Buffy, Season 4 Disc 4

Buffy, Season 4 Disc 4

4×12 A New Man

Riley is starting to feel a bit emasculated by Buffy’s crazy awesome strength.They also seem to be getting the googly eyes going for each other more often. Ooooh, I sense some full contact body lovin’ to come soon.

Meanwhile, at Buffy’s 19th birthday party, Giles is feeling a bit awkward about hanging with a bunch of teenagers. He feels like even more of an outsider when he discovers that Riley is part of The Initiative, and Buffy didn’t tell him. Ethan Rayne is back in town, and instead of booting him out of town, Giles goes and has a drink with him. Then next morning, Giles is mysteriously transformed into a demon that doesn’t speak English. The Scooby Gang think that Giles’ demon self actually killed Giles. Since he can’t speaka the-a anglaise, he has to run from them or risk getting slain. Oddly enough, Spike speaks Giles’ new language so he ends up helping Giles… for a fee, of course.

Spike: (to Demon Giles) And I’m supposed to just help you out of the evilness of my heart?

Giles finds Ethan, then Buffy finds Ethan, starts to wail on Giles, but looks into his eyes and realizes who it is. Buffy makes Ethan change him back, then Riley and his peeps do the honors of taking him into military custody. I believe this is the last time we see Mr. Rayne.

4×13 The I in Team

Buffy starts working with the Initiative, but they still don’t quite understand what she’s capable of.  After their first mission together, Riley and Buffy get all hot and bothered and they do that full contact body lovin’ I was talking about before. However, we see that Professor Walsh has cameras in Riley’s bedroom and she sees the whole hot, sexy, carnal event.

Spike gets shot with a dart by the Initiative, and he actually goes to Giles and the Gang for help to get it out. Turns out it’s a tracking device.

Buffy: Professor Walsh. That simple little recon you sent me on… wasn’t a raccoon. Turns out it was me trapped in the sewers with a faulty weapon and two of your pet demons. If you think that’s enough to kill me, you really don’t know what a Slayer is. Trust me when I say you’re gonna find out.

After the sexy bit that Walsh witnesses, she starts to think that Buffy is a bad influence on Riley and she could cause problems for the Initiative. So, Walsh sends Buffy on a suicide mission. However, duh, she’s the slayer. Not so easy to kill. While Walsh is telling Riley that Buffy is dead, he sees her on the monitors telling Walsh she’s not so easily killed, and she will be coming after Walsh. Riley jets out of the secret base, and Walsh goes into her secret 314 area.. only to get killed by her pet project Adam. Ooopsy.

4×14 Goodbye Iowa

Buffy and Riley get all doubty mcdoubt on each other when Buffy tells him that Professor Walsh sent her off to get killed. That becomes a bit of a non-issue once it’s discovered than Walsh is, yanno, dead. Riley’s commando buds are quite quick to blame Buffy for the murder. Riley gets even more bewildered when he goes to Giles’ to talk to Buffy, only to find Spike, aka Hostile 17, sitting all cozy up in the crib. He begins to question everything he’s been taught about good and evil and the military.

Buffy: So Maggie sends me down to the sewers, with one of those blasto-guns, and the next thing I know, it’s raining monsters.
Xander: Hallelujah.

Meanwhile the man-demon-machine Adam that Professor Walsh created is roaming Sunnydale and even Buffy can’t seem to stop him.

Didn’t love this episode. Mainly cuz Adam just looks awful as a creature. Bad makeup and all that.

4×15 This Year’s Girl (1)

After eight months, Faith is still lying comatose in the hospital. She keeps having dreams that involve Buffy chasing her and sticking that knife in her gut over and over. After one particular dream, Faith wakes from her coma and flees the hospital. Riley is busy recovering from an attack by Adam. Buffy and the Gang can’t get access to Riley and it’s starting to make her antsy.

Xander: Second. It’s called a blaster, Will, a word that tends to discourage experimentation. Now, if it were called the Orgazminater, I’d be the first to try your basic button press approach.

Riley gets up and leaves the Initiative’s infirmary and heads straight to Buffy and the Gang just as they are planning a way to get him out of there. Then they are notified of Faith’s escape and that just adds to the mix of anxiety. Buffy tries to explain to Riley who Faith is.. mega-psychotic-bitch and all that… and then Buffy and Willow encounter her on campus. After a bit of a tussle, Faith manages to escape her again.

Faith heads out, a demon finds her to give her a present, she kills it and takes the package. It turns out to be a video from the Mayor and a device of some sort. Faith then goes to Buffy’s mother’s house and starts to torment her. Buffy interrupts some tirade or other, and tries to kick some Faith booty. In the skirmish, Faith puts on the metal device she received from the Mayor and grabs Buffy’s hand. We see the thing get all glowy and then Buffy punches out Faith. Joyce asks Buffy if she’s okay, and Buffy responds with a Faith-ism… “Five by Five”. Something wonky has gone on here… and it’s to be continued. Awwwwww, snap.

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