Angel, Season 3 Disc 5

Angel, Season 3 Disc 5

3×16 Sleep Tight

Wes is continuing with his depressing self. The dude is bring me down. Geeez. I think he doesn’t ever go back to a happy-go-british Wes we’ve known and not hated to much. Bummer. He’s seriously bringing me down! I know, I repeated myself. But only to indicate the level at which he’s bringing me down. I think you’ve got the point by now. Good. With the continuing darkness, he goes and visits Holtz again. Talking about Angel and the baby… something something. His darkness was so overwhelming I forgot to pay too close attention to the scene.

Lorne has a client visiting him at the hotel to get a reading. She’s human yet, when she is singing for him she goes all weird demon-like with green foaming spit. Wasn’t very attractive.

Angel: Yeah and you look like hell. Not the fun one where they burn you with hot pokers for all eternity…but the hard-core one…you know, Nixon and Britney Spears?

On the complete opposite end of the Wesley spectrum, we have Angel. He seems a tad bit overly amped. And he’s amped about anything and everything. But he’s really pumped at the thought of going to find Lorne’s client fellow band mates that are a problem. He even ends up tearing limbs off. But they’re demons, so no biggie there I guess. When he gets home from the fight, he can’t seem to get enough blood. He’s been drinking quite a bit of it lately. More than usual. The team realizes this, and Fred goes to analyze his beverages. Turns out there is a bit of human blood in his pig’s blood, Connor’s blood to be specific. Angel realizes that’s why Connor has been smelling like food lately. Ew. And we know who’s done this, right? Yah, the douchey lawyers.

Angel goes to visit Lilah, where she sits alone at a bar. Her life must be awesome. While he’s there, Sahjahn appears to have a chat with Lilah too and gets mad when he sees her chatting it up with Angel.  He ends up giving away more information that he should have and now Angel knows stuff.

Wesley is back at the hotel and getting Connor ready to take for an “overnight” with Uncle Wes. As he’s humming to Connor to get him to calm down, Lorne reads him. Lorne obviously sees something he doesn’t like, and Wesley realizes it. Wesley knocks Lorne out, Angel sees Wesley on his way out with Connor and okays the overnight.

Just after that, Holtz makes an appearance, and his people attack Angel and friends. Lorne finally wakes up and tells them about Wes and the reading he got from him. As Wesley is leaving his own house after packing up to take Connor away, Justine drops by, slits his throat, and takes the baby to Holtz. Angel finds Holtz, Justine, and Connor. Then Lilah and her military brigade find all of them. When given the choice, he tells Holtz to take the baby and run. He knows that he’s the better of two evils. Sahjahn shows up, gets all pissy, and rips open a portal or tear in the fabric of time and space to some hellish looking place. Holtz & baby run through it, and it seals up. I don’t think that was what Angel had in mind when he told Holtz to take the baby. Poor daddy Angel :(

3×17 Forgiving

Gunn and Fred are at Wesley’s place searching for clues to where he would take Connor. Little do they know that Wesley is just laying with his throat cut in the park next to his house. They arrive back at the hotel only to find out about Holtz taking Connor. Fred goes off to search for info on the portal and where it was Holtz ran off to.

After the whole portal/tear opening thing, Justine goes back to their shoddy headquarters and tells the rest of the team it’s time to get serious. It’s time to kill Angelus. Yawn.

Random info… I should have realized this early, but the Angel/Buffyverse is very Mac-centric. Go Macs! These look so old though. They’re just so 2002. How gauche.

Lorne comes back with info about the world Holtz went to — Quortoth. Sounds like it’s not a very nice place. Apparently Angel has W&H’s main man Linwood in one of the hotel’s rooms, where he’s setting up a nice little torture area. Doesn’t take much, well, just really a threat of torture, and he spills. Angel is to go to a W&H special room called “The White Room”. Lilah accompanies him to this room, where they are both greeted by a girl that looks about 8 years old. She tells Angel about Sahjahn, specifically that W&H is responsible for making him non-corporeal, and she tells him how to get him otherwise. He goes back to the hotel, does a spell with the dark magicks, and nothing seems to happen. However, Sahjahn pops up in the middle of a road and then proceeds to get hit by a truck. Heh, guess it worked after all.

Angel: I tell you what, you take me to the Quortoth world, help me find my son, we’ll call it even.
Sahjhan: Really? You and me, buddy cops, summer release? We iron out our wacky differences and bond? Don’t think so.

Fred & Gunn have found Wesley’s diaries and realize why Wesley had done what he did. “The Father will kill The Son”. When Sahjahn finds everyone, it turns out that Sahjahn is responsible for the prophecies. He was able to travel through time, so when he saw that Connor was responsible for his own death, he went back and had the prophecies changed here and there. Justine brings in magic urn which sucks Sahjahn inside. Guess that problem is on hiatus. Justine finally tells them that she slit Wesley’s throat. They find him in a hospital.

