Angel, Season 4 Disc 5

Angel, Season 4 Disc 5

4×16 Players

After discovering that Cordelia is pregnant, the gang go into research mode trying to determine what type of demon the offspring could be. It does seem to be their experience when women, namely Cordelia, get super preggers super fast. So, it has to be a demon of sort. Connor is taking the whole father thing to a creepy weird level. He’s being super protective. There’s even this really disgusting scene where the baby or whatever it is is poking and grinding all up in Cordy’s belly. It’s beyond hurlable.

Meanwhile, our rather electric girl Gwen is back in the picture. She’s requesting Gunn’s suave nature. Cuz when I think of Gunn, I think suave. No, not really. They end up at this uber-fancy party where Gwen tells Gunn they are trying to rescue a little girl from her kidnappers. Of course, since Gwen has never really been the 100% truthful sort, we find this isn’t in fact, true. She used that to get Gunn there as her muscle. She’s really looking for the plans for some government whosawhatsit that will allow her to not be quite so electrical.

Since Angel is now fully restore with his soul, he informs the gang that Angelus did not kill Lilah. He stumbled on an already dead Lilah and just took advantage of the available niblets. Lorne gets a spell together to clear up his mojo. He’s worried about the fact that he couldn’t tell Angel was really Angelus before. Our Evil Cordy is quite worried herself since she knows if Lorne gets his mojo back he’ll probably realize she’s not all she’s cracked up to be. While she’s busy trying to quietly creep up on Lorne during his spell casting, all the lights in the room get turned on and we see the whole Gang there watching Evil Cordy approaching Lorne with her very evil looking knife. Looks like they aren’t as clueless as she was assuming.

Angel: Try this one.
Wesley: Something about strangling poultry.

Okay that is just funny cuz of the whole “choking chicken” reference.

4×17 Inside Out

Angel realized Cordy was the Beast boss cuz of some of the phrasing she used in his head and how she referred to her coming spawn. Angel wants to know where the real Cordelia is. While the Gang is trying to get answers from Evil Cordy, Connor comes in for the rescue and tranqs everyone, takes Cordy off to some romantic old meat processing warehouse. Evil Cordy keeps taking advantage of Connor’s mushy pliable gray matter, and keeps telling him how much Angel hates Connor cuz of the love Connor and Cordy share. Gaw… worse storyline ever. Surely they could have come up with another way to work Charisma’s pregnancy into the story.

Angel goes to visit skip since he Cordelia mentioned him as her spirit guide when she was in that quasi-coma before. Skip must not be so wonderfully perfect and gleeful as he comes across, cuz they end up in a big ol’ fight. Skip admits to taking a dive the last time they fought cuz this was all planned from WAY back when. During the fight, Angel manages to break off some of Skip’s horn thing and other bony parts. Somehow they end up back in the hotel lobby and they manage to bind Skip to this dimension while they get some more info. He finally ends up telling them that the demon possessing Cordy is going to give birth to itself essentially. That seems all kinds of wrong, even on top of the whole Oedipal Cordy/Connor thing.

Skip: It’s going to be really hard for you to accept, but Cordelia has ascended to a higher plane.
Angel: I know. She’s back.
Skip: Back?
Angel: Or at least something that looks like her.
Skip: Woah, wait. Nobody comes back from paradise. (pause) Okay, a Slayer once, but…

Cordelia has asked Connor to gather some things for her so that she can have her baby before anyone can get a hold of her. She wants her baby to be born free. One of the ingredients is the blood of a virgin, so off he goes to get him one. After he gets one off the street, cuz they are so readily available these days? As if. He has a bit of an internal struggle of the right/wrong issue with killing someone that isn’t evil. He sees Darla as his little angel on the shoulder, or maybe it is really Darla showing up to lead him the way. Whatever. She’s trying to persuade him to not kill her. In the end, Connor is about to set the girl free but Cordy interrupts and slices the girls throat. For a moment we see the Darla apparition dressed in all white, while Evil Cordy is dressed in all black. Interesting, and yet painfully obvious.

