Sorry for the lag in updates. My brother turned out to be my Secret Santa, but my mom still managed to give me something — a vicious cold. At least I didn’t get it until the day before she left here. I didn’t realize how bad she was feeling while she was here until I had it myself. That woman cooked for two whole days feeling like complete butt. Of course she didn’t say a thing. She made it seem like it was just allergies or something. For me, at some points, it felt like too much work to lay on the couch and stare at the TV. I do feel a bit better, I can now breathe through one nostril.

So, besides my recent misery, we had a pretty great Christmas. Mike and I picked my parents up at the airport and we made a quick stop to the farmer’s market. It was so insanely windy that day that it was quite the task to walk around, but we managed. We then met up with my brother and his wife at the Maudie’s on 360. Very tasty, good times. Usually our get togethers can be filled with so much planned that it feels rushed and it’s over in an instant. We managed to do a pretty good job at chillin’ this time. We did do a few great things, but we mostly just spent time together. Some of our events included the Trans-Siberian Orchestra dinner & concert, where dinner was disgusting, and I was pretty mad we paid so much for it. Won’t do that again. The concert was excellent, almost made up for the gross food. We also went to The Melting Pot. I really like this place, I think it’s a lot of fun. Apparently, I’m alone in this regard. Not quite the hit I was hoping for. The day they left, we went to Dim Sum. I have had some Dim Sum in the past, and it was OK, but this place was pretty good. It was down south and in some hotel. Hardly looks like anything on the outside, but it was pretty good.

Ok, that’s all I got in me at the moment. Hopefully, as I start to feel better, I’ll be chattier.

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  1. I thought Melting Pot was a lot of fun too…..I just thought it could have been a better set up for 6 people. It’s definitely a social event…because you keep having to ask people to stick your fork in the pot because only two people could reach it. It was a good time though…..
    Oh and your welcome for the gift….It’s three weeks later…and the ugh bug just keeps giving!!!

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