Angel, Season 3 Disc 6

Angel, Season 3 Disc 6

3×20 A New World

Yes, Angel’s wittle baby is now like 18 years old. He’s come back, and he doesn’t look too happy to see dear old dad. He starts attacking immediately. The fight scene is really cool. Very theatrical with the slo-mo action and then sped up movements.  After big awesome fight, Connor runs out of the hotel, and with the help of some seriously lacking special effects, jumps on top of a bus and goes for a ride.

Over in Wesley land, Lilah is busy stopping by his place to offer him a job at Wolfram & Hart. He finds it a bit humorous, and denies.

Fred: Connor’s new to this world, alone…probably scared.

Gunn: Yeah, he looked scared, kicking my ass!

The Gang can’t find Connor, but he’s busy finding a damsel in distress. He saves her, cuts off the ear of the guy that was giving her trouble and she lets him follow her to her homeless hovel. She shows him some food he’s never experienced, and gets him out of his Peter Pan outfit. Later she goes off to do some drugs in the bathroom, and then Connor finds her dead.

Angel sniffs out Connor’s location and they talk a bit. The main thing he seems to want Angel to understand that his name isn’t Connor, it’s Stephen. But for the purpose of not confusing you, we’ll just keep calling him Connor. During their talk, the earless dude and his buds also find Connor, and big fight ensues. Cops also find the spot… geeez, it’s a regular party. Angel and Connor eventually escape, but Connor doesn’t want to go to the hotel with him. They seem like they are on ok terms, so Angel lets him go.

Yah, he goes running off and finds his other father, Holtz. Guess he got through the tear in time too.

Side note — Groo has started this weird sudden jealousy of Angel where Cordelia is concerned. It just seems out of nowhere.

Angel’s son Connor is brought back from the Hell dimension a feral teenage warrior, and is hellbent on vengeance against his father for Angel’s bloody past. When he fails, the confused teen escapes to the mean streets of L.A. Determined to set things straight, Angel searches for his son, who in the interim befriends a troubled but kind homeless girl. Meanwhile, the dimensional rift through which the young man traveled continues to cause trouble at the hotel.

3×21 Benediction

Angel and Connor successfully engage in some much-needed father-son bonding when they find themselves fighting side-by-side. Then foster-father Holtz stirs things up by suggesting Connor should leave him to live with Angel. Meanwhile, Lilah continues to work on recruiting Wesley for the bad guys; and Cordelia’s closeness with Angel causes a rift in her relationship with Groosalugg.

Cordy: Wait! Angel! Before you go, we have to do that thing.

Angel: What thing?

Cordy: That thing we do? You know, that thing where I say ‘Are you sure you know what you’re doing?’ ‘Angel, please think about this’ and then you ignore me and rush headlong into trouble?

Angel: Right, that thing. (pauses) …’Kay, we done?

Couple of random observations… Angel’s hair seems really light color-wise, and shaggy as hell. Don’t know if I noticed this before, but Cordelia has really great eyebrows. Hey, it’s a girl thing, one appreciates good eyebrows.

So, Holtz seems like he’s all RahRah Angel to Connor, but he obviously has a devious plan. Justine is with him and she’s promised him she’ll help him. We find out what her promise involved. She kills Holtz by poking two holes in his neck with an icepick. Guess he just has to have the last betrayal.

3×22 Tomorrow

Angel tries to make Connor feel at home in the Hyperion, he’s even busy trying to find the perfect room for him in the hotel. However, Justine tries to convince him that Angel is guilty of murdering Holtz. And since he’s grown up with nothing but hate his whole life it really doesn’t take him long to go with that. Poor thing even cuts off Holtz’s head so he won’t turn into a vampire. Isn’t that so sweet? Yech.

Connor comes back to the hotel like lah-dee-dah, nothing’s happened, and Angel is his Papa. Angel wants to take his son to an action movie. With Fred & Gunn in tow, they all head out to a drive-in… cuz those are still so common.  During the movie a real helicopter shows up and military guys try to get Connor. They finish that fight, and Angel realizes the van in front of them houses W&H. He opens it and smacks ’em around.

Angel: I found Holtz.

Cordelia: And?

Angel: I didn’t kill him.

Cordelia: Maybe you’re growing as a person.

Meanwhile, Cordelia seems to be the only person who does not realize that she has fallen in love with Angel. When the light finally dawns, she decides that she must find a way to tell him. Well, right after Groo leaves her ass. I wonder where he goes to live? Does he go back to Pylea? Or has he been around long enough to go out, get a job, and pay rent. Hey, just thinking of the practicals here.

Cordelia calls Angel, says she has to talk to him about her feelings for him and he looks kinda cute with the smile he has. They agree to meet at some ocean side place that is pretty. I’m wondering, really? Let’s meet somewhere instead of just doing this over the phone. You’ve already said like 49% of what you want, just go with it. But, that’s just me.

She’s running late to her own scheduled rendezvous and suddenly everything goes all bright and lighty and freeze frame. Except Cordy, and her demon guide Skip. He’s come to tell her she’s graduated and outgrown this particular plane of existence and she needs to ascend. Our Cordy has come so far huh? Total teenage rich bitch with ‘tude, to angelic lovely. Who’da thunk?

She doesn’t want to leave without telling Angel how she feels, but she doesn’t really have a choice about that. She starts floating up into the sky in a really bad cheesy way and it takes far too long.. so it looks cheesy for a long time too.

Connor finds Angel where he’s waiting for Cordelia, big fight ensues. Connor is actually able to get Angel knocked out with the help of taser and something else. He signals a boat, and it starts to head toward him. Then, on the boat, him and Justine are basically sealing Angel up in a big steel box. Guess what’s gonna happen? Yup.

There was a really cool juxtaposition between Angel sinking down to the bottom of the ocean, while Cordelia is ascending to that other spiritual plane. Well, it could have been really cool if that ascension didn’t look so “Touched by an Angel”. Heh. That’s actually kinda funny. Cuz she WISHES she could be touched by this Angel. Get it? OMG! I slay me.

Oh, Wes is now having hot, sweaty, mean, evil sex with Lilah. If you can’t beat ’em, bang ’em.

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