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Fall 2011 TV Lineup – CW & Fox

Fall 2011 TV Lineup – CW & Fox

CW logoSo, I just realized I totally screwed up on the alphabetical order thing. Whatever. This update won’t be filled with quite as much as hatred.

There are only two new shows from the CW that I’m watching. Sarah Michelle Gellar‘s return to television in Ringer is odd. I want to love it. I do. See, SMG is playing twins. One is a ex-addict, ne’er-do-well, that is on the run from some bad guys who she doesn’t want to testify against. The other is all fancy and girly and has everything a girl could want. Except maybe not! She “kills” herself, the other SMG slides into her fancy life and tries to live the great life. Gets a little complicated, natch. The first episode had me quite a bit turned off in the first 15 minutes. The twin thing was not the best filmed trick I’ve ever seen. Also, they used a lot of Ringer Posterfake backgrounds and that wasn’t done very well either. Then… in walks Ioan Gruffud (pronounced “Yo-wahn Griffith”). Oh, he’s a beauty. Funny thing is, I didn’t even realize that he was in the show. Bonus! Anyhoo… the episode did get better overall. Enough to have me tuning in the 2nd week, and the 3rd. However, it is kinda losing my interest. SMG is always in some super-panicy mode, and it just gets a little exhausting. At this point, I will do Ioan a favor and keep tuning in. *eyebrows wigglin’*

The other show on the CW that I’m watching, and really by accident, is The Secret Circle. I didn’t do a lot of research on what all was new this year, so I didn’t even know this was on. This show is on cuz The Vampire Diaries has been so successful. So, I’m guessing the CW thought, hey, let’s take another book series from LJ Smith and make a show out of it. Total side note: LJ Smith is a crap writer. After watching The Vampire Diaries, I went and made the mistake of reading the first two books in that series. It was painful to read. I liked NONE of the characters. It truly amazes me that they made the show from this. I like the show, I hate the books. So, no way in hell will I try to read the The Secret Circle books. Yech. Anyway… short summary… bunch of teenagers are witches in a town that pretty much frowns on that sort of thing. It’s your basic teenage-soapy mess with some SFX thrown in. Your average person will not like this, however, if you’re like me and read Young Adult books like this anyway… you’ll dig it. Not as rockin’ as The Vampire Diaries, but it’ll do.

Fox LogoLet’s move over to Fox, and I’ll try to be quicker about these. What can I say, I’m verbose :P

We got New Girl with Zooey Deschanel. It’s not an awesome show, but I like it. Zooey D is just impossible to not like. She’s quirky, she’s goofy, and she sings her own theme song. So, our New Girl here has just been recently cheated on, and needs a place to live. She finds these 3 guys looking for a roomie on Craigslist *shudder*, and hijinks ensue. They replaced Damon Wayans, Jr. after the first episode. I guess that’s cuz his other New Girl Postershow got picked up. I liked him better than his replacement. But I’ll deal.

Let’s face it. I love me some sci-fi television. Which is kinda strange that I don’t read much sci-fi. When I first saw the previews for Terra Nova months ago, I literally laughed. A show with dinosaurs? Puh-lease. But, of course, I had to at least try it, no? Well, I was hooked pretty quickly. The show starts in 2149 and the planet is completely wrecked. The atmosphere has gotten so bad that everyone has to wear re-breathers when not indoors. There is a bit of hope. Scientists have discovered a rip in time or something to 85 Million BC. They have been sending groups of people back in time to establish a colony. It’s supposedly in a different time stream than current time, but I’m betting that’s not the case. It’s also a one-way trip. It has a bit of a Lost feel to it. There is a whole group of “others” called Sixers that are like rebels.

I also watched the first two episodes of The X Factor. I think I just might be done with all reality shows (‘cept Surivor), cuz I can’t really get into this to watch it again. I thought I would like it cuz Simon is back being Simon. Except he doesn’t seem as harsh. Then again, The X Factor is much more of a building of a talent. So, maybe there is just no need to be super rude at this point. Maybe that will come :D Also, I lurv the hootchified music that Nicole Sherzinger puts out and she has some great ta-tas, but damn, she’s a horrible judge. The original british chic was better. Also, the host? Yah, I’ve already forgot him.

