Brrrrrr…. Birth

Brrrrrr…. Birth

So, let’s rewind a sec. I’m gonna talk about the birth. Nothing gross or anything. Just what all went down. Okay, maybe a little gross stuff. But on my scale of grossness, it’s really nothing.

So, the doctor came in and was like… Bam! C-Section. Let’s do this. But, yanno, more doctor-y.

The nurses put me in a wheel chair while I’m having a contraction, I hear Mike is on the phone with someone. I remember something he said like “Oh, this is happening fast. Gotta go.”

They wheel me into the operating room. I see a couple surgical techs/nurses prepping away. They tell me to get on the table. Then the anesthesiologist tells me what he’s gonna do. I’m seriously only thinking about my contractions. They hurt. How the hell is he gonna manage to do this while they are happening. Good luck to you my man. At some point about here, I look at him and said something like “You’re Dr. Miller?”. He says yes. And I kinda laugh and said “Elizabeth K. said you’d be on call tonight, and that you’re good. I hope she’s right.” We have a slight conversation about how I know Elizabeth K. We chuckle. Small world and all that. I do my back like he wants, and bam. That’s pretty much that. I lay down on the table and then I start to feel nothing.


Well, I exaggerate. I feel cold. Damn cold. Right as he’s telling me that shivering/feeling cold is a common side effect, I start shivering. He puts some warm blankets on me, then he puts this blow up plastic thing with a warm air hose attached to it. While it does feel nice, I never stop shivering.

I’m so concentrated on the shivering I really have no idea when my OB – Dr. Stephanie McNelis – came in. I remember the occasional comment from her, but truly my strongest memory is just being cold. The kind of shivering that is just exhausting. I do remember falling asleep from time to time and my snoring would wake me up. I remember the doctor saying something about my intestines… (that turned out to be cuz my intestines were very oddly positioned around my uterus. The doc had never seen it before.)… She said something about the baby’s head being really funny shaped but that’s what hats are for.

I remember Mike sitting next to my head. I remember wanting to scratch my nose a lot. And I remember shivering.

Once the baby was here, I guess I was out again. Mike tells the story of a 10 minute long wait of not knowing whether she was ok. I just remember him saying she was ok, and him asking me if it was ok for him to leave me to go with her. Weirdo. Of course you go with the baby to the NICU! I’m sure this won’t be the last time he has to pick between the two of us. Poor boy.

According to Mike, I was in the OR for quite a while afterwards. I remember them moving me from the OR table to a bed, and the clock in there showed 7:40am. The baby was born at 6:16am. Interesting.

Also, when they moved me, someone ripped out my IV from my upper right arm. I look at it and ask to no one in particular “Won’t I be needing that?”

They wheel me into recovery and some other new dude is working on putting another IV in me. This one is in my right hand and it’s really annoying. No worries, this turns out to not be my last one. It gets infiltrated in a couple days and I have to get another one put in anyway. The guy who put in my final IV had scrubs on that said Austin Anesthesiology Group, so I ask him if he knows Elizabeth K. He kinda chuckles and says yes, and asks me how I know her. Before I mention her name he was kinda cold and disinterested. Not mean by any stretch, just focused maybe. Maybe even annoyed at being asked to do an IV (I’m not the easiest stick, so I always warn the nurses). I tell him how I know her, and he tells me about a party they had the weekend before. He just said she’s pretty wild, with a big smile. That loosens him up, and he tells me about his family and his almost experience with the NICU.

Anyway, I digress. So, I’m in recovery with a new IV that sucks. I’m shivering. I think I’m even shivering harder than in the OR. The nurses there say something about getting an order for demerol, but in the meantime they start covering me in warm blankets and then another one of those plastic suits with warm air hoses. They did get an OK for demerol, apparently it heats you up from the inside. Yes! I’ll take it!

These two nurses in recovery are funny. They clean me up, get me some underwear and some pads. And they have to start to massaging my uterus. The first couple times was cool cuz I still had the spinal meds going through. They keep commenting on how hard my ab muscles are and they have a difficult time massaging my uterus cuz of them. My hard abs. That’s what I’m known for, yo. No, seriously, it’s kinda funny. I guess it gets written on some chart somewhere, so every nurse that goes to massage my lady junk says something like “I hear you have hard abs to get past… Oh wow, you do.” Hard abs under all this flab. Hell yeah. The recovery nurses keep telling me how much they like me and how fun I am. I do not remember why they have this opinion. Maybe my awesome wit and stuff was showing.

Mike came to visit me a couple times in recovery, I think I just kept falling asleep… snoring.. waking myself up. His sister, Jane, came in and visited once too. After 2 hours of being in there, and me gaining the ability to move my legs myself, they moved me to my post-partum room. I call it a room, but really, it was like a closet. So small! I have too much stuff from my Labor & Delivery Suite. Mike has to take a lot of stuff home.

Someone tells me I have 12 hours of bed rest before I can get up. That means I have at least 12 hours before I can see my baby girl. My baby girl. MY. BABY. GIRL. So surreal.

To Be Continued…

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  1. so proud of you, Mike & Immi!!! she just beautiful and the overwhelming love on your face is beautiful! I love you my dear friend! give that sweet girl lots of kisses for me! xoxo

  2. You are awesome, lady. I’m proud to say you’re my cousin. I’m also excited to read the rest of this story!! I’ve been praying for you guys and will continue to do so. Much love…

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