So, she gets her virgin blood, makes Connor get his hand all bloody and slap of that gooey liquid on her belly. And boom… looks like baby is on it’s way. World is a-shaking’, Skip manages to get away and then Wes kills him, Angel finds Connor & Cordelia and fighting ensues. Just as everything is coming to a head, big burst of light shoots out of Cordy’s belly and then that light turns into a woman. Suddenly, Angel is quite bespelled.

4×18 Shiny Happy People

Cordelia’s “child” is a fully grown woman, and everyone who sees or hears her instantly and rapturously begins to worship her.  The first who experience this are Angel and Connor. Now they are united in their disgusting adoration of the new lady.

Angel brings Cordy back to the hotel, and as the new lady comes into the hotel everyone bows to her in awe. Really this isn’t new. I experience this every where I go. It is rough, but I accept the responsibility that comes with such reverence.

Angel: They don’t understand.
Conner: No.
Angel: We don’t want to kill her. We just… want to find her, so we can worship her.

Once the lady finds out what has happened in the area because of her birth, she wants to go out and have the Gang help fix as much as they can. They go off and attack vamps, and she and Fred sit on the sidelines. The lady wants them to come up with a name for her. This will obviously mean something. It just has that ring to it. Foreshadowing or something.

Everywhere she goes she keeps getting adored. She catches on to this quickly and makes nice little speeches to everyone about love, and goodness and blahblahblah. While she’s giving a nice little speech someone in the crowd tries to attack her, calling her a monster, and he sees her face as all maggoty and decayed. She does get a bit of a cut and her shirt is cut and has blood. In Fred’s complete devotion, she takes on the task of getting the shirt clean again. In what seems like days, she finally admits she can’t get it clean and she bought a new one. When she finally sees the lady again, she sees the same maggoty face that the attacking guy did.

Later, Angel admits to the lady he’s afraid that she could make him too happy and bring out Angelus again.

Everyone realizes that Fred isn’t good anymore. She’s evil cuz she can’t see what they all see. Once Fred realizes that this isn’t a good thing, she has to leave town. On her way out, she sees the lady, now named Jasmine, on TV sending her message to all of LA. Everyone watching the TV show gets just as awe-full.

4×19 The Magic Bullet

It’s like a wonderful Beach Boy scored utopia. Everyone is so wonderful and happy and being nice to each other. Well, except Fred. She’s busy getting chased by Wes and Gunn. She manages to get away in the sewers.

The hotel is now Jasmine central where all the devotees are gathering to just get a glimpse of their most wonderful lady of the perfectness.  After she addresses her followers, she grants two people with the ultimate privilege of visiting with her upstairs. This can’t be good.

Random fact, we learn Lorne’s heart is physiologically in his ass. Interesting.

Random observation… Gina Torres’ lips are gigantic. Not necessarily in a bad way, but it’s really hard to stop looking at them anytime they are on screen. HUGE.

As Jasmine is getting stronger it seems like she is getting more powers. She is able to use all her followers minds like cameras and track Fred down. She can even talk through them. She’s finally tracked down and her and Angel go to her to get her back. During a little tussle, Fred gets a hold of a gun and shoots through Jasmine into Angel. She does this intentionally because she realizes that it was Jasmine’s bloody shirt that made her see Jasmine differently. Once Jasmine’s blood gets into Angel he sees Jasmine the same as Fred. It seems like one of the greatest things he’s ever experienced has just been ripped from him. That has to suck.

After Jasmine gets all shot up by Fred she realizes what her blood does. She tells the store owner where Fred was tracked to to burn his store down so no one can get tainted by her blood. And so he does.

Back at the hotel, Jasmine tells everyone else that Angel is now lost too. And she continues to take followers up to her room. She then tells the people to take off their clothes.  We see glowing coming from her room and then she comes out and tells Connor she ate the people. She uses the energy to heal all her bullet wounds.

Fred & Angel break into Cordy’s room at the hotel and they cut Cordy to get her blood. They figure that since she gave birth to Jasmine that her blood will also do the trick. They grab Lorne, then Wes & Gunn and expose them to the reality. No one seems happy about it. They seemed to miss their utopian version of things. They all finally get Connor and cut him and place Cordy’s blood in the wound. Doesn’t seem to work cuz he calls on Jasmine’s security to get them all.

Connor: I’ll kill you!
Angel: It’ll pass.
Lorne: Yeah, right, ’cause Lord knows he’s never tried that before.

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