Angel, Season 4 Disc 3

Angel, Season 4 Disc 3

4×09 Long Day’s Journey

The gang learns that the Beast is planning to rip five magickal totems from the bodies of the beings who are protecting them. If he gets them all, then he will be able to blot out the sun forever. When they learn that the Beast already has four of the five, they plan to protect the final one with the help of the electrifying cat-burglar Gwen Raiden. And I love me some Gwen. Although, she does resemble the villain Glory from Buffy Season 6, and I didn’t like her much, look-wise. But, Gwen’s definitely a hottie. She wears great leather, maybe that helps.

Gwen: Let’s take turns guarding Manny. Angel you take Cordelia and I’ll take Denzel here.
Gunn: Actually my name’s Gunn. Not that that I mind the freakishly accurate description.

Lorne tells Angel he knows about Connor and Cordy. *shudder* But now he has someone to share that gross information with. Cordy tells Connor that Angel knows about them, and he doesn’t seem phased really. Well, except for the fact that he’s not really welcome at the hotel for the moment.

Oh, the protecting of the final totem doesn’t go so well. They go to Gwen’s manse and use this killer panic room to protect him and still they lose him. Tsktsk.

Also, they realize that the Beast knows Angelus. Angel can’t seem to remember anything about him though.

4×10 Awakening

Cordelia has a vision, which reveals that the Beast once knew Angelus. Since Angel has no memory of this, the gang realizes that there is only one thing to do. They must find a way to bring forth Angelus. Ahhh, true friends. Let’s take his soul! Sheeesh.

Wes goes out to find someone that can take Angel’s soul, but also be able to return it to him once they get what they need. After much brouhaha, Angel agrees. He wants them to build this big super cage for him though. So they do.

Connor: You’re the reason my life sucks.
Angel: Get over it.

Mystical ninja dude comes over to do the spell. He’s in the cage with Angel. Angel is tied to a table. Right as ninja dude is about to do the spell, he goes to try to kill Angel. So, they have to kill him. Oh, ninja dude’s name is Wu Pang I think. They pull Wu Pang’s mask off and realize he has writing all over his body. It’s all symbols, but of course Wesley can read it very well.

As they area reading through it, Cordelia gets white eyes and says something about a magical sword that can kill the Beast. They go through all these Indiana Jones-type puzzle/maze things but eventually get the sword.

When Angel and Cordy finally get a moment alone, Cordy tells Angel that she’s sorry for the Connor boinking. She thought the world was ending, and she wanted to be with Angel. Since she couldn’t, she sought comfort with whatever was nearby. Ew. They kiss. And for whatever reason, it’s just not doing much for me. Leaving me cold here folks. Connor and Wes walk in as they are kissing. Connor goes pouty runs off. Angel and him fight, like fight-fight. Cordy then breaks up the fight and tells Connor that she was never his and he needs to understand that.

They go back to the hotel with the special sword. Beast shows up, big fight, sword breaks… but then Angel uses the broken pointy end to pierce the Beasts brain. Yay!

Random question… How many leather jackets must Angel own? He seems to get staked through them alot, and yet it always looks like the same jacket. hmmm.

The sun shines again, and everyone is happy. Even Angel cuz he has his Cordy. They get all smoochiesmoochie in his room and then start stripping each other. Hmmm. Hmmm. Hmmm. He’s not supposed to be allowed to get too happy. Hmmm.

They are actually doing it, and they both appear to be very much into it, and then he starts to look pained. He yells out “Buffy!”, aw snap, and rolls over on the bed. The next thing we see is his eyes open up and he’s on the table in the cage, and he has quite the look about him. Oh, that look… that’s Angelus.

How harsh is that? He has to go through all that, really feel like he’s getting everything he wants and experience happiness to get his soul taken out. Cruel and unusual, man. Oh, so basically this whole episode didn’t happen. Lame.

4×11 Soulless

Angel’s soul has been removed, placed in a safe even, and Angelus has come to the fore. Wes tries to prep everyone for dealing with Angelus. He’s gonna be sly that mean guy. Be careful. But, they have to go about interrogating him to find out what he knows about the Beast. Wes begins. The Gang looks on in the lobby via closed circuit camera.

One thing you have to say about Angelus. He’s a lot of fun really. Well, dialogue-wise. He’s snarky, mean, and just entertaining. Gotta love the wit, even if it is evil wit.

While everyone is watching on the monitor, Angel starts to pick at Wesley. He mentions things like being a bad watcher to Faith and stuff about him being a dork and all that. He also teases him about his ongoing Fred crush. And at one point he even starts to talk about Cordelia, and even brings up the Connor situation. Now everyone knows what went down.

Then Fred & Gunn go down there and feed him. He messes with their heads too, and almost gets a hold of Fred when she gets too close. Gunn manages to get her free with his handy threatening crossbow.

When Fred gets back upstairs, she’s thoroughly freaked, but she does go talk to Wesley. Who then proceeds to kiss her like he’s hungry for her lips. However, Gunn walks in on the tail end of this. He doesn’t really see it, but he knows something went down. He gets very angry and loud. Angelus is down in his cell hearing the yelling and looking very smug.

He talks to Connor, and Connor thinks that Angelus is his real father and Angel is just a part he plays. Interesting.

Angelus: Doesn’t it freak you out at all that she used to change your diapers? I mean, when you think about it, the first woman you boned is the closest thing you’ve ever had to a mother. Doing your mom and trying to kill your dad… hmm, there should be a play.

Cordelia finally comes down to talk to him. She unplugs the camera and she makes a deal with him. If he talks, and they save the world, he gets to have her. Do whatever he wants with her. He actually takes the deal. Yikes.

Angelus: You want to know about the Beast.
Cordelia: Everything you know.
Angelus: Oh…and in return I get what? Wouldn’t mind a car, I hear the new mustang is nice.
Cordelia: Something better.
Angelus: What’s a better ride than a mustang?
Cordelia: Me.

He gives up some info, they go out looking for some priestess but all they find is a house full of a dead family. This hits Connor hard for some reason and he goes outside to spew chunks.

Back at the hotel, Cordy goes back down to Angelus in his cell and tells him the deal is off. They didn’t get anything and now they are going to put his soul back. When they go into the safe to get it… That’s right… it’s not there.

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