Buffy, Season 4 Disc 1

Buffy, Season 4 Disc 1

4×01 The Freshmen

Buffy, Willow, and Oz make their debut at college. Seems like Willow and Oz have taken to the whole experience very easily. Buffy, not so much. As she stumbles her way around campus, she meets another lost student and they bond in their bad sense of direction. They discover they share a class together, Psychology, and plan on meeting up there. When he doesn’t show, Buffy gets concerned. She tries to go to Giles for assistance, but he’s a bit busy shagging some old friend of his, that he tells her she needs to be more self-reliant. Talk about a dis. She also makes a stop at home for a bit of comfort and that misses the mark too. Her mom has made her bedroom a temporary storage for some of her gallery’s relics.

Xander: Basically, I got as far as Oxnard, and the engine fell out of my car. And that was literally. So, I ended up washing dishes at the fabulous “Ladies Night” club for about a month and a half while I tried to pay for the repairs. No one really bothered me, or even spoke to me, until one night when one of the male strippers called in sick, and no power on this earth will make me tell you the rest of that story. Suffice to say I traded my car in for one that wasn’t entirely made of rust, came trundling back home to the arms of my loving parents, where everything was exactly as it was except I sleep in the basement, and I have to pay rent. How’s college?
Buffy: Male strippers?
Xander: No power on this earth.

Even in her bewilderment, Buffy looks really hot in this new season. Liking the clothes she’s sporting. She does briefly meet an upperclassman and gets all flustered. I think maybe her flirting skills have atrophied while she’s been with Angel. Time to brush up.

She encounters some campus vamps that are making freshmen disappear and stealing their stuff. She finally man’s up… woman’s up?… and goes after the vamps on her own. Fight, Fight, Kill, Kill. Done.

4×02 Living Conditions

Dorm life is proving quite difficult for Buffy. Her roommate is starting to drive her crazy with all her idiosyncrasies. She plays music that Buffy hates, labels all her food in their room (including each individual egg), borrows clothes without asking, and interrupts Buffy’s Slayer duties. She even gets all flirty with Parker, Buffy’s first college crush. The Gang thinks that Buffy is just going mad or maybe she’s possibly possessed. Buffy just thinks her roommate is evil and must be destroyed.

Oz: Oh, I’m not saying we’ll braid each other’s hair… probably. But I can hang with her, watch for signs she’s going over the edge.

This is so perfect for those females that have actually experienced a college roommate. I had a roommate like this. I took a piece of candy out of one of those big humongous bags and she knew. Ok, well, she saw the wrapper in the trash can, but man she was so angry. It was really annoying. If I were a slayer, I would have totally kicked my roommate’s ass too. But since I couldn’t do that, this was a good sort of therapy.

4×03 The Harsh Light of Day

Yay! Spike is back. Can you tell I like Spike? I really like Spike. He should have been more of a permanent player earlier. I think he becomes more of a permanent fixture on the show shortly. I know he also shows up in Angel from time to time. Anyway, Spike returns with a now vampiric Harmony. Like she wasn’t annoying enough as part of Cordelia’s little snobby crew. Apparently Harm and Spike are kind of a couple. Also seems like she’s more into the relationship than Spike. But can you blame him? Spike is searching for the vampire version of the Holy Grail, the Gem of Amara. The Gem supposedly makes the vampire that possesses it immune to crosses, stakes, and sunlight. Spike thinks he knows where it is and is tunnelling under Sunnydale in search of it.

Spike: Listen to me, you stupid bint. This gem is everything. I came back to Sunnydale for it, a place which has witnessed some truly spectacular kickings of my ass.

Meanwhile, Buffy is slightly preoccupied with her budding relationship with Parker. So occupied in fact she sleeps with him. Then he goes running off to offer up his spiel to the next unsuspecting victim. Poor Buffster cannot get a break. Her first lay ends up losing his soul and her second apparently never had one to begin with. That has to do some serious trauma to a gal. Also, the ex-demon Anya returns with quite the fixation for Xander. She comes over to his basement and demands they get it on so she can finally get over him. She is most definitely new to this female human thing. Otherwise she would know that NEVER works.

This episode is oh-so-cleverly continued on Angel in episode 1×03 In the Dark. It looks like I may have to start the Angel Collection now too. There are quite a number of cross-over episodes.

4×04 Fear Itself

It’s Halloween time again, and they still think that nothing will happen on such an obvious clichéd day. So, of course, something has to happen.

Buffy is still moping about because of the McDouche, Parker. Don’t blame her, she deserves her time of mope over this. The gang try to distract her and get her to go with them to a fraternity Halloween party. They just want some cheap thrills and harmless fun, but it turns into so much more. Due to some fraternity nonsense with accidental magic, the party turns into a real-life house of horrors where everyone’s fears come to life.

Willow: We have to make sure she has fun. We have to force fun upon her. Yeah, and if Parker shows up, we’ll just axe-murder him. That’s Halloweeny.

Xander invites Anya and tells her to come as something scary, so obviously she dresses as a bunny cuz they freak her out. Funny. She arrives late to the party, and the gang is already trapped in the house. She runs to Giles and they figure out a way to get in and how to destroy the demon doing all the damage. Turns out the demon is about 8-inches high, which suddenly makes no one scared at all. So Buffy squashes him like a bug.

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