Angel, Season 4 Disc 2

Angel, Season 4 Disc 2

4×05 Supersymmetry

Fred is super excited it would seem. She’s jumping and yelling and hootin’ and hollerin’.  Turns out a physics article of Fred’s has been published in a nerdy mag. She is then invited to speak at a symposium. Angel and Gunn go to support her, but feel quite clueless about the advanced subject matter.

Lilah gives Wesley a really expensive gift of a knight’s helmet or something. He’s deeply touched, but he has to go. Bye! He could almost create his own wind tunnel with that exist. Lilah sees Fred’s article on Wes’ coffee table and gets those jealous eyes that women are known to get from time to time with someone they are boinking. Hey, I guess evil chicks aren’t immune to the power of the penis.

So, with the gang all there.. including an evil eye giving Lilah.. Fred starts her lecture. Just as she’s really getting into it, a portal opens, bringing her face to face with a demon that looks like a paranormal octopus. They rescue her, and Angel thinks it’s Lilah, so he immediately goes after her. He quickly realizes that she didn’t do it, and starts to think of who all was there.

During his investigation, Angel goes to a comic book store to visit one of the lecture attendants that seemed a bit out of place. I would say so. If he’s to be found at a comic book shop, who is he kidding thinking he can hang with the mensa crowd. Just kidding… cute little scene in the comic shop where the guy tells them he knows all about Angel and his peeps. Ah, gotta love the cybernerds.

Angel: They talk about me in the chatty rooms?

Blahdy-Blah.. turns out it was Fred’s ex-professor doing the portal opening. He also was responsible for sending her to Pylea. See, he was getting jealous of his really smart students so he would steal their work and send them away… far, far away. Fred wants some seriously major vengeance, and Gunn doesn’t want to help her get all dark. She goes to Wes, who does help her. Then as she is about to throw her professor into a portal she opens, Gunn grabs the guy and throws him in it instead. That way Fred isn’t a murderer. I guess that’s sweet.

Cordelia visits Angel and they sit down and have a talk. She wants to know if they were in love. He doesn’t really know the full answer to that question. Charisma Carpenter is pregnant during this particular season, and she is already filling out. Not really in the tummy area at the moment, but her boobs are really getting out there. And it’s not like she had small ones in the first place. Connor is busy checking out her tatas too. Teenagers.

4×06 Spin the Bottle

This is an odd structured episode. It all kinda takes place as Lorne is telling the story of it on a performing stage. Seems like a weird thing to talk to an audience about… but that’s a different story really. Ok, so he’s telling the story of trying to get Cordelia’s memory back. He stumbles upon a perfect spell, CLUE!, and gets everyone together to do it. Of course the spell does not go as intended. Everyone seems to revert back to their high school personas, which means they don’t have any memories of each other.

Wesley: The cross obviously doesn’t affect me, or our friend, the pugilist.
Gunn: Oh, your ass better pray I don’t look that word up.

Eventually, Wesley-the-teenage-Watcher-in-training, theorizes that the only way to reverse the spell may be to kill a vampire. This is also about the same time that Angel realizes he is one.

Oh, Lorne got knocked out from the spell, so when they stumble upon him they think he’s some sort of devil, so they tie him up.

Connor is out fighting and saving those distressed damsels. Turns out one wants to reward him for his bravery, but it’ll cost him 50 bucks. Heh.

Lorne eventually wakes up, Fred unties him while everyone else is off doing other stuff, and Lorne figures out something to reverse the spell. It works. Cordy sees some weird demony thing in a vision/memory and wants to be left alone. Actually, she gets ALL her memories back, so Angel asks her the same question she asked him last episode. Guess she had the answer after all.

Angel: Cordelia – Were we in love?
Cordelia: We were.

Lorne finishes his tale on the stage, and he walks off the stage, and we just see an empty club/bar. See… Odd.

4×07 Apocalypse, Nowish

Cordelia’s fragmented memories from the higher plane tell her that a horrific beast is coming, and that it will bring about the end of the world. Naturally.

Connor is always there to comfort her now when she wakes from her evil demony apocalyptic nightmares. I think I’m gonna hurl.

Later, Cordelia goes to talk to Angel and she tells him that she loves him, but she knows they can’t be together. This poor guy will never catch a break, huh? Maybe it’s written somewhere in the bylaws for champions that they can’t know happiness or love. But they can know cheap sex (like when Angel slept with Darla).  Hmmm… I’m really not seeing anything wrong with this. Maybe they need to play up the cheap sex angle more often.

