Buffy, Season 2 Disc 1

Buffy, Season 2 Disc 1

2×01 When She Was Bad

Summer’s over and Buffy’s on a bummer, which makes Xander and Willow worried and had Buffy further distancing herself from Angel. When Cordelia and Ms Calendar are kidnapped, Buffy is convinced that the fight to save them and the world rests on her weary shoulders.

Buffy: You’re a vampire. Oh, I’m sorry, was that an offensive term? Should I say “Undead American”?

We continue with emo-Buffy. At least now she has reason. Dude, she died. Big evil vamp dude totally killed her. That would put a crimp in anyone’s  ‘tude. I think I’ve been watching too much Buffy in too short a time span. I’m starting to sound like Buffy and the gang.

In all her moodiness, she decides she wants nothing to do with Angel. However, as any girl would want to do, she has to make him really really jealous by dancing all sexy with Xander. Hmmm… bad strategy here. In what alternate universe would an Angel type get jealous of a Xander type. Well, when you see how Buffy grinds all up and down on Xander, then maybe, sure, that could happen.  In the end, she has a therapeutic crushing session with the Master’s bones, and POOF… emo-Buffy is gone.. only to pop-up sporadically as the series needs.

2×02 Some Assembly Required

Cordelia’s about to lose her head – literally! The bodies of several recently deceased teen girls are stolen from their graves, and most of the parts are discovered in a dumpster on school grounds. From the missing pieces, the gang deduces that someone has collected almost enough parts to build their own girl. Now, all they need is a head, and it has to be fresh…

Willow: Love makes you do the wacky.

Um, a jock frankenstein dude wants his own personal frankenstein lady, cuz all the live normal girls would think he’s icky. He looked pretty icky pre-resurrection, so he may have had to go this route regardless. Didn’t love this episode though. It was just kinda nasty, and not on that interesting tip either.

2×03 School Hard

A dangerous new vampire named Spike comes to town, hoping to use the power of the Hellmouth to restore his love, Drusilla, to health. He has killed two Slayers before, and he decides to make Buffy the third, attacking Sunnydale High on Parent Teacher Night. Buffy must find a way to stop Spike and his vampire minions, lead her mom and the other parents and students to safety, and keep them from finding out that she is the Slayer.

Spike: Any of you want to test who’s got the biggest wrinklies ’round here… step on up!

Yay!!! The time has come. Spike is here! Spike is here! I had almost forgotten about Drusilla. She is absolutely awesome in her insanity. And they fit so well together. She may be bat-shit nuts, but Spike loves his pet, Drusilla. There’s nothing he won’t do for her. And the best lines come from this pair. Love it. It only gets better from here with these two.

Spike: Oh, please! If every vampire who said he was at the crucifixion was actually there, it would have been like Woodstock… I was actually at Woodstock. That was a weird gig. Fed off a flower person and spent the next six hours watching my hand move.

2×04 Inca Mummy Girl

While on a field trip to the local museum, one of the students breaks a ceramic seal in the coffin of an Incan mummy. The mummy rises and must consume the life-force of others in order to remain alive and retain her human appearance. She tries to fit in with the students at Sunnydale, and even starts to develop real feelings for Xander. But when Buffy, Willow, and Giles realize who and what she really is, they may have to rescue Xander before he becomes the mummy’s next victim.

Cordelia: This whole student exchange thing has been a nightmare. They don’t even speak American.

There must be some sort of initiative for the show, that Xander can never be interested in anyone that a) likes him back or b) isn’t some weird creature that they will all have to destroy. Yah. No Spike or Dru. Bored already. Blah.

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