Buffy, Season 5 Disc 5

Buffy, Season 5 Disc 5

5×16 The Body

This episode is brutal. It makes me cry just thinking about it. It’s so sad. Buffy walks into her house, and she finds her mother laying on the couch dead. The way this entire episode is filmed just makes it all exponentially more brutal. The first thing I noticed is that when she calls 911 and as she’s waiting for the EMS, it seems all in real time. You wait with her, quiet, her staring at the phone. Staring out the window. There’s not a bit of music either. It’s just the normal sounds you’d here. Footsteps, breathing, sirens. After the EMS has come and figured they can’t do anything, they actually leave the body there for the medical examiner to come get. So, she is there, alone. As she’s pacing the house, she stops and hurls all over the carpet. We hear that, we see her clean it up. It’s all very quiet, normal, and all too real feeling.

Anya: But I don’t understand! I don’t understand how this all happens, how we go through this. I mean – I knew her, and then she’s… there’s just a body, and I don’t understand why she just can’t get back in it and not be dead anymore! It’s stupid! It’s mortal and stupid! And… and Xander’s crying and not talking, and… and I was having fruit punch, and I thought, “Well, Joyce will never have any more fruit punch – ever, and she’ll never have eggs, or yawn, or brush her hair, not ever,” and no one will explain to me why.

It only gets worse as we see everyone else’s response to the news of Joyce’s death. Again with the quiet, or the tears.. just raw anguish. And man, Alyson Hannigan‘s crying will just rip you through your gut. I had the same issue when Oz left her. That girl can make you feel every ounce of her sadness in the way she cries. Devastating.

5×17 Forever

Refusing to accept that her mother’s death is the end, Dawn becomes obsessed with using magick to bring her back. In a weird sense of helping, Spike takes Dawn to a weird tailed magician dude to get her a decent spell. They have to steal an egg from some weird monster. The monster was so weak. It seemed to not really move much. It had three heads and they wiggled around a bit. But it just seemed strange to me. Not as menacing as I think they were trying for.

Angel: I can stay in town as long as you want me.
Buffy: How’s forever? Does forever work for you?

Meanwhile, Buffy is getting some consolation of the Angel-kind. They spend an evening together and it’s the first time she seems to have to slowed down. But once she realizes what Dawn has done, they have a bit of a tiff. Dawn tells her she has no one, Buffy ignores her, Buffy doesn’t care, Buffy hasn’t cried yet. She tells Dawn she stays busy so she doesn’t have to. As a zombied Joyce starts walking onto the lawn and knocks on the door, Buffy races to the door to see her mother again. But before she can open the door, Dawn ends the spell and the porch is empty when the door is open. Buffy finally gets a good cry on.

5×18 Intervention

Buffy and Giles leave for the desert on a vision quest in an attempt to find a way to fight Glory. She gets a very vague answer from the First Slayer in a weird trippy bonfire vision thingy.

While they are gone, Spike decides to have a little fun with his BuffyBot he purchased from Warren, the other dude that had the robot. The Gang mistakes it for the real Buffy and think that she has gone absolutely bonkers.

Glory: (about Spike) WHAT is that, and why is its hair that color?

After a big vamp fight with the Gang, Buffybot, and Spike… Spike and Buffybot get it on in the cemetery. Xander and Anya actually see this and feel like an intervention is in order. However, Glory has come up with the idea that Spike is the Key and kidnaps him. The Gang needs to get him or kill him or something, since he does know who the real Key is. However, Glory realizes that he’s a vampire and can’t be the Key. But, she can torture him to get the information. He stays solid and doesn’t say a thing. They rescue him, and in a way to figure out what he has told him, Buffy disguises herself as the Buffybot. She finds out that he didn’t say a thing, and he wouldn’t ever cuz he knows how much Dawn means to Buffy. So, she kisses him in gratitude, and he realizes it’s the real Buffy.

5×19 Tough Love

While Buffy tries to control a motherless Dawn and bring their lives back to some sort of normalcy, Tara is captured by Glory who is desperately trying to find the Key. She’s just grabbing at straws it seems. She realizes that Tara isn’t the key, and does her mind sucking thing on her, making Tara a looney. This puts Willow in quite a tizzy, and rightfully so. But, instead of seeing reason, cuz who would, she tries to go after Glory by herself with black magicks. She’s not quite ready for something so intense and Glory quickly gets the upperhand. Buffy comes in and saves her from Glory and herself.

Glory: A girl like Buffy’s got just so many friends, all I have to do is rip through them one by one until–(Ground starts shaking) Did somebody order an apocalypse?

Buffy and the Gang just can’t get a break. You know they are gonna have an end of the world sort of thing going on soon… end of the season and all… but they seem like quite a mess. How are they gonna manage?

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