Angel, Season 3 Disc 2

Angel, Season 3 Disc 2

3×05 Fredless

Angel Investigations gets a surprise visit from Fred’s parents. But Fred doesn’t seem all that happy to see them though. So not happy in face when she sees them, she seems to get scared and she runs away.  Because of Fred’s reaction, everyone doesn’t seem terribly trusting of Mr. and Mrs. Burkle. They try to prepare to protect Fred from them, that is if they manage to find Fred. She’s bolted over to Lorne’s to see if he’ll give her cash and an aura reading. The Gang manage to find Fred at the bus station, and she freaks when she sees her parents are with them. She isn’t upset cuz these people are mean or demon-y or anything. She’s upset cuz if they find out what’s happen to her the past five years she’s been missing, then it’ll have all been real, and she doesn’t want to face that.

Cordy: Fred can barely tie her shoes without Mr. Oh-You’re-My-Big-Fat-Hero, around.
Angel: You think I’m fat?

As they are going about their tearful reunion, a strange insect-like demon attacks them. They eventually get it under control, mainly with the help of Fred’s mom using a big bus to run it over. After all is said and done, Fred decides to go back home with her folks. She thinks maybe this is all too much for her, and she should go back to where it’s more simple.

On their way out, she realizes some of the demon goo that got on her shirt matches some other demon thing they saw earlier. I dunno really. This episode was a bit on the dull side. Anyhoo, she figures something out, has to go back to the hotel to save the others. Which she does, then she figures out that maybe she can hang with the Gang after all, and so she stays. Well, I mean, she is in the opening credits right? So, it’s not like she was gonna go anywhere. Big shocker, that.

3×06 Billy

A wave of unexplained and extreme violence against women is traced back to Billy, the young man that Angel was forced to free from a demonic prison a few weeks earlier. Billy’s merest touch can cause an otherwise good man to become violently misogynistic, and the results can be deadly. The crew rushes to prevent another brutal attack, unaware that Wesley has already been infected — and he’s alone in the hotel with Fred.

Angel: Is Billy here?
Dylan: You a friend of his or something.
Angel: Actually I’m here to kill him.
Dylan: Oh come on in.

Cordelia is feeling uber responsible for the release of Billy, because it was the price they had to pay to get her crazy painful visions to stop. So, going off alone, she’s determined to kill him to make things right again.

Wesley is hunting Fred in the hotel, and Gunn ends up coming to help her. But, he is a man after all and he gets infected too. But this is bad, cuz Gunn is hiding out in the same room with Fred. She finally has to knock him unconscious to keep herself safe from him.

Ok… having… hard… time… writing…. this… one… b.o.r.i.n.g.

Angel finds Cordy about to kill Billy, then Billy thinks he can infect Angel, but that doesn’t work, and they go about fighting. Just as Billy is starting to recharge from the earth or something, a couple shots ring out and he’s dead. Lilah has shot him. Guess she can have issues with some of the clients she has to work for sometimes too.

3×07 Offspring

Oh yay. We have more flashbacks. I always love flashbacks. Not.

The point of the flashbacks is to introduce us to an old adversary of Angel’s and other vampires.. name of Holtz. In the past, he’s hunted Angel and Darla, and all had a great dandy time of it.

Back in the non-annoying flashback time, Darla has arrived back in LA via bus, and everyone on the bus is dead and sucked dry. Well, except the driver of course cuz someone had to drive.

Angel is busy continuing to train Cordelia in some sword fighting skills. She’s trying to brighten up his life, even if it is only with fake flowers sprinkled around his dreary hangouts. Wesley and Gunn are still messing with those pesky scrolls that talk about Angel’s future and whatnot. Just as they figure out something big is coming, something big does come… Darla. Big as a house being all preggers. She’s pissed and looking for daddy — Angel.

Cordelia is very hurt that Angel didn’t tell her about what happened with him and Darla, and takes Darla’s side immediately. Everyone is very baffled at how this can even happen, so they all head over to Lorne to see if he can tell them anything.

Fred: Can I say something about destiny? Screw destiny. If this evil thing comes, we’ll fight it and we’ll keep fighting it till we whoop it. Because destiny is just another word for inevitable. And nothing is inevitable as long as you stand up, look it in the eye and say, “You’re evitable.” (pauses) Well, you catch my drift.

To try to make this shorter, cuz damn these are getting long or something… I seem to have a hard time writing reviews for episodes that don’t sparkle for me. So they get wordy for no reason.

Anyway, Darla tries to snack on Cordelia, then escapes and goes to try to munch on some wee young folk, Angel stops her. Tries to explain to her that the reason nothing is sated her thirst is something to do with the baby being human and having a soul or something.

Elsewhere, someplace underground it looks like, a demon monk thing is changing and throwing dirt at a big stone statue and telling “it” to arise. Everything goes crumbly, and Holtz is revealed. His first question is where can he find him some Angelus.

3×08 Quickening

Again with the flashbacks. Why must they torture me so? Angel looks so awful in the past, with the nappy hair and the nappy accent. It’s all about Holtz again. This time we see Angel and Darla eat Holtz’s family and then he finds out cuz he’s chased them somewhere that they aren’t. They left him a note about not being able to protect his own.

Angel is trying really hard to protect Darla and the potential demon spawn from Wolfram & Hart. Then a weird vampire cult who believes the baby is The Miracle Child, starts being a bit of an issue too. So, they are just having to run and keep safe. They take Darla to a hospital and they do a sonogram thing or ultrasound or whatever that is. When she sees the baby, and it has a beating heart and it looks all normal, something seems to change in her.

Angel: How you feeling?
Darla: I haven’t had blood in almost a day, and your devil’s spawn is trying to rip it’s way outta my body. How do you think I’m doing?

Angel leaves the Gang down the block from the hotel to grab the scroll they need. When he gets back to the hotel, he sees the lobby full of dead people. Holtz steps out from the shadows and tells Angel he’s been looking for him. Over with the others waiting in the car, Darla’s water breaks and she’s gonna be in labor right about now.

I do believe this is leading up to something that doesn’t suck too bad. But it just seems like it’s taking a lot of quasi-sucking to get there. Yawn with me please.

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