Life’s Annoyances (or just mine)

Life’s Annoyances (or just mine)

I've been in a very pissy mood as of late. Work has been sucking the life out of me. I still like my job and all, but I couldn't possibly work harder or longer hours.  It's just beating me down, and it makes any other good part of my life suck too. In this line of thinking about how things suck, I decided I was going to list things that annoy me or that I just don't like.

  • incessant coughing – I don't mine the occasional needed cough, but it's the nonstop coughing for no apparent reason that annoys me
  • daylight saving time – it's not savingS. it's just wrong. there is no S dammit
  • talking on the phone – I'm sure this stems from the fact that I do technical support (over the phone), so I cringe when I hear the phone ring and do everything possible to have any other type of communication – email, sms, im

I thought I had more things. I'm sure I do actually, but I can't think of them at the moment. So much for that idea…

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