Angel, Season 2 Disc 4

Angel, Season 2 Disc 4

2×12 Blood Money

Wesley and Gunn are busy playing Risk at Cordelia’s apartment. I guess Cordelia is getting tired of them spending all their time at her house. So she orders them out. But before they go, they decide they need a new office and new business cards. They just can’t quite agree on a new name, so I guess it’ll be Angel Investigations for now.

Lilah: So, what if this guy’s actually as good as he says and actually kills Angel?
Lindsey: Boo hoo, let me wipe away the tears with my plastic hand.

Angel threatens to expose Wolfram & Hart’s criminal activities when he discovers that they are stealing large contributions that were made to a teen shelter — but an old adversary has other plans.

Blah show. Yah yah yah, Angel is kinda evil. Not full-on Angelus, but he’s into some serious hating of Wolfram & Hart. That sucks. The other guys are still trying to do their good their own way.

2×13 Happy Anniversary

Angel and the Host search for a physicist who they fear will cause the end of the world, but they are hampered by two Lubber demons who are seeking to subvert the scientist’s work to their own dark ends. Wesley, Cordelia and Gunn settle into their new digs, where Virginia brings them their first official case.

Angel: You want to know what my problem is? I’m screwed, that’s my problem. I can’t win. I’m trying to atone for a hundred years of unthinkable evil. News flash: I never can! Never going to be good enough. Now I got Wolfram and Hart dogging me. It’s too much! 200 highly intelligent law school graduates working fulltime driving me crazy. Why the hell is everyone so surprised that it’s working? But no, it’s “Angel, why are you so cranky? Angel, you should lighten up, you should smile. You should wear a nice plaid.”
The Host: Oh, not this season, honey.

Episode, meh. But, I liked seeing more of The Host. He’s a funny guy. He’s especially needed next to the uber cranky pants Angel. Not cranky so much I guess. He’s just seriously lost his reason for fighting the good fight. I get that, I do. Still… nice to have the lighter contrast with The Host.

2×14 The Thin Dead Line

Angel investigates rumors of renegade cops out for blood. Cordelia, Wesley and Gunn hear the same stories and try to catch the crooked cops in the act, but their plans go awry when they realize that these cops are not what they appear. They end up being zombies raised by a police commander type dude. Granted, his motivations are good. He wants less crime on his streets. And that is what he gets. But it gets to be a bit extreme when his zombie cops are hassling pretty much everyone for everything.

Cordelia: Maybe we can buy one of those star maps, find out where Steven Seagal lives. You telling me he got to be a movie star without a little demonic assistance?

Downside to getting rid of this guy and his zombie cops is now the crime rate is gonna go back up. Just can’t win for losing. And on the opinion tip… totally forgettable episode. Oh wait. Well, except that Wesley gets shot while him and Gunn are out chasing down the meanies. That was a pretty big deal.

2×15 Reprise

Angel learns of the impending visit of one of Wolfram & Hart’s demonic “Senior Partners,” and he plans to use the visit to launch a kamikaze mission to the beast’s home dimension to take on evil at its very source.

Angel: In the larger sense, I really don’t give a crap.
Holland: Now, I don’t think that’s true. Be honest. You’ve got the tiniest bit of “give a crap” left.

The quick and dirty… Angel attacks Wolfram & Hart kinda, Darla is there. She has this weird glove thing. They fight a bit, he manages to get it on his way out the window of the high rise office building. Right after he lands, a ring – Band of Blacknil – lands next to him. He picks it up, puts it on his finger and orders to be taken to the Home Office. An elevator near by opens with the once-dead Holland inside waiting. Angel gets in, they have a heart-to-heart, they arrive… only it’s exactly where they left from. Holland has essentially taught him that evil is everywhere. Angel walks out of the elevator and his eyes are a bit moist. Could we be getting our Angel back?

Oh wow… completely forgot about this. I do not know how… After he gets back to his place from his elevator session, Darla is there waiting for him. She wants to fight, but he wants to fight with his groin-al area. They get it on, he wakes up gasping for breath. Oh, he best not lose his soul over Darla?!? True moment of happiness with Darla? Puh-lease.

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