Buffy, Season 7 Disc 5

Buffy, Season 7 Disc 5

7×16 Storyteller

Andrew creates a documentary called Buffy, Slayer of the Vampyres, a record of the current situation in Sunnydale to show to future generations. He manages to capture many important moments, and to annoy almost everyone in the house. But Buffy needs to tear him away from his filmmaking because the Seal of Danzalthar is active and Andrew may hold the key to closing it before it destroys the town.

Andrew: Come with me now, if you will, gentle viewers. Join me on a new voyage of the mind…a little tale, I like to call, Buffy, Slayer of the Vampyres.

This episode goes from making me laugh my ass off, to almost crying. It starts very tongue-in-cheek, with Andrew’s documentary. The high school is experiencing an increase in hormonal teenage issues. Riots among cliques are starting, and the kids are just in general wanting to fight. The First manages to get some kids in the basement to start boogety-boogety chanting to open up the seal. It starts to glow… then Buffy interrupts.

So, maybe the funny stuff died off quick… but it was really funny when it was. Anyway, we then get to a point where Buffy has Andrew over the seal in the high school basement and making him admit that he did kill his friend Jonathan knowingly. He wasn’t possessed by the First, he simply killed his friend. As he finally admits his part in Jonathan’s death, he starts to cry. His tears drip on the seal causing it to stop glowing.

7×17 Lies My Parents Told Me

Buffy, Spike, and Wood seem to be fighting side by side quite often these days. Doesn’t seem to make the evil stares Wood gives Spike any less ominous.

Giles meets Wood and Buffy at the High School. Giles insists that they have to do something to fix Spike… or get rid of him. He’s too much of a liability. He has a weird stone thing that is supposed to be able to go through Spike’s brain to find the trigger the First has put there. Once they find it, maybe they can deactivate it. Once they get it in his brain via his eyeball. Spike flashes back to when he was human and living with his ailing mother. He recites a poem he wrote for a girl to his mother. His mother goes into a coughing fit, coughing up blood. Poor William loves his mother so, and he hates to see her so sick. Once she stops coughing, she starts singing “Early One Morning” to him. A song that she has sang to him since he was a wee lad. He comes out of his weird flashback and tells everyone what he saw. He says he’s fixed and all better now.

Another flashback shows Spike with Drusilla after she’s changed him to a vampire. He now wants to make his mother a vampire so she won’t be sick anymore. She doesn’t seem very happy about it, but he does it anyway.

Wood and Giles have a conversation about Spike. They both still think he’s very dangerous and he has to be taken care of. Buffy doesn’t seem to be willing to admit what has to be done, so it falls to them to take care of the necessary.

Giles takes Buffy out to the graveyard to train and go back to the basics. A vampire attacks, and he won’t let her kill it. She has to just keep fighting it while he is asking her questions and basically preaching. After quite awhile, and Giles continuing to rant about Spike, Buffy realizes Giles has been stalling her. Giles admits that Wood is off right now taking care of the Spike problem.

Wood takes Spike to his garage, and it just so happens to be covered with crosses on every surface. Well, except the floor. Wood starts up some iTunes and starts to play “Early One Morning”. Spike goes all vamp. They fight, and we see another Spike flashback. His mother shows up and she looks significantly healthier than we last saw her. And, she’s suddenly a mega bitch. Spike wanted to take her around the world with him and Dru, and she says she wants to finally be rid of his sniveling loser ass. Poor Spike is so sad.  He stakes her.

Back in the fight, Spike’s face goes back to normal. Wood keeps beating the crap out of Spike, but it seems Spike’s heart is no longer in it. He’s not trying to hurt Wood, much. But he does look like he’s about to bite him.

Buffy shows up at Wood’s garage, and Spike is just leaving. Spike tells her that he didn’t kill Wood, but if he tries that crap again, he won’t hold back. Back at the house, Buffy tells Giles that Spike is alive and shuts the door on his face.

Buffy: (to Wood) You try anything again, and he’ll kill you. And more importantly… I’ll let him.

