Buffy, Season 7 Disc 4

Buffy, Season 7 Disc 4

7×12 Potential

Buffy and Spike begin to train the Potential Slayers. While Spike and Buffy are illustrating what a Potential should do in an attack with a vampire, Buffy realizes Spike is still hurt. They share quite the meaningful brief handholding and luscious look. Ok, maybe it wasn’t luscious… but I found it to be. The lesson Buffy is trying to instill in the girls is “Know their instincts, trust yours”. Good lesson. Yay Slayer teacher. As the girls are then getting a lesson in the Summers’ house basement, Dawn looks in from the outside. She appears to be longing to be part of this group of special individuals.

Willow informs everyone that Giles’ seers have found there is another Potential right there in Sunnydale. In an attempt to narrow down the search, Willow casts a locator spell. It appears to go straight at Dawn, and for a brief moment she believes she is a Potential. When she’s out walking to get away from everything, she runs into Amanda, a girl Buffy has counseled at the high school. Amanda tells her about a weird bumpy-headed dude that attacked her at school. Dawn goes back to the school with her to help. We find out that Dawn isn’t the Potential, but Amanda is. Dawn relinquishes her title with grace.

Xander: They’ll never know how tough it is, Dawnie, to be the one who isn’t chosen. To live so near to the spotlight and never step in it. But I know. I see more than anybody realizes because nobody’s watching me. I saw you last night. I see you working here today. You’re not special. You’re extraordinary.

Xander tells Dawn he knows what it’s like to be in a group full of people that are different and special. Sometimes it’s just as tough, if not tougher, to be normal around such a group. One of the few episodes where I feel for Dawn. She actually showed quite a bit of inner strength that she doesn’t usually seem to possess.

7×13 The Killer in Me

Just a random bit of info… I’ve noticed that Spike has not worn his big long black leather coat since his soul was returned to him. He did kill a Slayer to get that coat, so maybe that weighs heavily on his soul.

Giles takes the Potentials out on a retreat. I guess it’s meant to be like the one Buffy went on when she saw the First Slayer. Kennedy stays behind faking the flu. She really just stays behind to spend more time with Willow. They eventually kiss. It wasn’t earth-shattering, but when Kennedy pulls back from the kiss, Willow is now looking an awful lot like Warren. It’s still Willow in there, but the surface looks like Warren. She has no one to ask for help, so she goes to the local college Wiccan group she was once a part of. While there, she finds Amy aka Amy the Rat. She says she’s realized how bad she got with the magicks and she’s getting better. Amy says she will try to help Willow.

Buffy: Remember when things used to be nice and boring?
Willow: (thinks) No.

Spike is chained to the basement wall cuz they still don’t know if the First can control him. While Buffy and Spike are talking, his head starts to hurt, and he manages to yell out that it’s the chip causing the pain, not the First. The chip keeps firing for no reason, and Buffy realizes the only people that can help are the old Initiative military group. Buffy starts a search for them, including going to their old underground facilities. While searching in the dark gloomy-ness, Buffy and Spike are attacked by a weird demon thing that is curiously wearing fatigues. Anyway, while fighting it, it is mysteriously killed and the lights in the place are all turned on. They look above them and see a slew of army guys. They’ve been sent by Riley Finn to help Buffy in any way she needs where it concerns “Assface”. Riley’s apparent name for Spike. They give her the choice of fixing the chip or removing it.

The longer Willow looks like Warren, the more she starts to become him. She even goes to buy a gun and replay the day’s events when Warren killed Tara. While Kennedy is with Amy as she is performing a spell, it becomes clear that something is up with Amy. Turns out Amy is responsible for what is happening to Willow. She’s put a hex on her. The punishment was up to Willow’s subconscious, and Warren was the form it seems. Kennedy runs off to find Willow/Warren, and  finally clues in and kisses Warren/Willow. This returns Warren/Willow back to Willow.

The rest of the Gang — Anya, Dawn, Andrew, and Xander — suddenly suspect that Giles could be the First after a phone call they receive from England. The Watcher that Giles came in on almost dead a couple eps back, says the only thing he remembers was Giles about to lose his head by one of the First’s Bringers. There was no body though. Still very suspicious, they drive out to the retreat the girls are on with Giles, afraid since no one can remember him touching anything or anyone. Once they arrive, they all tackle him where he sits by a fire. That obviously means he’s corporeal, so he’s ok then.

This is all happening so fast. I don’t want the end to come! Why did this show have to end so early? Seven years seems like nothing. Fourteen could have worked for me :D

7×14 First Date

This starts at the exact moment 7×08 Sleeper left off. Giles is in the graveyard with all the girls, telling everyone the story of how he escaped the axe-thing at the head from the Bringer in England. The gist — he survived. Got it. In the middle of the story, Spike comes from out of nowhere and tackles Giles. He was still thinking he could be the First. Then Giles realizes that Spike’s chip didn’t go off. Buffy explains that she had a choice about his chip and she chose to have it removed. Giles is REALLY not happy about that. Giles reprimands Buffy about it, and the fact that he thinks she is letting her feelings for Spike get in the way of the decisions she should be making where he is concerned.

