Buffy, Season 4 Disc 6

Buffy, Season 4 Disc 6

4×20 The Yoko Factor (1)

So, Angel comes into town to apologize for something he said to Buffy when she was in LA. Yah, lame reason for a weak crossover. Anyway, on his way into town, he stumbles across Buffy’s latest love Riley. They have a knockdown-drag out and all that. And of course, the preternatural strongman Angel has a bit of an upper hand. Really, they should have just whipped ’em out and taken a tape measure. It certainly would have entertained me. Really, when you think about the visual of that. It would probably enterain anyone. Cuz that would just be awesome.

Buffy: If I was any more open-minded about the choices you two make my whole brain would fall out.

Freak-enstein Adam has enlisted Spike to help him with the Slayer and Scooby Gang. He needs them out of his way, and since Spike is all chipped in the head, he can’t physically hurt them. Instead he turns to his wiley ways and turns each of the scoobies on each other by dropping hints and doing the so-and-so said this about you sort of thing. Might seem typical, but it works quite well.

4×21 Primeval (2)

Adam gets a hold of Riley, and gets him under control. Turns out Spike isn’t the only one that has a chip in him that lets someone control him. At some point, Professor Walsh put a chip into Riley’s shoulder and now Adam can control everything Riley does or even doesn’t say or do.

Buffy finds Spike in Adam’s cave and puts 2 and 2 together and realizes that Spike was intentionally trying to split up the gang. When she goes back and tells the team, they all realize that Adam and friends area going to attack the Initiative from the inside. It explains all the sudden activity the Initiative has seen with capturing demons and vamps. The Gang realize that can’t really bring Adam down with strength, so they will have to go the more mystical witch-y route.

Xander: Spike’s working for Adam?! After all we’ve done– Nah, I can’t even act surprised.

They raid the Initiative, get their spell on, and Buffy gets all weird with red eyes and speaking all funky and getting her Matrix bullet-time bulletproofness on. It was cool. She then punches through Adam’s chestal area and grabs his radioactive power source. She says some more mystical mumbo jumbo and poof goes the radioactive material. A demon crashes in on the Gang right after they finish the weird spell for Buffy, and Spike actually save ’em all. What’s up with that? I guess he’s just looking to get pizzzz-aid. Buffy’s estrangement from her friends and Giles threatens to keep the group from stopping Adam’s plan to design a master race of human/demon hybrids.

4×22 Restless

A primal animal stalks Buffy, Willow, Xander and Giles in their nightmares as they each come face to face with their worst fears.

This is a very weird episode. I don’t even think watching it a second time helped. It was just weird. Granted it was all weird dream speak and all that. But damn. I know! I know! A perfect way to describe this is it was like those weird dream moments in Twin Peaks… with the short dude and the backwards speaking. Yah, it was just like that! But just add a weird dude that keeps interrupting with his cheese.

Xander: Sometimes I think about two women doing a spell… then I do a spell by myself.

Let me sum up this whole season…

It sucked… It sucked balls. It was like a schizophrenic season. I wonder if maybe they thought they weren’t going to get any further than three seasons, so the fourth one baffled ’em. So, it took a whole season for them to figure it out. Cuz I’m pretty sure it gets better after this season. This particular episode was like summing up all the schizophrenia with an uber-schizo episode.

It’s weird when I really break down each episode. There were a lot of episodes that were good if you looked at ’em individually, but as a whole season it just makes me want to scratch my balls.

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