Buffy, Season 2 Disc 3

Buffy, Season 2 Disc 3

2×09 What’s My Line, Part 1

It’s “Career Week” at Sunnydale High, and Buffy is faced with the reality that she has no future apart from her destiny as the Slayer. Meanwhile, in order to stop Buffy from interfering in his plans, Spike sends four deadly assassins to ensure the Slayer has no future. Also, a mysterious girl is following Buffy and Angel around, and Xander and Cordelia are trapped in Buffy’s house after being attacked by one of the assassins.

Spike: (about Buffy) She’s the gnat in my ear. The gristle in my teeth. She’s the bloody thorn in my bloody side!

I can’t even tell you how I feel about this one really. I can’t get over that gawdawful accent of “Keeeyenndrah, da Vampeeiire Slayah”. Every episode with our new bud Kendra is a very very very painful one. Maybe if I turn the volume down it would help. I mean, she’s kinda cute, no?

2×10 What’s My Line, Part 2

Buffy is attacked by the mysterious girl and during the fight learns that her name is Kendra and that she is a Vampire Slayer. Apparently, Buffy’s temporary death at the hands of the Master was enough to activate the next Slayer, and she has come to Sunnydale. They call a truce, and Giles convinces them to work together to save Angel from Spike and Drusilla. Meanwhile, Xander and Cordelia have a close encounter of their own kind at Buffy’s house.

Spike: Talk, and I’ll have your guts for garters.

So, since Buffy technically “died” in Season 1’s finale, this apparently activated the next slayer. But, yanno, since she’s not dead, that becomes a problem. But they decide to play nice and fight together. As they say in tandem while punching Spike, “Two Slayers”, “No waiting”. Again, Kendra has got to be one of my least favorite characters to ever come on this show. It might have been ok if I didn’t have to endure that damn accent. What were they thinking?

2×11 Ted

Buffy has parental issues when Joyce comes home with a boyfriend, the computer expert and master chef Ted, whose charming personality impresses everyone. Everyone except Buffy that is, who is not at all willing to give her mother up to someone new. Even Willow and Xander seem to love him, and Buffy must find a way to prove that her fears about Ted are something more than simple jealousy. Over in “not everything is always about Buffy” world, Giles tries to repair his relationship with Ms Calendar, and Xander and Cordelia continue to hide theirs.

Buffy: (about Ted) I just have so much to deal with, I don’t need some new guy in my life.
Angel: Well, maybe your mom does.
Buffy: Well sure, if you’re gonna use wisdom.

Yah, that’s John Ritter over there. He’s a cool cucumber. This was interesting. Buffy comes across as a whiny teenager that doesn’t like her mom’s new BF, but her spidy-senses are a-tingling. This would be a very easy time for her to use her Slayer status as an excuse for her dislike of all things Ted, and of course that’s what everything is thinking.

I didn’t like it. Seemed like lots of drama with no real story. Buffy pushes him and he falls down the stairs and he “dies”. But this wasn’t a monster. She’s killed a human. Egads. DramaDramaDrama. Woe-is-me, I killed a person. Au contraire. We find out that Ted has been married 4 times, he keeps them in a closet in his basement… and he’s a Robot. Wuh? A serial killing robot. He comes back, gets all glitchy which freaks out Buffy’s mom, then Buffy slays him. See, it’s called killing when they are non-monsters, and slaying when they are monsters. Obvi.

2×12 Bad Eggs

School really stinks when an assignment that introduces Buffy and the Gang to parenting takes a rotten turn, and things get worse when two wild west vampires come to town hunting for Buffy. While Buffy and Angel continue to rendezvous, Xander and Cordelia keep their liaison secret.

Giles: I suppose there is a sort of Machiavellian ingenuity to your transgression.
Xander: I resent that! Or possibly thank you.

Not sure if you’ve caught the fact that a lot of the episodes are very similar to old monster movies. Well, this is the body snatchers-type episode. It reminded me a little of The Faculty. Except not as good. And if anyone has seen The Faculty,  you know how extreme that statement is. At least the movie had a mega-uber-extra cheese factor that works for it. It’s so bad it’s good. But that’s not the case for the episode.

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