Angel, Season 1 Disc 6

Angel, Season 1 Disc 6

1×20 War Zone

While working a blackmail case, Angel encounters Charles Gunn, the leader of a gang of street kids battling a nest of vampires who’ve settled in their neighbourhood.

So-so episode, but we are introduced to Gunn, who becomes quite the regular next season and beyond. Him and a bunch of other street kids are like a little vampire hunting gang. They fight, and they fight, and Gunn tries to take care of his little sister as best he can, but in the end she gets turned into a vampire, and he has to be the one to take her out. That has to be harsh.

Cordelia: I like David. It’s such a strong, masculine name. Just feels good in your mouth.

Angel, Cordy, and Wesley also get a big paying case. A billionaire is being blackmailed with photos of him with a demon prostitute. They take care of that pretty quickly, and the check is so big it gets Cordelia all flummoxed and even at a loss for words. We don’t know how much, but you know it’s gotta be big if it’s shut Cordelia up.

1×21 Blind Date

Angel, being the champion of good that he is, agrees to help a young lawyer from Wolfram & Hart, Lindsey McDonald. He has asked Angel to help stop the killing of three blind children who are said to be a threat to the firm. Apparently this of all thing has put one of our evil lawyers into a moral quandary.  One of the firm’s clients is the assassin, but she’s a bit unusual herself. She’s blind too.

Angel also gets Gunn into the mix to help him break into the law firm. In his trek through the firm, and it’s secret vaults, Angel finds himself mysteriously drawn to an ancient scroll. He takes it, and later they find out it talks about a “vampire with a soul”.

Gunn: (after breaking into Wolfram & Hart) Whoo-Whoo! My God! They told me it was true, but I didn’t believe them. Damn, here it is! Evil white folks really do have a Mecca!

Once all is said and done, and Lindsay is caught red-handed, he finds he can’t quite stand behind his decision to betray his company. Instead, he gets a major promotion.  Just one of the many times we’ll see Lindsay be a bit wussy pussy. He is a cute one though.

1×22 To Shanshu in LA

Wesley is trying to translate the ancient scroll that Angel stole from Wolfram & Hart. He thinks they say that Angel will die. When Angel hears this he doesn’t react at all. This causes Wesley to worry that Angel is too far removed from the world and therefore not able to truly live, grow and change as the world does.

The gang also find out that Lindsay was promoted to Junior Partner at the law firm from hell. Lindsay and pals are busy conjuring up a demon to help separate Angel from the Powers That Be. The demon visits the Oracles and takes them down. The next day, as Cordelia is shopping in an outdoor market, the demon brushes her hand and she starts to get a vision. The main problem is that the vision doesn’t stop. She’s just bombarded with all the people that need help and their pain over and over. After Cordelia, he heads to Angel’s place and he steals the scroll back. He also leaves another surprise. As Wesley comes back in from researching, the entire building blows up. Angel finds him though, and now that puts Wesley and Cordy in the hospital.

Angel: Don’t believe everything you’re foretold.

The demon then is busy performing a ritual in a mausoleum around a big crate. Angel interrupts, fights weird maggotty faced demon guy, Lindsay finishes the ritual, and our Wolfram & Hart pals which the mysterious crate away. After fighting and slaying the demon, Lindsay starts to threaten Angel, but ends up losing his hand. “Luke, I am your father!” and yet not. But, yanno, common missing hand thing.

Later, Wesley realizes that he may have misinterpreted the scroll and it really means that Angel will turn human once he has paid his debt off to The Powers That Be. We see a bit of sparkle in Angel’s eyes at this.

Oh, and in that crate? Angel’s best bud and sire, Darla. Looks like they brought her back from the undead dead.

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