Total randomness – Thanks to my husband, I have discovered Google Reader. It is friggin' awesome. And I'm not just saying that cuz I adore all that is Google, really. I've used Bloglines as an RSS reader for a bit, and that's ok, but Google's is way cooler. When I get busy, the one thing I hate is not keeping up with friends' blogs or whatever. Google Reader makes it so easy. If they are on MySpace or Livejournal or Blogspot or whatever, you can add them super quick with their username, and not have to fumble around looking for their RSS feed (which I was attempting at one point). Very cool. It looks a lot more like a normal email inbox than the previous reader I used. 

Also from the land of Google… they will be putting out a GPS unit from Helio that will use Google Maps and current traffic patterns and whatnot. Technology still trips me out. I love it. I'm also trying to get used to the Docs & Spreadsheets from Google, but it's still a little too limited for me. I'm a font freak, so the fact that you're limited to like 12 fonts or whatever is really annoying. I'll keep my eye on it though, cuz it would be nice to not have to ftp files to my server back and forth so I have the latest versions on both my systems.

Okay, that's my Google love for the day. 

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