DDR baby!

DDR baby!

A few weeks ago I went to a birthday shindig for my friend Richard. He and his wife Malaka have kinda recently bought a new house, and really recently, just had a brand new pool built. The weather was kinda grim and their pool was not yet done filtering out the sediment, so we all stared at it in awe. I got their first cuz I'd had a rough month and needed to unwind. But once all the peeps were there the entertainment of the night was Dance Dance Revolution. Now, I'm sure a lot of you have seen the freaks in the arcade that just play this game non-stop and you think… weirdo freak geek. Or something. And accompanying those thoughts is "I would never do that", yet you know it looks really fun. Well, indoors among friends it doesn't seem quite so freaky. Granted, I was still going nowhere near it, but it was awesome to watch people. But I did definitely think if I knew what I was doing a bit more, I might have gone up and taken a turn or two. Mike and I, both, commented on how much fun it looked.

So, fast forwarded to about a week later, and I get a package in the mail while I was working from home. Mike told me to open it and voila! Dance Dance Revolution Supernova for the PS2. I was really really giddy. I went searching the house everywhere to find the PS2 (I have the xbox and xbox 360 hooked up, but stashed the PS2). After about an hour I found it in a peculiar place, but then couldn't find any of the cables. Then I finally find those. And I'm doing all this kinda frantically cuz I'm so excited and I want to try it out. I finally get everything, and discovered my TV doesn't have any openings and my surge protector doesn't seem to have any power ports, so I yank out everything for the xbox 360 and finally get it up and running. It takes me awhile to figure out the menus and the settings, but I master that quickly. What I think I will never master is the ability to move off of the Beginner setting. Holy crap, this ain't easy, but it's crazy fun! Within 15 minutes I was sweating like an oinker but having a blast! Mike came in from work and was all jealous and stuff, so he had to try it out too, of course. We may have to buy an additional pad cuz it's kinda hard to watch someone else do it without wanting to do it yourself. 

Later at TheAndrea… the dilemma of the TV & component situation that the addition of the PS2 brought to light. 

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