The next day, Xander is in a hardware store watching a demonstration of some kind. That just seems weird that Xander would be off living a normal life while the end of the world is coming. But I guess it’s not like this is his first apocalypse. One gets jaded after the first couple, I suppose. While there, he sees a very beautiful young lady looking baffled at a display of rope. So, that is obviously a good moment to make your move. Her name is Lissa, and she’s being played by Ashanti. He asks her if she needs help and they get to talking. They end up with plans for a wee coffee date later. Let us remember something here. If something seems entirely too good to be true in Buffyverse. IT IS.  Yah, she turns out to be evil, strings Xander up over that weird seal in the high school basement and tries to get his blood all over the seal to free some more of those Ubervamps.

Buffy: There he is, on the Hellmouth, all day every day. That’s gotta be like being showered with evil. Only from underneath.
Willow: Not really a shower.
Buffy: A bidet. Like a bidet of evil.

Buffy is busy getting a date invitation herself. Principal Wood asks her out, and she accepts. She doesn’t know if it’s an evil date, a work date, or a sexy date. So she tries to plan to accomodate all three. Total weird side note… I really love the outfit she wears on her date. It’s jeans, this weird lacy black sort of skirt or long jacket with a white shirt and a leather jacket. Hard to really explain properly. It’s just really cute. Thought I’d share. On their way to the restaurant, that is quite handily located in the back of a creepy dark alley, they get attacked by five vampires. Buffy goes into Slayer mode, and oddly enough, so does Wood. He has a stake and everything too. They continue on their date, talk all about the fact that Wood is the son of a former Slayer and Buffy seems pretty super pumped to share her stuff with someone kinda normal. I’m sure it helps that D.B. Woodside is quite a beautiful man. He’s got great eyes. You might know him from 24. He played David Palmer’s brother, who then turned into the president too I think.

Andrew sees Jonathan, but duh, of course it’s the First. The First wants him to kill all the Potentials. Turns out maybe he’s not evil after all. He acts like he’s in on it, all the while he’s just stringing the First along. Willow has Andrew wired and they are trying to find out more information through what the First tells Andrew. The First finally catches on and gets super pissy.

Wow… long one here. Sorry about that. Eventually everyone finds out that Xander is in trouble. They all go to save him. In the end, the First shows itself to Wood again. He also informs Wood that Spike is the responsible vampire for his mother’s death. Yow.

7×15 Get It Done

Buffy dreams of the First Slayer and she tells Buffy “It’s not enough”.  The house full of women is getting to be a bit much, so Anya and Spike go off to get drunk at a bar. They get attacked by a demon that says it was sent by D’Hoffryn to kill Anya I guess.

Principal Wood gives Buffy a bag of items that used to belong to his mother, the Slayer Nikki Wood. The bag contains various items including weapons, a book, and a strange sealed box. She gives Principal Wood a tour of the house. They then go into the backyard where all the Potentials are training, or doing a very bad imitation of a tai chi bootcamp. Lastly, they visit Spike’s basement, and Wood is very obvious with his dislike of Spike.

One of the Potentials, Chloe, seems to be having a very hard time coping with being a Potential and the fact that the world is probably going to be ending soon. So, the First is able to convince her to hang herself. Dawn and Buffy are the ones to find her. The First, in the form of Chloe, gives all the girls another warning… “I’m coming, you’re going”.  Buffy buries Chloe. Question here is does Chloe not have any parents that would want to know about her death and want to bury her themselves? Just an observation. Anyway, Chloe’s death actually makes Buffy very mad. She says Chloe was weak, and they can’t afford to have weak people among them. She even goes off on Xander and Spike. With Spike, she tells him she wants the old Spike back. He used to be a better fighter, but now he’s just being a wuss. She’s very harsh, our commanding Watcher-esque Buffy.

Buffy: What I want is the Spike that’s dangerous. The Spike that tried to kill me when we met.
Spike: Oh, you don’t know how close you are to bringing him out.
Buffy: I’m nowhere near him.

Opening the box leads to enchanted shadow puppets that open some sort of portal. This has to be the worst looking portal ever. It looks like a big box of tv static that glows a bit more than normal. It just looked so half-ass. I guess in the scheme of things, that’s not so important though. So, she goes through tacky cheesy portal and arrives in a desert area.  She runs into a few tribe men, called Shadowmen. Oh, there had to be a trade for the whole portal entrance, so a big ugly demon came through on the earth side. It attacks Spike so hard it throws him up against the ceiling so hard he goes through it to land on the second floor of the house. Neat. The demon gets away, but they know they have to have it to return in order to get Buffy back. If they can get Buffy back.

Spike is busy digging around his old digs at the high school basement. Seems he finds what he’s looking for… his old leather jacket. Guess his power is in his “cape”. He goes and retrieves the demon, brings it back to the house. Wood notices Spike’s new attire and looks mega-pissed.

The Shadowmen are the men that created the original Slayer, and have chained Buffy to the Earth to get her more power. Seems like there is a steep price for that though. There won’t be much human left in her afterwards. This price proves to be too steep for Buffy, and she refuses and kicks all the Shadowmen’s asses.

Over on the other side, Willow is busy trying to get her spell on. Doing her spell, she ends up sucking energy from Kennedy cuz she’s the strongest and closest person around. This completely freaks Kennedy out. Willow opens the portal, gets Buffy back. Before she left the desert alt-verse, the eldest tribe men touches her face. He gave her a glance at what she has to face… we see 100s of those Ubervamp Turok-Han under that seal in the high school just itchin’ to get out.

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