This weekend Mike and I purchased our tickets to visit my mom in Virginia for Christmas. I will be going a week earlier than Mike. So, I'll be spending a little over 2 weeks at my mom's. I'm so excited! Even though we will be gone, I've started to buy random christmas ornaments. Mainly I'm doing it so we can get reimbursed from insurance. But, man, I love buying christmas decorations. I haven't done it in years since we pretty much had everything we needed. A few things I'll be buying again but mostly it's new stuff. And who doesn't like to buy new stuff? Exactly.

Also in the news, I got a new phone!!! You may not think that is an exceptional event, au contraire mon frère, I have not had a new phone in over 4 years. I had the first color screen phone that Sprint put out. It was a great phone and I never really wanted anything else until this past year. But, Mike being Mike, he wanted to make sure he got a new phone too, even though he had barely had his over a year. Now that was a piece of crap phone. But damn, it took some serious prodding to get Mike on that. But when he finally did, we got a serious deal. I got a completely free phone – the (RED)Razr, and Mike got the Samsung A900 for $80. We also got a great phone plan – 500 text msgs for free. Ok, I thought that was excellent, but then later when Mike called to activate his phone, they were ironing out the plan, and he managed to get us one free year of PCS Vision (web stuff) for both our phones. That's $240 worth of free service by itself. He may frustrate me at times with his research and whatnot, but I can never say he doesn't get the job done.

If you don't know, the (Product)RED campaign is a brilliant idea, IMO. All we as consumers have to do is purchase things, but with a bit of charity in mind. If you have a choice of a couple similar products, purchase a (Product)RED one, and a portion of that money will go towards helping eliminate AIDS in Africa. It's a brain child of Bono, no doubt. There's an iPod, RAZR, Amex, Converse, and a whole line of Gap wear. Some Christmas ideas for me actually – Red Gap Sweatshirt, matching bluetooth headset for my new phone, and I wouldn't say no to some new chuck taylors either.

Oh, and what do you think of my blog's new look? It might be temporary, but I'm definitely in the mood for a change. 

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