Losing My Religion…

Losing My Religion…

… well, not really. I never had one.

I’m finding that people that I thought knew me, and should know me, do not know me at all. So, I am putting it out there on the record for my peeps to see. I will put it simply. I do not believe in a God of any sort. I do not believe in any sort of higher power. I was raised in a Christian household, but from a very early age I couldn’t help thinking that everyone at church was just weird.

What I do believe in, and very strongly, is a sense of karma. I live my life in such a way as what I put out in the world will come back to me. I try to be as honest as I can be, and as accepting as I can be. I’m not saying I accomplish this all the time, cuz I don’t. I’m not perfect. But I believe a good attitude, being honest, and being good to people will boomerang back to me.

I bring this up because I feel like since I’ve announced that I’m pregnant to people that I’m bombarded with religious stuff. Talking to a friend about this recently, even had a stranger butting into the conversation to tell me “you will believe in God now that you’re pregnant. There’s no way not to when you have a child.” Usually, this stuff doesn’t bother me. Mainly because it’s really never been an issue. But I honestly feel like the emails & whatnot I’ve gotten that talk about prayers and other religious things pertaining to me and my baby, have gone a bit too far. I’m seriously getting offended. What if someone that was Jewish or Muslim sent a Christian something that was jewish or islamic? That Christian would probably be offended. It’s pretty much the same thing.

So, I try to respect you and your religion. All I ask is that you please try to respect me and my lack of one.

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    • I’ve actually gotten that question a couple times… “How can you teach your kids morals without religion?” Oh, I don’t know. I’ve managed pretty good myself.
      I’m buying this book right now! I’m just starting to think about these sorts of things so it’s perfect timing. Thanks so much Becky! :D

    • Well, we actually do not know what we are doing in that regard. There are two parents in this relationship, and we need to think of both of our opinions. Unfortunately Mike doesn’t seem to be having one about this particular subject yet. I’ve asked him to think about how he feels about it, so we can then discuss it together. I don’t want it to seem like I’m going to bully my way through this subject and take no opinions. So, currently, we are undecided on the baptism issue :D

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