Buffy, Season 4 Disc 5

Buffy, Season 4 Disc 5

4×16 Who Are You? (2)

Buffy (in Faith’s body) has been captured by the Watcher’s council’s goons. She attempts to escape them, but they are quite determined to send her to England. Faith is over in Buffy’s body and she’s going quite nuts. She goes down to the local club, and gets silly drunk and is flirting with everyone in the bar. She runs into Spike, and gets him all hot and bothered.

Willow attempts to finally introduce Tara and Buffy to each other. But, that ends up being very awkward seeing as Faith is in Buffy’s bod. However, Tara senses that something isn’t right with her. Something about her aura being all in turmoil and squeeegy or something. Faith-in-Buffy actually ends up having sex with Riley. This is not going to be good for Riley.

Faith-in-Buffy: You can’t do that – it’s wrong – I’ll kick your ass.

The demony frankenstein dude, Adam, is out recruiting vampires for his purpose of killing and stuff. His vampire buds take over a church and both Faith and Buffy arrive to stop them. Using a magical mojo thingy that Willow and Tara conjured, Buffy is able to get her body back. Faith runs off and disappears… I think we see her again in L.A. And you know what that means right? Yup, crossovah!

4×17 Superstar

First, the credits are a bit different. Random character Jonathan is inserted into them as a badass slayer-type. This kinda lets you know that something ain’t quite right in Sunnydale. Suddenly, the character of Jonathan is this major popular important person. He’s great at absolutely everything. Everyone goes to him for answers.

In the middle of a patrol, where Buffy and Gang are hunting the vampires and stuff, they find themselves needing bigger guns. So, obviously that is Jonathan? He’s a slayer type, he’s a genius, he can sing with a big band, play a trumpet, be a badass basketball player, author and relationship therapist between Buffy and Riley too. There isn’t a step in life where people aren’t encountering him.

Buffy: (about Jonathan) He starred in The Matrix but he never left town. And how did he graduate from med school? He’s only 18 years old.
Xander: Effective time management?

Obviously something is amiss. So, there’s some crazy critter that is attacking randomly. Turns out Jonathan did some spell, shocking, and this critter is basically the universe’s way of balancing the crap he’s done. Tsk Tsk Tsk. They finally get rid of the beast, which gets rid of Jonathan’s fame, and most people’s memory of it.

4×18 Where the Wild Things Are

Buffy and Riley have been getting it on quite a bit lately. I guess they got over that whole Faith-in-Buffy having sex with Riley thing. They are certainly rabbit-like. Because of this extra passionate energy, a spirit type thing of an old orphanage gets awaken in the Riley’s frat house. During a big party, Riley and Buffy end up in flagrante delicto which ends up fueling these spirits more.

Buffy: (to Riley) Okay, you get Fang, I’ll get Horny. I mean…

Yah, basically, lame. But, great excuse to have an episode just full of touching and sex and stuff. Way to go with the teenage sex hormone plot line.

4×19 New Moon Rising

Oz returns to Sunnydale. He seems to be all hunky-dory, and doth claims he still loves him some Willow. He also says he has his full moon issues under control. Willow even sees the control in action while talking to him under a full moon. Awww, cute. However, bet he didn’t plan on finding Willow with another love connection. And by love connection I mean her lesbianic love with Tara.

Oz: This warlock in Romania sent me to the monks there to learn some meditation techniques. Very intense. All about keeping your inner cool.
Willow: Good. ‘Cause you were such a spaz before.

Ooooh, that’s get him all riled up again. And not in that teenage boy-lesbian-fantasy way. But in, urgh-grumble-grumble-woof-I’m-angry, sort of way. He gets all wolfy again after he smells Willow all over Tara. Now, what I’m wondering is how did Tara get all covered in Willow-scent. Are they making with the sexy-time and we aren’t being informed of it? Seems like a complete lack of detail they should be sharing with us. Fer shame.

Oh, and I’m sure something lame happened with the Adam storyline. Gaw, this season just sucked balls.

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