let the rain come down

let the rain come down

On Thursday I flew to my mom's place in Virginia. As Mike was driving me to the airport, I got a phone call from the airline with an automated message saying my flight had been delayed from 2:30pm to 4:10pm. But nothing else was to change, so I was fine. I figure it's not worthing driving back and Mike has to go to work, so I continue on. I have enough books and whatnot to keep me entertained.

I decided to be crazy and went to a bar and got a drink while I was waiting. While chilling, I got another automated message phone call telling me my flight had been delayed again to 5:10pm and I had been booked on a new connection in Atlanta, changing my arrival in Norfolk from 7:37pm to 11:59pm. Yay me. I'm trying to perfect my carefree attitude, so I just sit back and chill some more. I eventually went to the gate and asked the gate lady person if I needed new boarding passes. She then informed me that she had me on standby on 2 earlier flights out of Atlanta, but the later one I was told about was confirmed. Yah, ok, whatever. No big thang, I will get there eventually. 

Finally, I get boarded on the plane around 4:45pm (after 2 gate changes). I arrive in Atlanta at 8:15pm. After deplaning, I realize I have no idea what flight I'm supposed to head towards. The attendants around me weren't that helpful either. So, I decide to head out to my original flight that I still have a boarding pass for. The only problem is when I look at the departure screen it shows as boarding and I'm many many concourses away. I finally find my way to a train, and manage to book it to my gate. So, this is my original connecting flight, but it's running an hour late (atlanta had a ton of fog, backed up all flights all day). I literally get there as they are closing the gate, and ask if I'm still on it. She checks and I'm not, but she's a sweetie, and changes my ticket back to this flight. The only downside I discover upon entering the plane is my aisle seat has been changed to a middle seat between 2 dudes that have been on flights since the previous day all the way from Italy. They were really nice country boys, so it definitely could have been worse. The flight was only 1 hour 5 minutes and I arrived in Norfolk at 10:30ish. Only an hour or so late from my originally scheduled arrival.

Despite all the delays and chaos, it turned out to be ok. I'm trying to get a better attitude about things I can control. I had no control over this, and I never got upset or frustrated. Not that I've been quite that amped in some time. But when I get in situations like this where it feels like somewhat of a test, it still amazes me that I don't get antsy/pissy.

So, I've traveled the most ever in one month for me I think. I gotta say I really like it. Even with all the uncomfortableness of the planes, I just enjoy the time to relax. I read, I listen to music, do puzzles, whatever. That could be a sad statement really. If it takes me being completely cut off from stuff via being 6 miles up to relax and take time for myself, that would just be sad.

Ok, I haven't slept much the past couple days. It's time to sleep. 

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