Angel, Season 2 Disc 6

Angel, Season 2 Disc 6

2×20 Over the Rainbow

This is the beginning of a very strange few episodes. They are a bit of fun, but still very strange.

Angel, Lorne and Wesley are left standing in Caritas and realize Cordelia is missing. Looks like she got sucked into the portal along with Lorne’s cousin. Meanwhile, Cordy wakes up in a forest area that has animal skins hanging from the trees, with no clue where she’s at. She’s quickly found by some creature that starts chasing her, then she’s eventually captured cuz she’s “a cow” in this world and good for bartering apparently.

Back in the normal world, The Gang and Lorne are still trying to figure out where she’s gone, and how they get there to save her. Eventually Lorne slips up and they realize he knows more than he’s letting on. She’s been sucked into Pylea, his home world. Lorne tells them how he got to this world and how much he loves it. He doesn’t want to go back. They try to open the portal they used before, but it appears to be out of batteries. So, they have to find some place else that has a full charge to open a portal.

Over in Pylea, Cordelia is now a slave of sorts they call “a cow”. How poetic is that? While doing some of her daily chores, like shoveling manure, another human finds her and hits her up for info on how she got there. The other cow gets found and they take her away for some unspeakable torturing I’m sure. While Cordelia is getting huffy about the girl getting captured, she gets a vision. She tells people to go save someone somewhere and they freak out. Then they find out she saw something happened before it happened and they are wigged out. Then they realize she’s been blessed or cursed or something.

Angel: Ha, I’m not on fire.
Wesley: And, we’re together. We didn’t merge into a freakish four-man Siamese twin.
Gunn: That was a risk? How come nobody told me that was a risk?
Angel: Can everybody just notice how much fire I’m not on?

After a bunch of research in old books, they realize they need to travel in metal to not get separated. So, Angel and Gang arrive in Pylea via his car through a portal. When they arrive, with top down, the suns are out and Angel starts to scramble to get covered. But he soon realizes he’s not getting all burned and stuff. He starts to act quite silly about being in the sun, which is so terribly cute. Just wanna squeeze his cheeks! (either set). They quickly get captured despite trying to lay low. While they are in their cell they overhear guards talking about Cordelia and thinks she’s in major trouble. Then the guys are taken out of their cells, and they brought to a throne room and they try to attack the guards. A woman clears her throat which stops everyone in their tracks, and they look up to see that it’s Cordelia all dressed fancy, and on a throne.

2×21 Through the Looking Glass

Yup, that’s Cordy on a throne. Because of her cursedness with the visions, they’ve made her a Princess or something. Not sure what’s up with that. I’m sure it’s something awful and evil though. What would be the point otherwise. She pardons all her buds cuz she’s all powerful like that, and then they go about researching. They realize their books are kept in 3s, and they find the ones they need. On the covers their are pictures of a Wolf, Ram, & Hart. Oooh, those fuckers are everywhere. Even other dimensions.

(seeing himself in a mirror)
Angel: Okay, this is because of going through the portal, right? (pushes down hair)
Cordy: No, it always looks like that.

Ok, Angel looking in the mirror in shock at his hair is hilarious. There’s always been jokes here and there about his hair, but it’s extra funny to see him get all worked up about it. Anyhoo… Angel is looked at like a warrior and he sits in the town center telling the tale of cutting off the evil lawyer’s hand. Seeing him be all giddy and laughy is just weird. They then tell him he has the honor of wielding some weapon. But what he doesn’t realize is he has to wield it to cut off the other lady cow’s head. He refuses, fights the demony folk, Lorne sings a tune (they don’t know music here), and it freaks everyone out. They are able to get away.

Meanwhile, Cordy is being all primped and ready for something big. It turns out she’s to be mated to a Groosalugg. That doesn’t sound very appealing. She tries to delay them, but then when she actually meets the Groosalugg, she is quite happy cuz he’s a handsome man. They get to talking, blahblahblah, she decides she wants to be a real princess and start having some proclamations.

Angel ends up in a fight with some of the soldier dudes, and he turns into this weird ugly monster. Not a vampire like usual, but a very bumpy green thing that is just out of control. He even goes after Wesley and Gunn, and it’s only the little lady cow that stops him and redirects him with a hand full of some blood of something. She manages to get him all under control in her own little private cave, and he is deeply shamed for what he’s done to his friends.

Meanwhile, Cordelia and the Groosalugg are in the throne room on the floor writing out her proclamations. One of the priest dudes walks in with a silver tray and orders the Groosalugg out. The cover of the tray is lifted and we see Lorne’s head all severed on the platter.

2×22 There’s No Place Like Plrtz Glrb

Um, yah, Lorne’s head still on a tray. But as Cordelia is doing her “woe is me, it’s all my fault” thing, his eyes pop open and he starts talking. Which makes Cordelia get all scream-y. Ya see, if his body hasn’t been mutilated yet, he’s still alive. So, she has to find his body. She trades clothes with one of her servants and goes on the search. She, with Lorne in hand, find a body with his clothes on, but it proves to not be him. The Groosalugg has saved Lorne’s body for her cuz Lorne’s her friend. Isn’t he sweet?

Ok, let’s try to shorten this cuz I’m beginning to bore myself. Let’s see… Rebels capture Wesley and Gunn, they want to kill them. They talk them out of it and say they’ll help them attack the weird priesty dudes that are basically trying to destroy Cordelia via her mating with the Groosalugg.

Rebel: Five cheers for the other-worlders.
Wesley: Oooo, in this world you get five.

Angel gets over his beasty-ness with Fred, the lady cow, and he ends up fighting with the Groosalugg to get Cordelia free. She ends up splitting up the fight cuz she loves the Groosalugg. Say wuh? Then she cuts off the main priests head and everyone is all happy and stuff. She makes some proclamations to the priest before she leave… no religious persecution, no slavery, the standards. She also leaves the Groosalugg in charge. But, before she leaves they get all lippy and kissy and stuff.

Fred has figured out the formula stuff for the portals, so off they go home. They arrive in Angel’s car in the middle of Caritas, the karaoke bar. Now how are they gonna get that sucker out?

Back to the hotel, where they find Willow waiting for them. By the look on her face, he realizes it has something to do with Buffy… and it can’t be good.

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