Buffy, Season 6 Disc 2

Buffy, Season 6 Disc 2

6×05 Life Serial

Buffy decides that in order to take care of herself and Dawn she must get back to college and find herself a job. This all becomes much more difficult when the nerd Trio decide to present the Slayer with a series of challenges to determine the extent of her abilities. The nerd trio is Warren from the robot girl episode, Jonathan from the Superstar episode and others, and the 3rd guy is .. I dunno really. Another nerd.

Spike: (to Buffy) You’re not a schoolgirl. You’re not a shop girl. You’re a creature of the darkness, like me. Try on my world. See how good it feels.

The first challenge the trio put towards her is this weird time warping thing. While she’s auditing classes with Willow, they put something on her clothes and it causes time to move super fast around her. She finds the little device but they make it go kaflooey.

The second challenge happens when Xander takes her to work with him at his construction site. This is quite funny. All the guys Xander works with laugh at the idea of a girl helping them, until Buffy picks up a steel I-beam all by herself like it’s a pillow. Then some of the guys get pissy cuz she’s working too well, and making them all look bad. So, while she’s working, the nerd trio launch a demon attack on her. She takes care of it, but with all the damage it causes on the work site, Xander has to fire her. She does notice a big black van outside that has the Star Wars theme as its horn.

Poor Buffy, trying to find her way in this.. her third life (remember she died in the first season too.. if only briefly). Her third test is while she’s trying out a retail job at the Magic Box. The trio has it set that she will be in a loop until she satisfies a very difficult customer. After several attempts, she finally figures out a way to make the customer happy and her loop finally ends.

After her bad day, she heads over to Spike’s crypt to get drunk apparently. I mean, if you’re gonna get drunk, Spike is the guy to help you with that. She vents to Spike, and Spike says he thinks he can get more information his way, rather than Giles’ way. So, he takes Buffy to a demon bar, where she proceeds to get way more drunk while he plays poker with some demons that may have information. They play for kittens! Poor little kitties. She sees that black van again too.

Giles gives her a big check to help with some of her expenses. She might be leaning on him a bit too much. She’s not ever been on her own, so she doesn’t know any better.

6×06 All The Way

It’s Halloween again folks. They still think that Halloween is supposed to be a quiet night for the demonkind. When are they going to learn? After a super busy night at the Magic Box, Xander finally tells the whole Gang that he and Anya are engaged. Afterward, they decide to celebrate the engagement. Willow uses magic to decorate the house for the party and gets leers from Tara and Giles. They aren’t liking her excessive use of magic lately. Especially since that dark stuff with bringing Buffy back. Tara and Willow start to argue about it, and they can’t quite get to a point of agreement.

Buffy: Is that why you’re always cleaning your glasses? So you don’t have to see what we’re doing?
Giles: Tell no one.

Dawn does the “i’m staying over at s0-and-so’s house” and sneaks out to spend the rest of Halloween night with her friend and two hot guys.  When they are invited into the home of an eccentric old man, however, things take a turn for the weird.

During the engagement celebration, everyone’s talk of perfect wedded bliss and kids, and all that, Xander starts to get quite overwhelmed by the idea of marriage.

Buffy heads out to go over to Spike’s abode, but then Spike informs her of Dawn is out and missing. As all the Gang goes searching separately, Giles stumbles on to Dawn’s friend getting neck sucked by one of the hot guys, who turns out to be a vampire. Dawn is busy getting her first kiss by the other guy, who’s also a vampire. Giles finds her, then Buffy and Spike find him, and a big fight o’ vampires ensues. It’s really weird to see Giles take the vamps. It’s kinda cute really.

The evening ends with Tara still quite mad at Willow for all her willy-nilly use of magic. So, Willow thinks she can fix it by using magic. She puts a spell on Tara to forget that they were arguing and what they were arguing about.

Also, Buffy expects Giles to reprimand Dawn for her Halloween pranks. Still relying on the Giles man a bit too much there Buffster.

As far as the monster of the week goes, it was weak. But, a lot seemed to happen as far as ongoing story with our main characters, so that made it all better.

