just more whining

just more whining

As if I needed another reason to dislike our current president…

What was he thinking when he decided to change our Daylight Saving Time? Because of this "little" change, my life has become pure crap.  I'm working 72 hour weeks because of this damn change. I would love to know how many BILLIONS of dollars a change like this causes corporations. It seems like it should be relatively simple. You just change the dates that this happens on. Mais non!

I would actually say this is by far worse than the whole Y2K thing. With that it was all hype and no action. This is almost no hype, but OHhhhh it's gonna be ugly for some. I'm tired, I feel sick constantly, I had a migraine for almost a full week. I'm trying to take care of myself by working out at lunch, and getting more sleep. I'm not doing too horrible in either department, but I can certainly do better.

I look forward to the day that I update this and it's not all negative whine-n-cry crap.

OH! There is a slight pinprick of light in all this darkness. Amidst all this DST crap I'm also working on writing a technical book for one of the products I work on. When it's done, I'll be published! Even though it is adding to my workload, I'm actually quite excited about it.

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