i am a sucker with a heart of ice cold gold

i am a sucker with a heart of ice cold gold

So, I’m driving to the store this morning. I turn the corner and almost hit this all white kitten sitting in the middle of the street looking frantic and not knowing which direction to go. I get out of my car and go to her and she lets me pick her and snuggles right into my arms. I knock on a few doors around where I found her to see if she belongs to anyone, but no one answers. What do I do? I take her home, of course. She’s all white with light ice blue eyes. Cutie-patootie, let me tell you. So friendly and loving, but Mike says I can’t keep her. He wants to put fliers up saying that we found her. But I think that’s a bad idea. She’s way skinny, kinda dirty from being outside and all she’s done so far is eat tons and sleep tons. I think I was meant to find her and take good care of her. It was just kismet. What should I call her? Cutie-butt, Skinny-ass, white girl – or the more classy version – Blanca? I leave you with a pic of her for your perusal. You can tell me what you think a good name is.

little white kittie

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