Angel, Season 4 Disc 4

Angel, Season 4 Disc 4

4×12 Calvary

While the gang is busy with other things, Lilah is able to sneak into the hotel basement to talk to Angelus.  She’s interested in saving her own ass from the Beast and thinks Angel knows how she can do that. They get quite close to striking a deal, but then the rest of the Gang discover her presence. Wesley chases her through the sewers and manages to catch her. She tells him that she didn’t seal Angel’s missing soul and he, oddly enough, believes her. I guess wettin’ your willy in someone makes you like a lie detector with them.  Wesley also discovers she has a book with her that talk specifically about the Beast. His copy of the same book doesn’t have the passages because hers is from another dimension.

He figures out in true convenient nerd fashion that the reason there’s no mention of the Beast or memories of the Beast is cuz all traces of his existence have been wiped out. And since Angelus’ mind wasn’t around when the spell was cast. He does have memories.

Angelus is having fun with the moron Gang cuz they didn’t figure out that the Beast isn’t the one calling the shots. He’s a flunky, not the boss. This is later shown to be true when the Beast offers up a weapon fashioned from his own bones to someone.

Gunn and Fred are busy breaking up, and Wes almost gets a chance to declare his love for Fred. But then Angelus has to go and reveal the fact that Wes has been sleeping with Lilah. Tsktsk. Evil sex can come back to haunt.

Angelus: Hmm, I’m telling ya, man if I swung that way — look at him. All rugged and handsome. And brains! Man, he’s damn near perfect.
Wesley: Thank you.
Angelus: Except the part about banging Lilah for the past 6 months. Kinda takes the shine off.

Cordelia has a vision that shows her a spell that will restore Angel’s soul. Once she gets the ingredients she needs, they all perform the spell and it appears to be a success. To test this, they have Angel sing and Lorne says that it’s really Angel and he’s back to his old brooding self. Angel insists he be kept in the prison though just in case the spell is only temporary. He orders everyone else about, but Cordelia stays behind. She accuses him of being a wuss and embarrassed by everything Angelus said. With Cordelia’s continued prodding, he agrees to leave the cage. Cordy goes to set him free, and he knocks her out. Guess that’s not Angel after all. He tells everyone he’s got some plans and heads out.

Cordelia gains consciousness and tells everyone what happened. They take off after Angelus, but Cordelia and Lilah stay behind. Because of all the vampires out on the street feeding willy-nilly, Angelus heads back to the hotel to get his slurpslurp on.  There’s a little chase between Angelus/Cordelia/Lilah. Lilah eludes Angelus, but then gets poked in the neck with a big weapon by Cordelia. Wait, isn’t that the weapon from the Beast? mmmhmmmm.

4×13 Salvage

Like the old adage – waste not, want not – Angelus grabs him up some dead and still bleeding Lilah. He gets his slurp on. Connor, Gunn and Wes walk in on this and of course think Angelus has killed Lilah.

In an effort to be thorough, Wesley realizes he’s going to have to behead Lilah so she doesn’t come back as a vampire. Cuz she was so much better than that pre-death? Bah. But of course he can’t just go and chop that noggin’ off. He has to have a weird ghost-y conversation with Lilah. All about his time with her and blahblahblah.

Lorne is trying to get his Furies friends to put that anti-demon attacking spell on at the hotel. They eventually get that working.

Angelus is off talking to the Beast and letting him know he’s definitely not up to taking orders from a peon like the Beast. he wants to talk to the main man/person/demon/it.

Angelus: That’s right, brothers and sisters – the rumors are true. Angel has left the building and I am back. But hey, I’m no different from the next guy. I put my victim’s skin on one leg at a time.

Cordelia is busy acting all injured and fainty. But, we see her reprimand her monster Beast-y minion too.

We get a bit of an update on Faith, the “other” Slayer. She’s being all butch and macho in prison. And she’s also busy almost getting killed by fellow prison mates with very nice ceremonial knives. Wes goes to visit her, once he realizes he’s going to need all the help he can get to put Angelus in his place. When Faith realizes what Wes is asking, Faith immediately breaks through the glass at the visiting booths and escapes out with Wes. Guess only Faith was keeping Faith in prison. Maybe she has learned.