Angel actually goes to visit, and he looks really concerned. He tells Wesley that he wants him to know that he’s not Angelus, he’s Angel. Then he proceeds to try to suffocate him, but he’s stopped by the orderlies. Wow, he’s extremely mad.

3×18 Double or Nothing

Let’s begin this with a side note. It seems to me that Lorne’s wardrobe seems to be taming down. Or maybe now that he’s not in the club, he’s trying to not be so conspicuous. I mean, he’s already green, don’t want to add to that natural shade of obviousness. Ok, I can get that.

Cordelia and Groosalugg return from their Mexican vacation. She looks so happy to see everyone, but with the things that have been going down, this bunch can’t remember what a smile is. Cordelia’s hair has changed yet again, and this time is definitely not for the better. It makes her look so much older.

Then we see some ugly, and not very well done, demons in a casino. Sigh. I already know this is gonna be a very bad Monster-of-the-Week episode. Bleh. Anyway, main big casino guys says “It’s time to collect a soul” while staring at an Angel Investigations business card. So, naturally, we’re supposed to think Angel. So, naturally, that makes me think of anyone but Angel. Angel would just be too obvious.

Groo: He is very fortunate to have such a woman looking after his weapon.
Lorne: I’m not touching that one!

While Gunn is out on a case, one of the casino henchmen find him (with Groo’s help), and tells him his marker is up. They got notice that his soul might be at risk because of his new found love, and so it’s time for him to pay up. He seems devestated, but he also owns up to his word. He has 24 hours to report to Jenoffs Casino. He then starts the next day by delivering breakfast in bed to Fred. He spends the rest of his day trying to cram every little thing that Fred loves to do and eat. She gets wise that something is up, and instead of telling her the truth, he gets all asshole-ish and tells her it’s another woman cuz she’s too damn skinny for his liking. So weak.

The rest of the Angel gang find out what’s going down, and head to the casino. Angel says “double or nothing” over a game of high-card wins. Bad guy draws a 9… everyone ooooohs. Angel draws a friggin’ 3. Cordelia slams a stake into bad buys hand, and Angel then swings a big slice-y weapon and cuts the bad guys head off. Gunn just looks at him in dismay. If it were that easy, Gunn would have tried that. The dude’s head starts growing back. But of course. Then Angel gets the crows to take care of him, surely other people in the room owe him too. Gunn and Fred are finding an oasis of happiness amidst the pain around them, but all of it may be lost when a repo-man shows up to collect on a bargain that Gunn made years before. In order to make good, Gunn must surrender his soul.

And what did dear old Gunn sell his soul for, back when he was 17? His truck. Yes, his POS truck without air conditioning. He just figured he didn’t have much time left in life anyway, so it wasn’t like he’d need it. LAME.

3×19 The Price

In previous episodes, and something I forgot to mention, Angel had been spending entirely too much time in his old room where the earthquake induced fire ruined his and Connor’s living quarters. He would just sit in the charred room staring. Cordelia would sit with him. Anyway, at the end of the last episode I believe, he finally starting taking down Connor’s fried crib. So, now in this episode, the whole Gang is busy in his room trying to clean it up and fix what they can. There’s a bit where Groo is trying to convince Angel to go with a different shade of paint that was just beautiful. He feels very strongly against the current shade of Pomegranate Mist. Good stuff.

Gavin: You know, despite our differences…when a coworker tries to pat you on the back…
Lilah: I check for the knife.

The rest of the episode is meh. Angel wants to just dive into work to help him forget about how much missing Connor hurts. They end up finding their potential client in a smoothie shop across the street from the hotel. He’s been drinking everything he can find and his skin is still drying and cracking. He calls talking about “We are thirsty”. Turns out that dark magick spell that Angel did… this is part of the cosmic payback. It’s these weird invisible-ish slugs all over the hotel. They get inside people and just dehydrate the crap out of them. Fred ends up getting one in her, and so Gunn goes off to find out if Wesley knows anything that will help. At first he won’t do anything, then he finds out it’s Fred that is in trouble and then hands Gunn a bottle of vodka. He takes it back to the hotel, forces her to guzzle it, and the slug thing comes out.

While Angel and Cordy are in the hotel kitchen surrounded by these slugs, Cordy suddenly emits crazy insane bright light. It kills off all the slugs in the hotel. Guess this is part of her new demoness powers. She seems thrilled actually. Better than horns and a tail she says.

One of the creatures spoke through Fred while she had it, and told them all “The Destroyer is coming”. After everything is cleared up, they all ponder what that means. Just then, a bit portal opens in the lobby ceiling. A big big creature falls through and looks all scary. Before anyone can even react, a human pops through and destroys the creature. He turns to the Gang, and specifically Angel, and says “Hi, Dad.”

Oh snap.

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