Buffy, Season 2 Disc 5

Buffy, Season 2 Disc 5

2×17 Passion

Angelus’s obsession with tormenting Buffy takes a dangerous turn when he starts edging closer to her heart and home, forcing Buffy to have a serious talk with her Mom. Meanwhile, Ms. Calendar tries to make amends for deceiving Buffy and Giles by attempting to translate the Gypsy curse to restore Angel’s human soul, with dire consequences.

Angelus: To kill this girl, you have to love her.

Good episode. Perhaps great episode. It has drama on many levels, some action, some adventure, some horror, and a little bit of a keen serial killer vibe. Angel’s method of going about killing Buffy is a slow and severely harsh one. Pick at her slowly, pick at all the people she cares about, until it just tears her apart. This is a very brutal Angel we see. The way he goes about killing Jenny Calendar is almost hard to watch. This is definitive proof that Angelus is not our old lovey-dovey Angel, and that the writers are willing to go where they need to for the story. It always sucks to see characters you like die. I didn’t like her so much as I liked how Giles liked her. But despite that, I like to see when writers are willing to do something so harsh, cuz it means the story is king. Not characters. Shows generally never go wrong when they have this attitude.

2×18 Killed By Death

When a sick Buffy is admitted to the hospital with a raging fever, she encounters Ryan… a young boy who has the same flu virus she does. Ryan claims that Buffy is admitted to the hospital where she encounters a young child who brings with him nightmares of her past and present. Xander attempts to protect her from Angelus’s fury while she’s in her weakened state, which causes Cordelia to become jealous.

Willow: Buffy, that’s 100% pure. It’ll kill you in an instant.
: Oh. They really should put that on the label.

Has some good scares. Not terribly memorable. In fact, it all might be too familiar. This Buffy-ized version of the Boogyman feels too much like Freddy Krueger. There really isn’t much here that we haven’t already seen, and you don’t see Der Kinderstood long enough for it to really make an impression.

However, there are some good bits here and there. I loved the cajones Xander revealed when he stood up to Angelus when he came to the hospital. There’s also Cordelia’s attempt at flirting with a nerdy security guard in order to distract him. That was awesome. But tack that on with the weak storyline of Buffy losing her cousin Celia, and the young Buffy and Celia actresses were just bad. In the end, not so bad if you ignore the main story.

2×19 I Only Have Eyes For You

As the Sadie Hawkins Dance nears, Buffy faces inner demons as she feels responsible for the loss of Angel’s soul. Meanwhile, Sunnydale High is even more dangerous than usual as students and staff begin spontaneously reliving an old Sunnydale tragedy. Buffy enlists her friends to help a tortured spirit haunting the halls of Sunnydale High find peace. In the meantime, an anguished Giles tries to find out if the spirit is really Jenny trying to impart a final message to him from the beyond.

Buffy: Impulsive? Do you remember my ex-boyfriend, the vampire? I slept with him, he lost his soul, and now my boyfriend’s gone forever, and the demon that wears his face is killing my friends. The next impulsive decision I make will involve my choice of dentures.

This is one of Joss Whedon’s favorite episodes, and I generally think the man can do no wrong, but hmmm. Hmmmm. It seems a little too much. The love that the ghost couple has goes from passion to obsession. I didn’t really buy their love to begin with, so the rest of the episode was just lost on me. I know the couple’s relationship is suppose to mirror the love that Angel and Buffy have and that its as doomed as the ghosts love. I get that. I got over it. This makes me wonder if this may have been when I started to get disconnected from the Angel/Buffy relationship. I will explain later in more detail, but it’s almost like their love has gotten way bigger than the two of them and become it’s own thing. Hmmm… maybe the fact that it has me thinking these things about Buffy & Angel is the very point of the episode.

Touché, Mr. Whedon.

2×20 Go Fish

Apparently Sunnydale doesn’t have much in the way of sports teams. Well, they have them, but they must not do very well. Probably something to do with how all the students/jocks die from weird random sorts of things quite frequently. However, the swim team is doing quite well suddenly and so, everyone must celebrate and treat them like stars.

But this is the Buffy-verse. So, if something is going right, that means something is going very very wrong. In this case, it’s very fishy. A monster starts preying on members of said swim team. Buffy takes it upon herself to become the protector of the star players, and Xander goes undercover to see what he can discover from the inside.

Xander: All I’m saying is, it’s a stupid idea to have a victory party at the beach. It’s officially nippy. So say my nips.

Mr. Wentworth Miller of Prison Break fame is one of the players under the Slayer’s watch. I thought it was going to be awful, because his first line sounded so horribly “bad surfer”. Later, his next line was a little less surfer, so that helped. I could have done without the scene where we see his skin peeling off. I wasn’t believing his pain. The scream was too pansy. Dude, your skin is pealing off. Make me feel it.

On the shocking tip, Xander looked HAWT as hell in his swim team speedos. Wow, my eyes have been opened to the hotness that is Xander’s body. He may play a dork of extreme proportions, but dang. Sporting the hot bod. Dig it.

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