Angel, Season 2 Disc 5

Angel, Season 2 Disc 5

2×16 Epiphany

After an empty night of passion with Darla, Angel wakes up with his soul still intact and has an epiphany. In a moment of clarity he realizes how deeply he had sunk into despair and how self-destructive his actions had become. See what sex with Darla does, versus sex with Buffy. Tsk Tsk. He resolves to reunite with his crew, but Cordelia, Wesley and Gunn may not be ready to forgive him, even when their very lives are at stake.

Darla: I don’t understand. Was I…was it…not good? Well, I don’t accept that. You cannot tell me that wasn’t perfect. Not only have I been around for 400 years, but I used to do this professionally, and that was perfect…. We’ll go again.

Cordy gets kidnapped by these demons with an eye in the back of their head, they want her to pay for the spawn she got rid of, so they make her be a spawn person thingy. So, now she has an eye in the back of her head, which is SO not attractive.

Lindsey seems to be going through another crisis of conscience. Mainly cuz he found out that Darla and Angel knocked boots, and he wanted to be the one knocking Darla’s boots. So, he decides to run Angel over with his car. They duke it out, then Angel kinda steals his truck cuz he has some place to be.

The next morning after all is saved, or whatever is needed done, Lindsey walks out of his apartment building to find his truck, mostly intact, with a Thanks note on the windshield. I think they might be fast becoming friends. I kid.

Oh, and Kate tried to kill herself, but didn’t. Which was a total bummer. She got fired as a cop and was all boohoo about it. She left a drunken message on Angel’s machine, and he finally realized what she was doing. He runs over there, and saves her. The problem is she had never invited him into her house. So, how did he get in? Ponder that folks. Deep stuff.

2×17 Disharmony

So, Angel is having a bit of difficulty with the fact that he works for Wesley now under their new arrangement. Little things like the big office is now Wesley’s and Angel keeps giving the orders. And now, he’s having to get everyone coffee. Which is just so cute. Big broody guy getting lattes and cappucinos for his once-upon-a-time employees. Atonement’s a bitch, he says.

Angel: She doesn’t have a soul.
Cordelia: Oh. That’s it, isn’t it? You’re better than her because you have a soul.
Angel: Well… yeah.

Cordy gets a vision, sends the guys on their way, and then Harmony shows up. Thing is, Cordy and Gang don’t know that Harmony is a vampire now. After a bit of a misunderstanding, Cordy thinks she’s just lesbian, until she calls up Willow and finds out that no, she’s just a bloodsucker. Willow’s the lez.

For half a second, Cordelia convinces the guys to give Harmony a chance at being a good guy and they send her in undercover at a vamp version of a Tony Robbins event. That turns out to be a problem since Harmony has no self esteem, and she ends up betraying the Gang cuz they have her all thinking she’s worth more and better than how they treat her. Whatever. Cordelia tells her to leave town and not return. If only that’s what really happens. I could definitely do without anymore Harmony I think. Sigh.

2×18 Dead End

Lindsey McDonald is given an amazing bonus by his bosses at Wolfram & Hart — a new hand to replace the one he lost fighting Angel. When the new hand begins acting strangely, Lindsey becomes suspicious, and when he runs into Angel and the gang researching body parts that seem to be turning on their owners, he must make a life-altering decision.

Lindsey: (about Angel) Work with him? Work with him?
The Host: Hey, am I the only one who saw 48 hours?
Lindsey: I got a murderous hand on me and you’re telling me to team up with the guy who cut mine off in the first place?

Just as Lindsey is starting to get me hot and bothered, he leaves the damn show! That is just messed up. He sings at the karaoke bar, but he sings-sings, instead of karaoke. Christian Kane is an actual singer, and he has a really great voice. I believe he even wrote the song he performed on the show. He’s now on TNT’s Leverage. Anyway, after he gets a new hand via the evil Wolfram & Hart folks and the hand turns out evil too. Wants to do all this evil stuff or something. He gets mad about it and ends up quitting his position at the firm, thus giving Lilah the position he was about to get. Buh-bye sexy man with the sexy voice.

2×19 Belonging

The crew is eating dinner at a fancy restaurant and we learn that Angel is a bit of a cheapskate. He seems to be worrying about every little thing they eat. Old man. Cordy starts to moan and everyone thinks she is getting a vision, but really she’s just gonna hurl from some bad sashimi. Which really sucks for her cuz the next morning she has a commercial she’s going to be shooting. Angel actually shows up on the set where she’s at to get more info about her latest vision. While he’s there, he witnesses the commercial director treat Cordy like a cheap piece of meat. He doesn’t take that too well.

Angel: I’m not cheap, I’m just old. I remember when a few bob got you a good meal, a bottle, and a tavern wench.

Anyway, Cordy’s latest vision involves a girl in a library that seems to be suffering. On their search, they find that it was a girl name Winifred aka Fred. She disappeared from that library years ago and no one has seen her since. Then a bloodthirsty demon emerges from a magickal portal on the stage in Caritas, the Host (whose name, we learn, is Krevlornswath or “Lorne” for short) asks Angel and the gang to find it and destroy it before it cuts a bloody swath through Los Angeles.

Gunn is trying to help his old gang o’ vampire hunters, but he keeps getting called away with Angel Investigation stuff. This particular time he can’t help, one of his buds gets bitten by a vamp. They don’t know if he was made to drink any vamp blood himself, so they have to make sure he is really dead via an old school pyre.

Oh, that demon that came out turns out to be Lorne’s cousin from his home world. He helps them open a portal back to get his cousin back home. The problem is, Cordelia is suddenly missing now. She wakes up laying on a leafy ground in a forest with two suns in the sky. This ain’t Kansas anymore Toto.

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