Fall 2011 TV Lineup – CBS

Fall 2011 TV Lineup – CBS

CBS logoFirst, let me talk briefly about CBS’ logo. It’s weak. I didn’t realize this until I went searching for one. Really, CBS, let’s update this ancient look. Anyhoo…

First up… Unforgettable, is well, kinda forgettable. It does star cutie-patootie UnforgettablePoppy Montgomery from Without a Trace. She still has an awful American accent. Why won’t anyone just let her be her Australian-self? I like the red hair on her though. It also has Nip/Tuck alum Dylan Walsh. This is about a lady that can’t forget anything. However, she is plagued by one thing she cannot remember… who killer her sister? Bah. How played out does this sound? I know I watch a lot of television, so I’m gonna be a bit jaded when it comes to this stuff, but I just feel like.. whatever. Besides the memory shtuff, it’s a pretty straightforward cop show. The really irritating part of the show is how they show her remembering something that she saw earlier in the show that now solves the case. Think House’s stunned looks right before he diagnoses a patient, but far more irritating and in slow-mo, and just not done well. I watched 2 episodes I think. Maybe I’ll watch 1 more. I’d really like to give shows 3 episodes before I completely axe ’em. But 3 has seemed hard this season. Is 2 enough? I mean, it is an arbitrary rule I have imposed upon myself. Surely I can change it, no? Yah, I’m sure the OCD will not let me.

Something I could not give 3 episodes to was Person of Interest. I did watch 2. Well, I checked out really early on the 2nd episode. The 1st episode was a bit Person of Interestchaotic and gave me no incentive to care about any of the characters. You learn that Jim Caviezel‘s character is this awful looking homeless dude, and 2 minutes later he’s all cleaned up and working for Michael Emerson‘s (of Lost fame) character. What is he doing? Ummm… I think they have some surveillance system that can anticipate all kinds of crime. The US government takes care of the big terrorist type things and now these two take care of the mundane.. like potential murders. I usually adore Michael Emerson’s weirdness, and thought this could carry my interest. But Caviezel is so boring and void of any character, even with his supposed emotional back story, that it hurts to watch this show. Done. No more.

Poor CBS. Batting 0 here. However, CSI has a new character in house. Ted Danson has joined the cast after Laurence Fishburne departure. I actually kinda dig him. I never would have even wanted to watch something with Ted Danson in it, but Damages and Bored to Death have completely changed my attitude towards me some Danson.

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