Elvis has left the building…

Elvis has left the building…

Or panic, anxiety, and fear in my case. I have completed my educational presentation for work. Not only did I finish it but I rocked it. Hardcore. I had 38 people attend, and they scored me a 96% satisfactory rating. It was the highest attendance for the whole year. Rock ON! I still hated it. I got more comfy after a few slides, but yes, it still sucked. 

Oh, this was fun. I had an 8am conference call for something else and discovered on that call that my headset wasn't working. So, with 45 mins left until my presentation, I ran to Office Depot and searched everywhere for the office-y headsets and not the mobile-y headsets. Once I found them, I bought two – just in case. Got home 20 minutes before I was to start, which was 5 minutes before I had to call in and make sure everything was set up. Talk about potential heart-stopper.

Yes, I totally freaked out. And maybe for no reason. But, let's think of this. Had I not freaked out, would I have done so well? Quite a quandary.

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