Jack, this older dude that is all beat up enters Angel Investigations begging for help. He gives the gang this big song and dance about a brother and kidnapping and some other stuff.  Angel goes on a search and it turns out the guy may have not been too truthful. Like, at all.  Angel ends up in an exclusive club in a warehouse district. He gets inside, and sees a huge crowd of very fancily dressed humans watching two demons battle to the death in a ring. Angel spots Jack in the crowd, follows him, and walks straight into a trap set by Jack and his bro Darren.

Cordelia: Someone ought to create an intra-demon dating base. You know like, where the lonely and the slimy connect.

Angel regains consciousness to discover that he’s been taken captive and locked in a cage with another demon. He’s also been fitted with a special wristband. He can’t cross a red line on the ground in the ring or else he’ll be vaporized. His only way out of this mess is to win 21 death matches against other demons. This would kind of defeat Angel’s purpose in life and all that. So, this ain’t so good.  He tries to be all “we’re brothers, let’s bond” but the other demons aren’t having it. So, he does end up having to kill one of ’em to stay alive.

Meanwhile, Wesley and Cordy are trying to find a way to help Angel. The only thing they think of is to get that cuff off him. Cordelia swipes one from the club area and they start working on how they can get it opened. They finally succeed with the help of a horsehair that Cordelia so helpfully has on her. They get Angel out, as well as all the other demons. They are all happy and yay us! until they realize they just let a bunch a demons go free.

1×17 Eternity

Wesley and Angel look like they are trying to figure out how to escape an awful fight. Turns out it’s just Cordelia’s theatrical debut.  As they are walking home and trying to avoid telling her exactly how they feel about her acting, they stumble across a movie premiere and a celebrity chica that Cordelia is going ga-ga over.

As Angel watches, Rebecca Lowell, a famous television actress, is almost run over by a speeding car. Angels does his thang, and pushes her out of the way. Rebecca thanks her savior, the media get all snappy-snappy with the photos, and Angel vanishes. Cordy, being Cordy, gives Rebecca their spiel and leaves their card with her in case she wants to get in touch.

Rebecca shows up at their office cuz she’s all enamored with Angel and the fact that he’s never heard of her. She also asks him for his help with a stalker she has. He refuses to take her case though. Wesley figures that Angel “likes” him some Rebecca. As in, could “like” her too much, and get all soul-y again. Can’t be having that, so he just watches her from a distance.

Some masked man breaks into her home, and Angel comes out from the shadows and saves her. This is also about the time she realizes he has no reflection in her mirrors. So, he tells her what he is. Well, now she gets real curious. She’s getting older, her career is waning, and the thought of staying young-ish the rest of her life is very intoxicating. She gets Cordelia out for a girls day of shopping and manages to get the details of how vampires are turned from her.

Armed with this knowledge, Rebecca goes to Angel’s place and she spikes his beverage with some drug that emulates euphoria. Euphora + Angel = Angelus. Rebecca sees a whole different side of Angel and I don’t think she be liking it much.

Angelus: I’ll tell you what. I’ll torture you for a few unbelievably long hours and you can tell me if this is the lifestyle for you.

Wesley and Cordelia find out what’s been going on and realized what Rebecca has done. They manage to subdue Angelus, and the next morning Angel wakes up chained to his bed. He’s said quite a few hurtful things the night before, so things are a bit tense between our trio. Wesley and Cordy leave, and Angel is still chained to the bed. Payback, boi!

1×18 Five by Five

We have Faith arriving in LA via bus. She does her thing, robs a guy, gets some money, goes partying and ends up kicking people’s ass while she’s dancing the night away. I mean that, she is really kicking and punching people in the middle of her dance moves. Or maybe it’s more accurate to say she incorporates them into her dance moves.

Ergh, splurgh. We have some flashbacks in this episode. We see Darla presenting Angelus with a birthday gift of a scrumptious little gypsy girl. Now, if we’ve been paying any sort of attention, we know this is the girl that Angelus gets cursed for eating. Later they show him with a soul and him being tortured, in the spiritual sense, when trying to feed on people.

Angel is still being a major pain in the ass for Wolfram & Hart. He delivers a witness to the courtroom that they were really hoping not to see. Lindsay has to explain to his bosses why he’s lost the case again. That pesky Angel! Lee Mercer, Lindsay’s colleague, comes in with some papers claiming to have a solution to their Angel problems. They should use evil Faith bitch to kill Angel. You know the psycho is more than willing.

So, she tries to bow & arrow his ass in the middle of the courthouse, but Angel catches the arrow which seems to tickle Faith. Later, Faith actually gets quite into torturing poor Wesley, her ex-Watcher. Man, she has some serious anger issues.

Faith: (throws herself against Angel screaming) I’m evil! I’m bad! I’m evil! Do you hear me? I’m bad! Angel, I’m bad! I’m bad. Do you hear me? I’m bad! I’m bad! I’m bad. Please. Angel, please, just do it. Angel please, just do it. Just do it. Just kill me. Just kill me.

We have some cat & mouse, and eventually the big fight in a big downpour. During the big scene, Faith actually breaks down and ends up begging Angel to kill her. I think she’s finally realized how evil she really is.

1×19 Sanctuary

So, this is after the big wet fight. Angel takes Faith into his home he lets her lay down in his bed. This is not something Cordy and Wesley are very happy about. It’s hard for Wesley to reconcile the fact that someone that just tortured him is being given help just below him. He doesn’t think she deserves to be treated so well. But Angel reminds them they help people who are in trouble, and she’s in trouble.

Buffy stops by to check on Angel or tell Angel about Faith or something like that to have her be in a crossover episode of sorts. She walks in on Angel consoling Faith with his arm around her. Buffy not such a happy camper about that.

Angel: For a taciturn shadowy guy, I got a big mouth.

Wolfram & Hart realize they will have to find another assassin to kill the assassin they originally hired (Faith), and Angel still.

Kate the cop gets involved with some mess, but I don’t like her so I’m skipping all the parts with her.

Later on, Angel tries to explain that he kept Faith’s presense a secret from Buffy cuz he wanted to try to save her. Buffy says she was just worried about Angel being in danger, but Angel says he thinks she was only interested in vengeance against Faith. Buffy says she can trust Riley, her new man, more than she could ever trust Angel… oooooh, low blow. Angel gets pissy about this and doesn’t want her coming around if all she’s gonna do is flaunt her new man at him.

Faith turns herself in, and we see her in jail, where she belongs.

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