Angel, Season 3 Disc 4

Angel, Season 3 Disc 4

3×12 Provider

Angel is a daddy now. Angel’s son has needs and a future to worry about, and all that costs money. So some of Angel’s priorities have changed just a wee bit. He’s now trying to advertise for Angel Investigations in every way possible. However, him and the gang don’t seem quite prepared for the flood of business it all brings in, so they have to split up to cover more ground. Fred is offered major cashmoney to solve a seemingly harmless demonic puzzle. Angel takes a job from a high-paying businessman. Gunn and Wesley protect a woman who has a zombie ex-boyfriend stalking her.

Angel: (to baby Connor) How’s my little magna cum laude, Notre Dame, class of 2020?

With the gang all spread thin like they are, some of the details get slipped by them. For instance, once Fred solves her puzzle, those demons are going to be removing her head from her body to place on their leader’s body cuz his head is deteriorating. Angel’s businessman isn’t one. He needed help in getting rid of a vamp nest and posed as a guy that actually had money, when in fact, no money at all. Gunn and Wesley’s woman client failed to mention the fact that she was the one who poisoned her ex-boyfriend in the first place.

Seeing Angel get all baby face, googoo gaga and all that, is just cute and yet utterly disturbing.

3×13 Waiting in the Wings

Since the Gang did get quite a bit of money from the wannabe head-stealing demons they slayed, Angel decides to give them all a treat. He takes them out for an evening at the ballet. Not everyone seems thrilled at this idea, but they all get dressed up and go. However, Angel becomes suspicious when the prima ballerina seems to be the one he saw dance more than a century ago. Just a bit of info here… the ballerina is Summer Glau from Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, and Joss Whedon’s Firefly.  She is actually a ballerina too.

Lorne: You’re a man of many limitations, Angel. But you’re a man. You got a heart. And Cordelia is a hell of a lady. I mean, if I thought she’d like to wear green, I’d be elbowing you out of the way. But she’s out of my league. She’s a champion, Angel, old school. And besides, we all know you got a thing for ex-cheerleaders.

When Angel and Cordelia sneak backstage to investigate, they find themselves consumed with an unnaturally sudden and strong passion for one another. Convenient, no? Angel starts to get a bit of an attraction for Cordy and then they both get taken over by a weird spell that involves the taking off of clothes and licking in naughty places. Oh, I’m not saying that like it’s a bad thing, but yes, very convenient.

Turns out it involves the ballerina and her ex-love. She chose ballet over him a very long time ago. Then the dude who runs the ballet company loved her so much he keeps her trapped in this performance for all time. Angel and Gang save the day, but she has to change up the performance a bit to be free. Angel talks her into trying, and she does it, and disappears after the show is over. All is well. Oh, and during the fight at some point, Gunn and Fred get a luscious kiss in. However, Wesley, who is also quite in lust with Fred, sees it and doesn’t look too happy about it.

When they all arrive back at the hotel, Angel starts to talk to Cordelia about how he feels for her. But just as he is about to get his point across, the Groosalugg (from episodes at the end of Season 2) shows up and Cordy runs over to him and starts mackin’ down. Ouch… that has to hurt.

3×14 Couplet

Angel feels isolated, obsolete and even a bit jealous when Groosalugg arrives in town from Pylea, immediately saves the gang in battle, and is welcomed into the loving arms of his former princess, Cordelia.

But it’s not all suns and roses for Miss Cordy. While her and Groo are making out, she gets a vision of a big spiny demon thing. She also realizes that in Pylea, if her and Groosalugg were to have “mated”, he would have taken her visions. So, now she’s afraid to get with the bow-chica-bow-bow cuz she doesn’t want to risk her link to The Powers That Be.

Cordelia: I couldn’t go through with it.
Angel: You couldn’t?
Cordelia: No. Not after seeing that disgusting, spiny thing!
Angel: Spiny?
Cordelia: Right up in my face!

However, she does find someone that has a “paranormal prophylactic” of sorts. It’s a spell that will allow them to have sex without her risking her powers. Angel and Groo have to go to a demon brother to obtain said potion.

On the way back, they get a phone call from Fred and Gunn who are stuck in the roots of some tree plant demon thing. This may be the lamest monster ever, but I dunno, it could possibly get worse. This demon/plant thing pulls them down under a tree. Then they see that the roots are attached to a guy they are looking for and it’s sucking the life out of him. Ok… with ya so far. Then, they see that the roots of the demony plant are typing on computers on online dating chat rooms and websites. No, lost me. It looked about 10 times worse than it sounds.

Angel and Groo go to save them, Groo gets sucked by the roots of the tree, and Angel saves the day. Back at the hotel, Angel gives Cordy a wad of cash and tells her to go. He wants her to take a couple weeks off and take Groo somewhere sunny and fun where they can spend time together. So selfless, our champion.

3×15 Loyalty

Wesley has discovered part of what the prophecy says and now he’s miserable with stress about it. It says “The Father will kill The Son”. That might stress me out too. But, of course, this is television, so it has to be melodramatic stress. He’s not sleeping, he’s trying to find out more specific details, and he has nightmares when he does manage to fall asleep about Angel eating his son Connor. He should know by now these prophecies are never literal. It wouldn’t be any fun though if people actually learned lessons in tvland.

Fred: We should be getting back.
Gunn: Hang on! I’m getting a tingle!
Fred: Um, I thought we were gonna try to keep that out of the workplace.
Gunn: Not that kind of tingle.

A client comes in with some information about her son becoming a bumpy faced thing that burns up in the sunlight. She also has information about where he had been hanging out. So, Fred and Gunn go out to investigate said vampire nest, and everyone seems unaware that the lady who hired them is one of Holtz’s new lackeys.

Later on, Wesley approaches Holtz on his own. He says he’s willing to trade himself for Holtz justice. But of course that’s not good enough for Holtz. He wants to make Angel suffer of course, and that is going to involve a wee baby coffin. So harsh.

While this does progress our main story, I just found it weak. Could be cuz Holtz just annoys me. Crazy awesome deep menacing voice though.

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