Fall 2011 TV Lineup – NBC

Fall 2011 TV Lineup – NBC

NBC LogoNow that I’ve started writing up my feelings on these shows, I have started to see that I don’t seem to like very many overall. I didn’t really feel that way beforehand. But I guess when you actually put your thoughts to “paper”, you can see them more clearly. This particular trend continues with NBC’s new offerings.

First up is the oh-so-laughable The Playboy Club. This was the first show I broke my rule on, and just immediately stopped watching. OMG. This was just painful. My mom actually seemed to like it. Of the people I talked to about the new shows, she was the only one that seemed to show interest in this show. Probably why it was cancelled after only 2 episodes. Woohoo!

Next up are two 30-minute shows I actually talked myself into attempting. We have Up All Night with Will Arnett and Christina Applegate. They are basically some hipster folks whoUp All Night have recently had a baby that had not planned on. Maya Rudolph plays an Oprah-esque talk show host that is Christina Applegate’s boss and best friend. She is so clueless to the real world that this is where most of the comedy comes from. I’m on the fence on this one. I am still watching it. But what investment is it really for me to watch a 30-minute comedy out of the corner of my eye on Hulu? None. I’m very indifferent about this one. I will probably continue to watch it out of the corner of my eye while I’m working or something. And I wouldn’t be heartbroken if it were canned.

Free Agents… just found out it was cancelled. I thought it was OK. Hank Azaria and Kathryn Hahn were actually quite good together. And I really loved Hank Azaria’s secretary. Her mad-awesome indifference and honesty was hella awesome for some laughs. But, whatever. It’s gone.

nbc-prime-suspectMaria Bello‘s butch-ass cop character in Prime Suspect is just typical cop fare to me. This is based on a British show that starred Helen Mirren. I’m betting this is no where close to the original. Well, that’s just been the case in most UK to US converted shows. It’s not awful. I like Maria Bello, but sometimes I think she is pushing the butch-cop thing a bit much. The hat? Hmmm. The gum? Annoying. And what’s up with her orange-glow? She’s a cop in NYC. I’m betting those don’t typically get a lot of sun action. But if you were to take it from this gal, they spend all day in the damn open air. Maria sweetie, it makes you look older. Doing you no favors.

Very interested in the upcoming Grimm show. Has a very interesting cast, and a very different type of storyline. I need something original, people. Let’s do better.

Fall 2011 TV Lineup – CBS

Fall 2011 TV Lineup – CBS

CBS logoFirst, let me talk briefly about CBS’ logo. It’s weak. I didn’t realize this until I went searching for one. Really, CBS, let’s update this ancient look. Anyhoo…

First up… Unforgettable, is well, kinda forgettable. It does star cutie-patootie UnforgettablePoppy Montgomery from Without a Trace. She still has an awful American accent. Why won’t anyone just let her be her Australian-self? I like the red hair on her though. It also has Nip/Tuck alum Dylan Walsh. This is about a lady that can’t forget anything. However, she is plagued by one thing she cannot remember… who killer her sister? Bah. How played out does this sound? I know I watch a lot of television, so I’m gonna be a bit jaded when it comes to this stuff, but I just feel like.. whatever. Besides the memory shtuff, it’s a pretty straightforward cop show. The really irritating part of the show is how they show her remembering something that she saw earlier in the show that now solves the case. Think House’s stunned looks right before he diagnoses a patient, but far more irritating and in slow-mo, and just not done well. I watched 2 episodes I think. Maybe I’ll watch 1 more. I’d really like to give shows 3 episodes before I completely axe ’em. But 3 has seemed hard this season. Is 2 enough? I mean, it is an arbitrary rule I have imposed upon myself. Surely I can change it, no? Yah, I’m sure the OCD will not let me.

Something I could not give 3 episodes to was Person of Interest. I did watch 2. Well, I checked out really early on the 2nd episode. The 1st episode was a bit Person of Interestchaotic and gave me no incentive to care about any of the characters. You learn that Jim Caviezel‘s character is this awful looking homeless dude, and 2 minutes later he’s all cleaned up and working for Michael Emerson‘s (of Lost fame) character. What is he doing? Ummm… I think they have some surveillance system that can anticipate all kinds of crime. The US government takes care of the big terrorist type things and now these two take care of the mundane.. like potential murders. I usually adore Michael Emerson’s weirdness, and thought this could carry my interest. But Caviezel is so boring and void of any character, even with his supposed emotional back story, that it hurts to watch this show. Done. No more.

