Buffy, Season 6 Disc 4

Buffy, Season 6 Disc 4

6×12 Doublemeat Palace

Desperate for the cash-money, Buffy gets a job at a fast food restaurant where the employees and manager are very odd folks. The high turnover rate of employees has her very suspicious. She’s used to the weird, so her mind always goes to the weird. Turns out she’s right though. She finds a finger in the meat grinder, and tries to figure out what’s going on. Turns out to be an old lady regular customer of the place, and she eats the employees cuz they are all nice and greased up for her. It’s a really gross demon thing that comes out of the old ladies head. Not the cutest or best done monster ever.

Willow is still working on staying away from the magick, but Amy makes things worse. She gives her a little gift of magick. That doesn’t seem very friend-like. But, then again, Amy is quite the junkie herself.

Willow: Amy… if you’re really my friend, you’d better stay away from me. And if you’re really not… you’d better stay away from me.

In Anya’s world, she has an old vengeance demon friend visit. Her friend keeps questioning her about Xander and their relationship which gets her all worried about their pending nuptials and future life together.

I hate seeing Buffy needing to do the whole real world thing. She’s a Slayer, real life shouldn’t be allowed to touch her. And, I mean, if you’ve worked at a fast food place, it’s gross and definitely feels a bit on the degrading side. Well, you can get away with it as a teenager, but beyond that, it’s just not so good.

6×13 Dead Things

The nerd trio latest scheme is a new device which will make women their mindless slaves. It all goes horribly wrong when Warren makes his ex-girlfriend Katrina the first victim. She is accidentally kissed, and the trio end up using magick to make Buffy think that she has killed the girl. And it works. The Troika’s latest scheme, a new device which will make women their mindless slaves, goes horribly wrong when Warren’s ex-girlfriend Katrina is accidentally killed. The trio use magick to make Buffy think that she has killed Katrina – and it works.

Buffy: We missed the bed again.
Spike: Lucky for the bed.

Buffy and Spike’s relationship, or whatever you want to call it, is getting more interesting. At one point, they secretly go at it in the open at the Bronze on the club’s balcony. That was just kinda weird. She looks miserable and turned on at the same time. I read somewhere that this was Sarah Michelle Gellar’s least favorite episode and the balcony scene her least favorite scene. Something about it not being the Buffy they started with.

Buffy goes to turn herself in to the police for the girl she killed, but Spike tries to stop her. She manages to slip past him by beating the crap out of him. Which he kinda lets her do. While she’s waiting for a policeman to talk to her, she overhears that the body found is Katrina, and that gets her wheels-a-spinning, and she leaves before anyone can talk to her. She figures out it’s Warren.

This episode is odd. We start with it being kinda cute between Buffy and Spike. They actually have a bit of a conversation together. Ok, yah, Spike kinda ruins it with talk of handcuffs, but before that they almost seemed kinda coupley with the conversing. The next thing we have is Buffy all kinds of dark and brooding in the balcony scene, then the whole idea of her possibly killing a human puts her in a wicked tailspin. As odd as everything was with the episode, I still like it. Well, I like the individual sections it has. I just think all those pieces don’t do so well at gelling together.

6×14 Older and Far Away

It’s time to celebrate the Slayer’s birthday. Which is never a good thing. This year, she’s finally twenty-one, and she tries to have a low-key sort of thing. She has friends and friend of friends over. Anya and Xander bring a friend over that they are trying to set her up with. But Spike is around and he’s finding the set-up quite amusing. Everything starts out peachy. But as the night turns into day, they realize that they can’t leave the house. They want to, but they can’t.

Spike: (to Buffy) So, you ever think about, maybe, not celebrating your birthday? Just try it, I mean.

Turns out that the neglect that Dawn has been feeling may have something to do with it. She seems to have made a wish to keep people from leaving her. The wish is answered by Anya’s demon friend Halfrek, who binds the party’s guests to the house. Tara tries a spell to free everyone, but she ends up making the situation much worse by accidentally releasing a demon trapped inside a sword that Buffy swiped from a demon she slayed. Anya helps get Halfrek to get make the curse go away.

Not awful episode, but nothing really memorable. Weird episode to have after the really dark nature of the previous episode. Very strange juxtoposition there. Things between Buffy and Spike actually seem to be light and cute in this one. Strange stuff.

6×15 As You Were

Riley is in Sunnydale, and it ain’t for reminiscing. He’s pursued a demon here, and he needs Buffy’s help in killing it. He also has a bit of another surprise. He’s married and he’s brought her, Sam, with him. She’s a fellow demon hunter and  and she gets along with the whole Scooby Gang. But Willow, being the BFF that she is, tells Buffy that she’s “prepared to hate this woman any way you want.” Now, girls, you know this is a sign of a deeply true friend. Makes me all misty-eyed.

Now with the whole cheesy happy couple in town, this makes Buffy question her own odd relationship with Spike. Specifically, it highlights everything she doesn’t have but certainly wants. Riley actually catches Spike and Buffy in the afterglow of their most recent romp, and she looks quite revolted at the situation and herself. After Riley and bride leave, Buffy breaks up with Spike. For real this time I think.

Buffy: I’m using you. I can’t love you. I’m just being weak and selfish…
Spike: Really not complaining here.
Buffy: …and it’s killing me. I have to be strong about this. I’m sorry… William.

Ok… let me count the ways this episode annoys me. First, we have Riley coming in all gung-ho and with this lame-ass scar down one side of his face. Really? Was this necessary to show he’s been through oh-so-much? His wife is so cheery and happy and buddy-buddy and understanding. It’s quite revolting really. But I guess that fits out Riley. Next, we have the fact that our evil demon egg dealer villain person is Spike? Wuh? That just seemed kinda out of left field.

I understand the need for this particular episode and what it accomplishes. I would just it rather have been done better. I guess they wanted Buffy to be reminded that she’s alive and she can have things she wants, and she can want better than what she’s getting. Although, I really don’t see much wrong with Spike. Ok, yah, vampire… soulless.. evil… but he’s got a rockin’ bod! Geeez. It’s perfectly ok to be shallow, really.

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