Faith goes in search of Angelus, and since he knows she’s coming, he lets her find him. She ends up finding the Beast and Angelus, and starts in on the Beast. The Beast is very good at handing her ass to her. However, Angelus steps in and uses that bone weapon to kill the Beast. However, as soon as he does, the sun comes back out. He wasn’t thinking too far ahead apparently. With the help of the sun and a big window breaking, Faith escapes.

Meanwhile, Cordelia tells Connor she’s pregnant. I think I’m gonna hurl… again.

4×14 Release

Faith is quite beat up. Wesley takes her to his house to clean up, and she goes a bit psycho on his shower’s tiled walls.

Angelus is at a bar drinking and bragging and then he suddenly starts hearing a voice that no one else is hearing. Turns out it’s the Beast’s master talking to him. However, we see that it’s Cordelia speaking through some spelled stone or something in her room at the hotel. The same room she’s been hiding out in cuz she doesn’t want anyone other than Connor to know she’s preggers quite yet.

Angelus: Now this is disappointing. You never used to bleed so easy.
Faith: Screw you!
Angelus: Mmmm. Maybe after. I like my girls to lie still.

Angelus heads over to the hotel to do the usual threatening, witty ridicule, and trying to figure out who the Big Boss is. They all try to attack him, but just as Connor is about to really get at him, the Furies’ spell kicks in and Connor isn’t able to hit Angelus. Oooops. Does that mean our precious boy is part demon as well as fully annoying whiny brat?

Faith and Wesley are out trying to track Angelus down, and they stumble on the bar he was at earlier. They get some information from a junkie in the back of the bar. A junkie that gets high, then vamps bite on her so they can get high too. K.

Faith & Angelus find each other and duke it out. Very nice looking fight. Great wire work and camera work. Very elegant looking.

In the end, he gets the upperhand and grabs at Faith and bites down on her.

4×15 Orpheus

Shortly after Angelus bites down on Faithy he stumbles back and looks at her in confusion. Looks like Faith learned a little something from those junkies at the bar. Just as the fight started, she drugged herself so that she could incapacitate Angelus. Of course, Wesley had something to do with it. he’s not above hurting and using others to get to the end goal these days.

Angelus and Faith are both brought back to the hotel in pretty similar states. They both appear to be dreaming and they happen to be dreaming together. Or rather, Angelus is reliving Angel’s past, and Faith is there for the ride.  This must be Angelus’ version of hell, according to Faith, cuz he’s seeing things like Angel saving puppies.

Wesley knows he needs some serious mojo help, so he calls on dear Willow from the other show on  that other network. Willow figures out a way to get Angel his soul back without necessarily finding the jar it’s in. She’ll have to break the jar, and immediately have it find Angelus or something like that.

Wesley: A lot has happened, not just Angelus. I’ve been… I’ve changed. I’ve seen the darkness in myself. I’m not sure you would even begin to understand.
Willow: I flayed a guy alive and tried to destroy the world.
Wesley: Oh. Well . . . I never flayed anyone . . . I did keep a woman chained in a closet. (pause) I know, it’s not the same.
Willow: No, no, that’s dark. You’ve been to a place.

Cordy, let’s call her Evil Cordy, is really pissed about Willow’s presence. She tries everything to get in Willow’s way.

Faith and Angelus still stuck in Angel flashbacks. I thought the hair from the 1800s was bad. It has nothing on Angel’s hair in the 1970s. Oh goodgawd it’s awful. Really not flattering. Actually makes him look way chubbier.

As they continue to do the mystical dreamy mind tripping, Willow starts to get her spell on. The boss, aka Evil Cordy, slams some magic back at Willow. Don’t think she/it realizes how awesome Willow is, cuz she gets past all that. Evil Cordy has also told Connor that it is necessary to kill Angelus, and him being the stupid feeble-minded teenager with hormones, says ‘kay.  Just as he’s about to do the deed, Angel gets his soul back and Faith wakes up.

Willow takes Faith back to Sunnydale to help with their apocalypse there, and Cordelia walks down the stairs with belly just a-showing. From this point on, Cordelia has some of the most hideous wardrobe. Is it like payment for having gotten pregnant while the show was going on? Or is it like payment for ballooning to three times her size in the first few months. Either way, I can only imagine that it’s payment for something bad. Cuz the clothes are just beyond hideous.

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