Poor CBS. Batting 0 here. However, CSI has a new character in house. Ted Danson has joined the cast after Laurence Fishburne departure. I actually kinda dig him. I never would have even wanted to watch something with Ted Danson in it, but Damages and Bored to Death have completely changed my attitude towards me some Danson.

Fall 2011 TV Lineup – ABC

Fall 2011 TV Lineup – ABC

I thought I would drop some notes on the current lineup of new Fall television shows. Last year I did not really go out of my way to watch many new shows. I watch an insane amount of television and I guess I was just feeling a little overwhelmed. So, I didn’t want to add to that mountain at the time. This year, I suppose I felt I had the room in my schedule and I dove right in. Here is a very quick rundown of what I thought of some of the shows. I shall go alphabetical by network.


Let us start with one of the worst shows I have seen in a really long time—Charles’s Angels. I cannot even believe this crap is still on. I think one of my friends said it best. The only reason that this is still on the air is cuz Drew Barrymore is an executive producer on the show.

I actually managed to watch the entire first episode. And if you’ve seen it, you’ll understand what a feat that was. Three very vapid, but beautiful, women. That part is a given. Then there is Bosley. He’s supposed to be some young, hunky, cybergeek. Whatevs. I’ve already wasted too many words on this mess.

Next up is ABC’s attempt to get on the Mad Men band wagon—Pan Am. This show confuses me. I have now watched 3 episodes of this show, and I’m still revengetruly baffled. Is this show supposed to be about Pan Am stewardesses or CIA show? So, basically, the airplanes and ladies are just a vehicle to have a show about covert operations for the CIA. Bah. Lame. But I think I might still watch it, if I have spare time. It’ll be one of those shows I leave unwatched until I am so bored and have nothing else to watch.

I saved the best of ABC’s new stuff for last. Revenge is uhhhh-mazing. I’ve seen 3 episodes so far, and each one has not disappointed. It’s the story of a girl come back to where she grew up as a child, and where her father was betrayed by all those around him. I’m super curious as to how this is going to last for more than a season. It seems like it might have been better as one of those one-shot summer shows or something. However, if they figure out how to make this show last more than a season, more power to them. Just don’t make it suck. If you only pick up a limited number of shows this season… this needs to be one. Good stuff.

Suburgatory PosterLast of ABC’s shows that I watched was a complete and utter mistake. I accidentally set Suburgatory to record, and since I had time for it, I figured I would give it a try. SO glad I did. Really funny stuff. I normally hate 30-minute shows. Mainly cuz the majority of 30-minute stuff is sitcoms. And I do not under any circumstances watch sitcoms. I cannot stand the canned laughter or “filmed in front of a live studio audience” BS. I do not need to know when to laugh. I think I’m intelligent enough to know when I find something funny. I’ve digressed… back to Suburgatory. It’s not filmed in front of a live studio audience. Booyah.

It’s the story of a girl who has been ripped out of her known world of Manhattan and been placed into the gawdforsaken world of the suburbs. I like this girl. I like her a lot. She’s witty, she’s rebellious, she’s insecure but strong. The relationship she has with her single-father is very nice to see. Their relationship reminds me a bit of Castle and his daughter, but with even more intentional hilarity. Definitely one of my fave new shows.

I did not mean for this to be this long. And I’ve only covered one network. Well, let’s make this a series about series. Tomorrow’s entry will be all about CBS’ lineup.

Playa del Carmen – Day 7

Playa del Carmen – Day 7

Stacy wanted to see the sunrise on the last day with the girls. But since that was 6:15am, and I didn’t want to walk the mile plus before that. I asked them to maybe come get me after they did that. So, I meet up with them at 6:45am in our game room. Mike and Chris head out to go deep sea fishing. Reagan is tagging along with us gals for breakfast, but he’s not supposed to speak. Kidding! kinda.

