From Script-to-Screen

From Script-to-Screen

Rob’s birthday was this past Sunday. The whole fam pitched in and we signed him (and me!) up for Kat Candler‘s Script to Screen class held at The Austin School of Film downtown. We started class this past Tuesday, and it was most excellent. There were 18 people there I think, and quite a different bunch of people. That is actually one of the reasons I wanted to take it besides the film aspect — meeting new people.

This first week’s assignment is kinda stressing me out! I knew that we had to write a script the first week, but I just thought it would just be like POP! or VOILA! in da head, and magically appear on the page or something. Hard as hell. I think I could probably write a full feature easier than a 5-minute short. It’s intense. I think I finally figured out something to write about last night. I whipped up 2 pages in about an hour too. So, I’m finally beginning to feel some hope. I’m not really caring if I make this or not. I really just want to make a film, I don’t necessarily care if it’s mine. At least, not yet anyway.

At the end of class, on April 26th, we will be screening our films at Dobie. The thought makes me kinda nauseous.

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