6×07 Once More, With Feeling

Buffy, The Musical. No, not kidding. Okokok. I really love this episode. Just an FYI, all of the Buffy episodes are in 4:3 aspect ratio. That’s non-widescreen for you non-video dorks. This episode is in wide screen, but the disk doesn’t have it as anamorphic widescreen which really sucks. Why must they torture me so with the one episode that could be widescreen. Gah.

Anyhoo… as the episode starts, the credits look entirely different. Reminiscent of the old Bewitched show. Also, the show looks different. Like, the lighting or something. Softer focus, some vivid colors too.

As Buffy starts her patrol for the evening, she suddenly bursts into song. Say huh? Next morning, Buffy asks everyone if anyone noticed anything weird the night before. Everyone apparently experienced the sudden burst of song. As they talk about what it could be, the whole Gang burst into song. They check people outside and everyone is doing it. Meanwhile, Tara and Willow can’t seem to keep their hands off each other. They then have a nice little duet themselves.

Spike: So that’s all? Just come to pump me for information?
Buffy: What else would I want to pump you for? (pauses) I really just said that, didn’t I?

The problem with these songs is that people seem to be revealing their innermost secrets while they do it. There’s also another problem. Some people dance so much while they are singing, they simply burst into flame. Then it becomes very clear that everything isn’t peachy.

Tara discovers what Willow has done with the forgetting spell, and runs off to find Willow. While Dawn is home alone, she is kidnapped by some weird wooden doll face meanies. There’s this big dance number with Dawn cuz the little bit we hear her sing makes it clear that dancing is better for her. She’s been kidnapped by this demon that’s responsible for all the song and dance in the town. See, she’s been stealing things everywhere she goes, especially the magic shop. She’s stolen a particular necklace, and it seems to be responsible for the demon’s presence.

Buffy and Giles are training, and while taking a break, Giles burst into song. He sings about how his presence is keeping Buffy from maturing and taking on life like she should be. Giles has sang on the show a couple times before and he has a pretty great voice. Him and Spike seem to have the best voices.

Spike finds one of those wooden pinocchio type men and they find out that Dawn’s been kidnapped. Giles thinks Buffy should go alone. Once she arrives, she starts beating up on the bad guys while singing. Then the Gang shows up after all to help her, and they find out that they pulled her out of heaven and she’s miserable, and she really does want something to sing about, but she can’t seem to find it. She starts to dance out of control and smoke starts coming off her. As it gets worse, Spike shows up and stops her. Sings to her that she “has to go on living”.

Turns out that after all is over, that Xander was responsible for all this. He was wanting to make sure that him and Anya were going to work out and thought it would just be a bunch of fun singing and dancing. Not so much there buddy.

While the rest of the Gang finish their last group number after defeating the demon, and saving dawn from evil queendom, Buffy follows Spike outside. She “tells” him she just wants to feel something, and then she kisses him as the old-school “The End” credits take us out. Oooooh. Buffy and Spike kiss :D NumNumNum

6×08 Tabula Rasa

Willow is devastated to learn that she pulled Buffy out of heaven, not hell, and she resolves to make things better by casting a spell to make Buffy forget her afterlife experience.  The spell is also meant for Tara because she has told Willow that she can’t take Willow’s excessive magic use. Especially after she messed with Tara’s mind. Tara feels her mind was invaded and who is Willow to decide what is best for them as a couple.

Buffy: (about Spike) If I would just stop saving his life, it would simple things up so much.

The spell, however, backfires and causes the whole gang to wake up with no memories. The amnesiac Scoobies must piece together their lives and find a way to reverse the spell while dealing with the usual incursion of demons and vampires.

Coming from the MoW aspect, horrible. There’s this loan shark type guy that Spike owes money, aka kittens, and he looks like an actual shark. A really bad rubber shark head on a dude acting like a gangster.

However, this still progresses the Buffyverse further, and that’s never a bad thing. Once the spell is broken and Tara realizes what Willow has done… she realizes there’s no hope for their relationship. When Buffy gets her memory back, she seems like she’s remembering having been ripped out of heaven all over again. In the end, Buffy says she doesn’t want anything to do with Spike, but her actions say otherwise. The episode ends with Tara packing her things to leave Willow, Giles flying back to England, and Buffy and Spike intensely snogging in the back of the Bronze.

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