We head up 5th Avenue and eventually find an open place to eat breakfast. I had a decent huevos mexicanos and everyone else was meh on theirs. After that, we start to walk back to our hotel. Reagan heads up to our hammocks on our deck to chill, and Stacy, Sarah, and I go hang out at the pool. I have to find shaded areas, which proves tricky. Sarah & Stacy wanted to lay out in the sun, so we head out to the beach where I have to stay shaded and they strip down to their bikinis and lay out. I write in my journal. Oh yah, I’ve been writing all this for my blog in a journal I brought with me. I didn’t want to deal with bringing a laptop, but I still wanted to get all this stuff down. So, I’m doing it old school. Pen and paper, y’all. Holla!

We head back to the pool for 5 minutes, then the girls decide they want to go shopping. I’ve already told them that this particular event is something I will not do. They decide to go anyway, and I go back to bed. Thus endeth girls’ day.

Mike gets back around 2pm, and he chills for a bit, and then cleans up. We head down to our game room to check on some emails and such. Chris shows up with some freshly cooked grouper and red snapper. The red snapper was delicious, the grouper.. not so much. Very cool of him to walk that all the way over to us.

While we are sitting there, Emmie and Wilco of Holland spot us and come over and say HEY! We talk for a really long time, and eventually the rest of the gang joins us. We’ve already planned to do dinner with Emmie andWilco later, but we just ended up spending a couple or so hours chatting it up with them before too. It was a great time. This moment right here was probably my favorite of the whole trip. Just chilling, chatting it up, meeting new people, and having a bunch of beverages. I finally get a buzz too! There is something seriously weak about the beverages here or something. I’ve not gotten one buzz until now. It was a good buzz too.

As it starts to get later, and everyone is getting hungry, we all disburse and Emmie, Wilco, Mike and I plan to meet back at our game room at 8pm. We’ll walk with them to the restaurant since they have never been. Oh yah, we were going to Yaxche again.

We get to Yaxche, and get seated upstairs. Unfortunately there was no A/C up there. We’d been used to the A/C when we go there, but not so this time. It was a bit annoying for me, cuz I was sweating so bad it was literally running down my legs like urine. And I’m 99.7% sure it wasn’t actual urine. This, our last Yaxche meal was a bit disappointing. Not up to our previous visits deliciousness. But, I will always remember it for the first two meals. I will erase this one from my memories right after I type this :D

After we get done with dinner, it’s about 10:45pm. Sarah and Reagan have their taxi to the airport coming at 4am, so they are off to pack. Our van meets us at 7:30am, so we decide that is the end of our night too. Emmie, Wilco, Chris & Stacy stay out to have another beverage and chat. We hug everyone buhbye. I triple-kiss the Dutch folk, cuz that’s how they roll. I like it. Why don’t we do stuff like that? We’re such a non-touchy people. Ok, maybe it’s just me that’s non-touchy. Hey, I’m trying to get better about that. I let people hug me and such now more than ever. It’s progress!

Playa del Carmen – Day 6

Playa del Carmen – Day 6

All times approximate.

7:00am – Everyone except me meets the bus for Xel Ha

7:30am – I go to breakfast at the hotel solo. Good breakfast. I had Huevos motuleños.

8:15am – Back to the room where I sleep on and off.

12:30pm – Hang out in hammock while the maid cleans our room.

1:45pm – Mosey over to lunch and had some pretty tasty chicken tacos.

2:30pm – Head to game room to check e-mail and general online nonsense.

2:50pm – Back to room for reading, sudoku, sleep, lotion coating – not necessarily in that order.

6pm-ish – Mike arrives back from his day trip and starts to clean up for dinner. Says folks are meeting at our pool in about an hour.

8:00pm – Head to dinner with Mike for Mayan feast night. Quickly ate some Aztec soup and some other random bits before we head over to our pool to meet up with the Webbers.

9:00pm – Head to our pool to meet up with the Webbers. The Knowles’ show up shortly after that. We then head across the street from our place to eat at Origenes. I just had dessert. Everyone seemed pretty wiped and subdued, but laughs and good times were had.

11:00pm – We part with plans to meet at 6:45am at our place. Stacy wants to see the sunrise at 6:15am. But I’m not really into getting to her place over a mile away by 6:15am. So, they will come get me after for a girls’ day. Mike and Chris will be meeting at 7:15am to go deep sea fishing.

Playa del Carmen – Day 5

Playa del Carmen – Day 5

Ouch. Ouch. Ouch. Ouch.

