Buffy, Season 3 Disc 1

Buffy, Season 3 Disc 1

3×01 Anne

Welcome back emo-Buffy, aka Anne. She’s different, our new Anne. She lets nasty trucker-type dudes smack her on the ass without even the slightest quip. Quelle horreur! The girl that recognizes her is from a previous episode that wasn’t very good. I guess she’s trying to have a role in a better episode. This one is slightly better, so good call on that one. She asks Buffy to help her find her missing street urchin boyfriend. Buffy, being the dutiful helper of all things meek, gets into investigative mode. She finds out healthy street folk are getting sent into some weird alter dimension where 100 years equals 1 day in the normal world. The people taking them are using them as work force and then their bodies reappear the next day in normal world looking all 90-something.

Willow the Vampire Slayer: That’s right Big Boy. Come and get it.

Meanwhile, the Gang is trying to make sure the vampire population in Sunnydale doesn’t get out of control. But they aren’t doing so well. When school starts and Buffy is a no-show, the pals have to just continue on. They try to really get a rhythm with the Slayage, but without a really strong superhuman type gal, it’s a bit difficult.

One thing I realized when Buffy gets all emotional, she wears ugly baggy clothing.

3×02 Dead Man’s Party

Buffy returns home, but finds that picking up the pieces of the life she left behind may not be as easy as she had hoped. Her mother is trying to accept her back with open arms, but she doesn’t seem to trust that Buffy won’t just run away again. Creepy Principal Snyder won’t let her back in school, so Joyce starts to consider sending her to a private girl’s school. Willow seems to be ignoring any personal interaction with Buffy, and she feels like her friends were doing fine without her. However, when Buffy saves them all from an invasion of zombies, things start to get back to “normal.”

Giles: ‘Oh, look at my mask, isn’t it pretty? It raises the dead!’ Americans.

Buffy’s mom, the art gallery maven, brings home a creepy mask and dead things start to come alive. That art gallery job is a very handy plot device for the show. Handy, in that kind of lame way.

Xander: This sucker wobbles, but he won’t fall down.

There are episodes where the normal story stuff is really good, but the background monster stuff is annoying. This is one of those.

3×03 Faith, Hope, and Trick

A new Slayer arrives in town. Faith, who was called after Kendra died, seems like a fun-loving, wacky teenager who fits right in with the gang. Buffy worries that Faith may be taking her place in her friends hearts, and then begins to suspect that the new Slayer may be hiding something. Faith and Buffy soon join forces when they are threatened by Kakistos, Mr. Trick and a bunch of Vampires.

Faith: Isn’t it crazy how slayin’ just always makes you hungry and horny?
Buffy: Well… sometimes I crave a nonfat yogurt afterwards.

Whoa. This episode can be summed up with simply… Angel’s nekkid behind. That’s right. We get a nice shot of booty at the end of the episode when Angel is mysteriously dumped from out of nowhere, onto the spot where he died. Not only nekkid, but moist. A nice sheen of mystical something or maybe sweat, combined with the nekkid. A+ for me. I don’t even care what the rest of the episode was about.

3×04 Beauty and the Beasts

Buffy seems to be getting closer with Faith and that dude Scott. Don’t like dude Scott. That boy just ain’t right. For Buffy, anyway. When Willow lets Xander watch Oz, who is in full werewolf form and locked in the library, things get a little hairy. Xander falls asleep on duty and a friend of Oz’s is found mauled. The gang worry that Oz may have escaped from his cage. However, Buffy discovers that Angel has somehow escaped Acathla’s hell dimension and returned to Earth. Because time moves differently in hell, he has endured centuries of torture and is now little more than a wild animal.  Buffy must find a way to tell the gang that Oz may be innocent and to keep them from killing Angel.

Oz: (to Willow) Okay, you know that thing where you bail in the middle of an upsetting conversation? I have to do that. It’s kind of dramatic, I know, but… sometimes it’s a necessary guy thing.

Buffy and Faith bond more. Yay, yah, don’t care. I remember not liking Faith very much the last go around. At least not at this early stage. She started to grow on me, much like mold, as time went on. The dude that Buffy is quasi-dating is strange. He just doesn’t look like a dude Buffy would truly date. But that’s ok. Angel’s back. That means we don’t have to worry about other dudes, right? Well… maybe not, cuz he comes back all animalistic and stuff. He might not be quite ready for the kissy kissy, make up lovin’ quite yet. He does do the sweetest thing though. He goes all animal on a dude that is attacking Buffy and kills him. If that doesn’t scream love, I just don’t know what would.

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