how not to spend the day on your spouse’s birthday

how not to spend the day on your spouse’s birthday

I get allergy shots. They are shots filled with stuff that I'm allergic to, like grasses, trees, molds, nuts, etc. I've been getting them for about a year and a half. I'm in my last series of bottles – maintenance – but I'm still creeping up to the maintenance dose.

After getting back from Raleigh last night, I crashed really early. Woke up this morning to go get my shot and to do some shopping for a present for Mike's birthday (which is today). After getting my shot, I went over to Encore Records and got him the KGSR Broadcasts volume 14. I then proceeded to Crate + Barrel to look for something I had in mind. While walking around the store, I started coughing a lot. This is odd, as most people who know me can attest to. I do not cough cuz I really really really hate when other people cough – don't ask, it's just a weird peeve of mine. I thought, hmm weird, but no biggie. Maybe I inhaled some dust or some raunchy old lady perfume. And then it starts to get really difficult to breathe, so I'm coughing a bit more. I also start itching the inside of my ear. I didn't find what I was looking for so I left the store, and started leaving that shopping center. I realized my breathing was worse and my throat was feeling really constricted. I called Mike at home and asked him to have an allergy pill ready for me when I got home cuz I thought I was having a reaction. Of course, Mike, the ever sane one, told me to screw that and go to the ER. I say nono, I just need a Zyrtec. So I zip home at lightning speed, and he's at the door waiting for me. Upon seeing me, he says "oh shit! fuck that, I'm taking you to the ER now!"  Apparently I looked like one of those people in movies who gets stung by a bee and swells up beyond belief. Or, like Will Smith in Hitch after he ate something I think.

We get to the ER, Mike drops me off at the front so I run in and tell them what's going on, and at this point I'm crying cuz it's just starting to hurt so bad. I do not joke when I tell you, they made me fill out forms before doing anything. I was having more and more trouble reading, so once Mike got inside with me he helped me fill them out. Luckily as Mike was finishing that up, a nurse came up behind the admin chica, took one look at me and came running around to get me with a wheelchair. They did all the prelim stuff, blood pressure (crazy low), pulseox (crazy low), heart rate (kinda high), etcetc. Then they took me to another main room. I think they called it the "Crash Room". Dunno what that meant, but I sure got seen quicker than ever in an ER. There was a dude in an area beside me bleeding all over the place, so it must have been a pretty important room. A nurse gets me to take off my top and put on one of their lovely fashion pieces, and in doing so, everyone can see I'm covered in ginormous hive-type things. I start to notice them on my arms too, and they are swelling up like mad crazy too. They give me an IV, take some blood, pump some saline, benadryl, pepcid, and I think a steroid too. Since my BP was so low, they were going to give me epinephrine, but they kept taking it and it was on the rise. The doc said he would like to avoid giving me that cuz it would make me feel like complete ass. A considerate doc, who knew. 

After waiting for a bit, a new nurse comes in and tells me she'll be giving me a breathing treatment. She hooks me up with that. Too bad it wasn't the happyfun breathing stuff. No such luck, just air laced with meds or something.  Doc comes back, declares I look SO much better, but he wants to keep me a little while longer. Wait a bit, more checking, apparently I no longer look like a victim of Rocky Balboa (or even Rocky himself), so I'm told I can go. They give me my scripts and a paper that tells you all these wonderful things about what was wrong with you and what to watch out for and expect. It would apparently be very common if I had another occurrence, but unless it gets as bad, I should be ok. All said and done, we were in and out of there in exactly 2 hours. Excellent, if you ask me. I love Seton Northwest!

Afterwards, I got home, ate a bit, watch a bit of TV next to the fire, and then napped. I feel much better. Not 100% quite yet, but definitely a major improvement.

Um, Happy Birthday Mikey! Embarassed

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