That sums ups my every thought as I woke up. Every spot of burn stings so bad it’s insane. I cannot possibly imagine how I’m going to do anything today.

Mike, being the sweetie he can be, and forgiven from the previous night, goes out for breakfast at our place. He brings me back quite the haul too. Omelet, beans, pineapple, canteloupe, and pastries. He drops that off and I eat while he goes out to get some vinegar for our wicked burns.

When he gets back, we both strip down, head into the shower and spray our burns down with some vinegar. We let that dry, and now we can actually move. I actually feel like I could even wear a bra. So, we get dressed, get into contact with the others, and head out for lunch. A birthday lunch for Senor Christopher’s 40th birthday. He chose Yaxche to eat at. Yay! So we cab it over there and eat with them. As much as I enjoyed the Pibil here, I had to trying something different. I chose the Kinich Chicken, which Chris had the previous time we ate there. It tasted even better than it looked. Such great spices and a great sweetness too it. The description on the menu calls it “An erotic kiss from the sun”. Hellz yeah it is. It was grilled chicken over a bed of mashed potatoes, with some assorted vegetables. Everything was topped off with a decorative fried plantain. It was just awesome. Yaxche became my favorite place to eat.

After lunch, the rest of the gang head out to Cancun for shopping and walking. Mike and I stay behind to rest and give our skin a break because we do have to go to Xel Ha in the morning. Plus, do not come here as a non-skinny girl and think you’re going to do any shopping. Well, maybe you’ll find something at Wal-Mart. Shopping is miserable for me. It actually depresses me to watch two other skinny girls check out stuff and be all giggly about it. So, sunburn or no,  a Cancun trip for shopping sounds about as fun as having a sunburn.

Mike and I go back to our place, strip again and reapply the vinegar. The rest of our day will be very uneventful. Read, sudoku, sleep for 4 hours. My burn was stinging like crazy so I opted to switch to lotion this time around. A little more chill time, then Mike and I headed over to dinner at our hotel. We had the salad bar, a chicken noodle-type soup, and a fish dish. We then opted for one of each of the desserts — fruit tart & vanilla ice cream. The vanilla ice cream was like Amy’s Mexican Vanilla ice cream. It was delicious. And now we know why it’s called that.

During dinner there was this pretty cat walking around all the tables. At one point he stopped by my feet and gave me those puss-n-boots eyes. Mike insisted I not acknowledge at all. It was SOOOO cute though. It was really hard to ignore him.

After dinner, we hopped online to see if the rest of the gang was back from Cancun. Eventually Chris did get online and say they were back, but they were done for the night. We went out to our beach and looked at some stars and then went back to apply more Banana Boat Aloe After Sun Lotion. We’re a mess, but at least we’re a mess together.

Playa del Carmen – Day 4

Playa del Carmen – Day 4

We wake up and we are redder than ever and in serious pain. But, we get dressed like we’re going to Xel Ha, in case we can’t change it. Luckily, we get there and we can change it to Thursday. Turns out to be a good thing all around too. Sarah was up all night because their A/C was broken (again!) and her tummy was bothering her too. Chris, Stacy, Reagan, Mike and I head to La Vagabunda for some very mediocre breakfast. Then, we part ways with plans to meet at 12:30 at our place to play some games in our hotel’s game room.

As Mike and I arrive back at our place, I see Sarah’s bags on our deck’s table. Then my eyes start to search around, where they land on one miserable looking Sarah in one of our hammocks. She figured there was no way I would be going to Xel Ha at all, so of course I would be there. The poor thing just wanted some A/C and understanding. Both of which she got.

We head inside and we proceed to sleep for four hours. Mike sleeps in a hammock in bliss for probably the same amount of time. I was glad she was able to get some decent rest with us or with our A/C… whichever.

As we are waking up, Stacy & Chris arrive a bit early and they want to eat. We head over to our hotel’s lunch area and eat there with a great view of the beach. The food wasn’t bad. We go back to our cabin/hut/room where Reagan is now sleeping in a hammock.

We make plans to head to Sarah’s pool instead of playing games, cuz I guess no one is in the mood. Her pool has spots of shade where ours has none. So, I can be in her pool with everyone and I can’t be in ours.