7×18 Dirty Girls

Willow comes back from Angel’s 4×15 Orpheus episode. With her she’s toting a powerful ally, Faith. However, the First has a new piece on the board as well. A misogynistic “preacher” named Caleb has come to town, and he throws down the gauntlet as soon as he enters Sunnydale. Turns out he is the one responsible for bombing the Watchers Council and the Bringers or “Ray Charles Brigade” as he calls it.  Buffy and Faith follow a Bringer straight to where Caleb’s crashing, which happens to be a vineyard. With this bit of info, Buffy takes everyone there to confront him, and she ends up getting her ass knocked unconscious with one punch. Obviously, Caleb is a bit more than meets the eye. Oh, and I did not even intend for that slight pun. During the big fight, after Buffy is unconscious, Caleb pokes out Xander’s left eye. Brutal. Looked cool in a really disgusting ooey gooey way.

Spike: Let me guess — leather pants, nice right cross, doe eyes, holier-than-thou glower — you must be Faith.

There is this really random scene in the beginning of the episode. I guess it’s not that crazy, but it’s a dream that Xander has of two of the potentials and he’s giving them advise in his bedroom. This of course turns into a naughty dream. We then see the rest of the girls staying at his place in a big pillow fight. I guess it makes sense. Xander is around all these girls all the time, and it’s not like he has much time for dating. I just thought it was odd.

Also, a not awful scene with Faith and Spike. He’s shirtless! Hello, this never gets old. And their topic of conversation is sex. Wuh? Yah. Mmm. Not sex with each other, not really, but just sex in general. But who cares… Spike’s partially nekkid. Woot. That’s all you need to know about the episode.

7×19 Empty Places

After Buffy realizes what Caleb is capable of, she’s walking around town. Looks like the entire town knows something big is happening and they are evacuating. As she’s walking through the standstill traffic, she sees Clem leaving and he tells her he doesn’t think anyone will be able to stop the impending doom. He tells her she should get out of town too.

Giles and Willow also see the mass exodus, and notice that everyone is acting rather odd. Especially the cops, who they manage to magick a file away from. The cops seem very eager to see justice done, for anything and everything, and then they talk of a fugitive that may be in town. Ooooh, I wonder who they could possibly be talking about?

The file they snagged from the cops is on Caleb, somehow, and they start combing through it to find out anything that will help them. They found out something about a mission, so they send Andrew and Spike to go check it out. The scene with Andrew and Spike on his motorcycle was just so funny.

Andrew: I-I bet even covert operatives eat curly fries. They’re really good.
Spike: Not as good as those onion blossom things.
Andrew: Ooh, I love those.
Spike: Yeah, me too.
Andrew: It’s an onion and it’s a flower. I-I don’t understand how such a thing is possible.
Spike: Oh, see, the genius of it is, you soak it in ice water for an hour so it holds its shape. Then you deep-fry it, root-side up, for about five minutes.
Andrew: Masterful.
Spike: Yeah. Tell anyone we had this conversation, I’ll bite you.
Andrew: Right.

Faith takes the Potentials for a bit of drinking and dancing at the Bronze. However, while she’s there, the cops find her. Tsktsk. When you escape prison, you can’t just go being in public all willy-nilly. Even in an apocalyptic town apparently. With the help of the Potentials, Faith gets away.

Andrew: Can’t? Can’t is a four-letter word! I’m Andrew, I’ll be your bad cop for the evening.

In a very strange move, everyone (except absent Spike & Andrew) go against Buffy and tell her she’s just throwing them into the fire. They aren’t ready, but she doesn’t seem to care. And well, she doesn’t seem to care, but she also seems to realize it’s now or never and pussyfooting around the issue isn’t going to do anything. But everyone basically throws her out, and tells her they want Faith in charge. Of course, this happens after Faith’s field trip. She’s like the cool aunt, and they like her more. Doesn’t matter that she might not know what the hell she’s doing, they just like her better. And in a move that truly baffles me, Giles, Xander, Anya, Willow, and Dawn all seem to support her stepping down. Dawn even tells her it would be best if she didn’t stay at the house. How fuqd up is that? Seems so random to me.

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