Connor and Cordelia are out trying to find out more information about this pending doom and gloom, when they happen upon Connor’s birth place. A dirty alley among trash bins. At that same moment, in the same birthing spot, a big demony thing comes out of the ground. Connor tries to fight it, cuz he’s an idiot. This sucker is HUGE and he looks like cooling lava, and he has hooves instead of feet. He’s big, what can a wee Connor do. Connor takes his beating and the Beast shoots up into the air.

Lorne: I hate to be the little demon that cried “Apocalypse, Nowish,” but..

Back at Angel Investigations, they are getting swamped with calls about the paranormal. Problem with what they do is, if business is good, things aren’t so good. Paradoxical indeed.

Angel somehow gets some papers from Lilah at Wolfram & Hart. They are everything they got out of Lorne’s head when they sucked him dry. heh. They can’t make heads or tails of it, so they were just free with the sharing I guess. Eventually, they start to realize the papers are like a puzzle and put them together. It ends up making a big symbol with means something horrific I’m sure. Lorne’s map of increased phonecalls appears to match their symbol.

Fred & Gunn are having issues in their relationship ever since Gunn killed that professor for her. Tension is thick, and Fred needs to think. She goes off to the diner they are always eating at.

All the mens figure out where the Beast is going with their weird maps, and they head off that way. They find the Beast and he’s killed a bunch of folks. They try to attack, and the Beast just swats them around like flies. At the end of the fight, the Beast asks something like “Do you really think she’s safe with him?” to Angel. Then the Beast punches the ground and fire starts shooting up into the sky. Thinks are looking very bleak.

So bleak in fact, that over with Cordy and Connor, she’s decided to give him an end-of-the-world Oedipalesque boinking. This is where I truly want to hurl. Worst. Storyline. Ever.

Because of what the Beast says, Angel goes to check on them, and instead he gets an eyeful of virgin boy going at it with the woman he just realized he loves.

4×08 Habeas Corpses

Oooooh boy. Man, Angel is not taking kindly to that sight he had of his lady and his son going all horizontal. He is very angry. And really, aren’t we all? Way to take a storyline and vomit on it, in it, under it, and through it. Yech.

Joining him in the miserable-about-a-lady realm, is Wesley. He’s still crushin’ hard on Fred.

And proving there is some slight sanity somewhere, Cordy is completely wigged out when she wakes up next to Connor. Connor gets the “happy puppy look”, and Cordy tells him to quit it. She tries to tell him it was a one time thing, but he gets super pissy, like a teenager, and takes off.

After the evening’s events, Lilah comes to check on Wesley to make sure he’s alive and she actually seems super happy to see him. See, the power of the penis is strong in this one. However, Wesley doesn’t appear to be as thrilled to see her. He breaks up with her, but she kinda begs. She tells him she could “wear the glasses again” and even that doesn’t sway him. See, they did it once where she dressed up like Fred. It was totally Lilah’s doing too. It just that Wesley seemed to REALLY enjoy it.

Cordy goes to find Angel, and she tells him about the Beast and the fact that it came out of the same spot Connor was born. Connor goes to W&H, Lilah specifically, and asks for her help. He wants to figure out what he is, and she’s more than willing to open him up to figure that out for him. Good timing too, cuz the Beast is now at W&H and he’s ripping heads off and wreaking all kinds of havoc. Somehow Wes is in W&H too. He manages to save Lilah and himself. He goes back to the hotel and tells everyone that the Beast is at W&H, and Connor is trapped in there with it too.

Oh, total sidebar here. Angel’s old white trash orangey hair seems to be gone. It’s much darker now, and he finally cut a cut. He was looking really shaggy there. Oh, and I’ve noticed they’ve slowly moved Cordelia’s hair from nasty blonde back to a brunette that is more flattering.

Anyway, they all go to W&H, get Connor, and they go up to that secret special White Room that Angel visited once. They get there, and the Beast is already sucking the life out of the little girl that is usually in there. Right as the Beast comes towards them, the little girl reaches her hand out and the whole Gang just appears back at the hotel lobby.

First Angel seems really happy about this, then he sees Cordelia and the extra broody face comes back into place. She’s excited to see everyone back and not hurt. Him, not so much.

Cordelia: I’m just glad everyone is back together.
Angel: Me too. Now take your new boyfriend and get the hell out of here.
Cordelia: Oh God.

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