Chris & Mike head over to Chris’ place to book fishing and Stacy & I grab a cab over to Sarah & Reagan’s pool. The cab is for me cuz I can’t even walk in the sun covered in clothes. It kills my skin. So, I pay $3 for a very quick cab ride and Stacy tags along to keep me company.

We chill out at the pool. Chris & Mike arrive much later than I thought they would. They chill at the pool briefly, then we all gather while we dry off and whatnot. We watch some really sappy youtube videos (Christian the Lian, Andrew Johnston – Pie Jesu), then we go in search of food. We go to Diablito Cha Cha Cha, but quickly realize it’s not going to work. It’s a bit asian-y, and a lot seafood-y. We have a few diet restrictions in our group — a vegetarian (meh, pescatarian now), a gluten-sensitive, a seafood hater, and just a generally semi-picky eater. Usually we don’t have too many issues though. But this place just seemed to hit them all.

Instead we go over to our usual breakfast joint at the Hotel Eclipse Restaurant Bar. They deliver our food kind of one at a time and I get mine last. So there was a bit of an incident that proceeded to make me angry the rest of the night. Mike basically told me to shut up and eat since I’m a slow eater. That made me incredibly angry. But, while I ate, I spoke to no one. Meh. Boo.

We walked up 5th Avenue some more cuz we had to do a sneaky watch buying thing for Chris’ birthday. I got the sense he knew exactly what we were doing. It wasn’t really like we were that subtle. Mike bought a couple guayaberas at Kin Mayab. An orange one, and a red one. I spoke to him briefly enough to get my opinion of them across and that was that.

We ate some really expensive Haagen-Dazs, then slowly made out way back down 5th to La Parilla for everyone to grab a Coco Mango or beer. Then we parted ways with plans to meet at 12:30pm at the Webbers.

YES! A late starting day. Just what I’ve been waiting for!

Playa del Carmen – Day 3

Playa del Carmen – Day 3

Hotel Eclipse Cafe @ 9:40am. Hey, we’re Oliviers, we’re late. However, Mike and I are there first, which is odd. Never happens. With the help of our walkie-talkies, we all get in contact with each other. Eventually everyone shows up. Then we proceed to have another great breakfast.

Afterwards, Mike and I head over to Wal-Mart to grab a couple things and the other four folks head over to buy us tickets to Xel Ha and Tulum. Not really stuff I want to do at all. But I’m with a group and I gotta go with the group I guess. After Wal-Mart, Mike and I grab a taxi to get back to our place. We’ve planned to meet everyone back here at our hotel where we will do pool and beach. While at the pool, we meet a newlywed couple from Holland, Emmie and Wilco, and we talk to them forever. Extremely nice and funny.

We then head to the beach, which is all of a fifty foot walk. Chris, Reagan, Mike and I go into the water where we proceed to get smacked around by the waves. Smacked like hos who owe their pimps a month worth of back pay. It was awesome. The only part I didn’t like about all that is the part of discovering that half of the ocean’s sand is now in your bathing suit. Yuck. As we head out, Mike notices that I look a bit pink. That’s so not good. If I’m looking a little pink that actually means I’m going to be lobster red.

I lay under some shade. Mike, Sarah, Chris & Stacy walk off to find some place to get Sarah’s ears candled. They’d been bugging her and she wanted them cleaned. Eventually, I head back to our room so I can start getting cleaned up and dressed for dinner, cuz I know Stacy is getting hungry. When Mike shows back up to our place, freshly massaged on his sunburned body, he says the Webbers left to eat cuz they couldn’t wait. He also said Reagan told him that him and Sarah would be up to our room shortly. Many, many, many, many minutes later, that definitely turned out not to happen. We tried to raise people on the walkies, but no luck.

We fall asleep while we were waiting. When we wake up we decide no one is waiting for us so we’ll go find something to eat. We feel like Italian, so we head out. We eventually arrive at Ristorante da Bruno and order Prosecco and salad to start. Why did we think alcohol was a good idea when we were burnt to crisps? No idea. I take one, maybe two sips, but I’m guzzling the bottled water we ordered. We eat our salad and while we wait for our entree, I start to get seriously nauseous and hot. I head downstairs to the bathroom and proceed to have a hurl fest. Then I get back to our table and step right back into things and eat my very tasty strozzapreti pomodoro. While I was busy in the bathroom, Mike gets Chris & Stacy on the walkies to see if we can drop off my food their place in case I can’t eat. They said sure. But that ended up not being necessary. Then somehow we find them out with Sarah & Reagan. My natural inclination here is to feel rejected cuz no one asked us out. But I fight it. After we leave Sarah & Stacy in the Diamonds International store, Mike voices the same opinion. He didn’t understand why everyone ditched us and hung out without us. It’s nice to know I’m not the only one who felt it.

