I Cried For The Kitty

I Cried For The Kitty

Yesterday, when I drove up to the house, Mike greeted me from behind and scared the crap out of me. He then informed me that he got a call from the kittie’s owner and she had already picked her up. I started bawling immediately. I had gone to the vet and got her kittie revolution, and kittie food, and flea shampoo, and I had all that in my hands. My heart broke. I asked Mike what he and the owner talked about, and whether she knew the kittie was deaf (oh, yah, the kittie was deaf), and shouldn’t be let outside. Apparently the family leaves the kittie with her brother outside and doesn’t usually leave the backyard. Mike told her that a deaf kittie probably shouldn’t be allowed outside. I wish he could have kept her somehow. She’s too skinny, has fleas, and is a little dirty. They don’t deserve her! Also, her name is Tinkerbell. I actually think the name was perfect for her. It still made me cry. Mike’s very relieved to have found her family, he likes our kitty-count as it is. We do still have my brother’s cat Ollie. I love Ollie, he’s my boy! So, this is the end of the story of Tinkerbell. She will be missed. Let’s hope her owners can actually take care of her this time.

Here are a couple last pictures of the girl -> Tinkerbell

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  1. Anj, sorry you didn’t get to keep Tinkerbell. I know there would be no one better in taking care of such a special cat. We left our cat Minka at home for three days and every time we thought about her we wanted to go home. The neighbor looked after her for us, but Minka I think is amd at us for leaving her that long. Her boyfriend (who she beats up all the time) is name Cleo and is such a wuss, but I like him. Different type of cat than what Minka is. Anyway enjoyed reading the blog. Keep it coming. Dad

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