We head home, got to sleep with our vicious sunburns. The plan for the morning is to meet up at 7am for our trip to Xel Ha. We’re so red and uncomfortable, our plan is to meet up at 7am to see if we can change ours to a different day.

Playa del Carmen – Day 2

Playa del Carmen – Day 2

We met up with Sarah & Reagan at the Starbucks, and went over to Chris & Stacy’s. Or rather, a cafe right next door to them called Hotel Eclipse Restaurant & Bar. Chris & Stacy are early buggers so they had already eaten breakfast, but they sat with us while we enjoyed a most amazing breakfast. Mike and I both ate chilaquiles.

Let me take a break here and let you know that by the time Mike and I get to this breakfast, I am absolutely pouring with sweat. Everywhere. I am miserable. I have never sweat like this, so it’s not something I’ve been able to get accustomed to over time. I enjoyed the great breakfast, but I could never seem to stop sweating the whole time. As we leave breakfast, they (everyone else) make plans to walk 5th Avenue some more. Yay, NO. All I want is to be clean and dry, so I wuss out and walk back to our hotel. Where I shower, unpack our bags, and eventually take a nap. Mike pings me on the walkie-talkie — oh yeah, we brought walkie-talkie since we couldn’t use our cell phones for less than the price of our first born. Our rooms don’t have phones either. So, he pings me a while later and tells me he is on his way back to our room.

Mike chills for a bit, and eventually we head over to Sarah & Reagan’s pool area for some much needed pool time. We have some adult beverages, we have some laughs, I compare Chris to High Fructose Corn Syrup (sweet, but not necessarily good for you — it was funny, trust me), Mike jumps in the pool with his iPhone in his pocket… fun was had by all.

We all then get changed or whatever and head out to dinner at La Parrilla. I ate sesame chicken fajitas which were fine but nothing crazy awesome. Mike, however, had some amazing dishes. He had Aztec Soup, which was a tomato based soup with avocados, tortillas, cheese, and just some really great spices. His main entree was a fish in a Vera Cruz style. It has tomato, onions, bell peppers, olives, capers. Freakin’ amazing — unreal. Just straight up my alley. Mike thoroughly enjoyed it too, which I always like to see. He seems to eat some fish like it’s a weird necessity and he’ll struggle through. However, he really enjoyed this one. I think he ate every last bite and it was a big fish.

While the mens paid for dinner, Sarah and I hopped into an actual local merchant’s store across the street to look at a dress for me. Sarah was just bound and determined to get me into a dress or something. Her theory was less clothing would help with the sweating. See, Sarah is skinny now, and has apparently forgotten about some basic fat girl issues. One being that sweat and thighs rubbing together with or without cloth is just a freakin’ nightmare. Anyhoo, her intentions were pure. She wanted me to feel better in this sweltering heat. Sweltering, suffocating, miserable, heat. While I wanted the dress to work, it only made me look like a dirigible.

We walked a bit up 5th Avenue, in & out of shops and all that. We stopped at Starbucks and just chillaxed while Stacy ate some big apple pie. It was a bit tasty. Afterwards, she was crazy stuffed, but Reagan kept trying to bet her she couldn’t eat three scoops of Haagen-Dazs ice cream.

–A couple of notes here. Stacy is super competitive. So if you tell her she can’t, boy she wants to prove you wrong. And just a reiteration that you can’t walk 10 feet without running into another Haagen-Dazs store. Seriously more prevalent than Starbucks in the U.S. Kinda creepy. The confusing part of them being everywhere is that they are crazy expensive. Like $9-10 US for two scoops.

Surprisingly, disgustingly full, Stacy never fell for the ice cream eating bet. Good for you girl!

Eventually we all head over to Sarah’s place to get our stuff and then we all split for the night at 10pm. Plans are meet at the Hotel Eclipse Restaurant at 9:30am.