Mau’i – Day 7, Hawai’i – Day 12

Mau’i – Day 7, Hawai’i – Day 12

Sunday, July 13th

We woke up at 2am. Why such weird hours, you may wonder? We have to get ready to head up to Haleakala for the sunrise. We managed to get out of the condo just before 3am, and started our 2+ hour drive up the volcano. The volcano is 10,023 feet, and the drive was constant switchbacks. Everytime we saw an elevation sign we would check the temperature. It seemed like we were losing 2-3 degrees for every 1000 feet.We got up there around 5am, and the park ranger told us that the sunrise was expected to be around 5:45am. Right before we left the car we checked the temp and it was 34 degrees. We had planned for it, but we still didn’t have enough clothing to keep warm. *shiver*

We went to the lookout point and managed to snag an awesome spot to wait. I tried to stay warm by constantly shaking or moving around. A park ranger comes out to us and starts to tell us about everything we can see from up there. We can actually see Mauna Kea on the Big Island from up here. After much waiting, the sun starts to slowly make it’s way to us. Oh, it was so worth the wait and the cold. We watched that for quite awhile. And I of course managed to burn my eyes up a bit. We walked around a little bit, and then headed back out. I fell asleep before we even got to the lower parking lot which was maybe 200 ft away.

I woke up just as we were arriving at the condo at 9am. Mike decides he wants to sleep instead of packing. This perturbs me a bit cuz we have to be out of the condo by 11am. As I am taking some trash out, the maids are already there and waiting to clean. I tell them we will be leaving at 11am. I know they had more guests coming that night, but still. We did manage to leave at 11am on the dot.

We head into Kahului to go to the CostCo to return some stuff we didn’t even open, and to get some macadamia nuts for some gifts. We decided to drive all the way to Kihei to eat at a different Maui Tacos than we had before. Before going there, we went to Longs Drug Store to get envelopes to send off our gifts. Right across the street from that is a post office. It dawns on me that it’s a Sunday, but then I figure I could use the Automated Postal Center. When we get there, the APC is down and not selling postage. Of course not, that would be too easy. So, we head to Maui Tacos, eat entirely too much food there, then head back into Kahului to find another post office.

We managed to find it, but this one doesn’t even have an APC. Ummmm… it’s not like we can take this on the plane. I absolutely refuse to pay the airlines extra money cuz my bags will end up overweight. And I’m already going to be carrying on too much. What the hell are we gonna do?!?!?! Oh, wait, can I just buy some stamps and pop it in the mail. Nope, because I mail so much stuff on PaperBackSwap and SwapADVD, I happen to know that you cannot mail something that is heavier than 13 ounces with just stamps without handing it to a postal worker. Weird rule, but I’ve been bitten by it before, so I know not to try that. As we are driving around, we see a Pak Mail that is actually open. OMG. These people are nothing but thieves! They won’t ship it for anything less than Priority Mail and that is like $20 per package, and we have 4. Their reasoning for using Priority Mail was silly, but whatever. I’d rather pay them than the airlines any day.

Because Mama’s Fish House was so amazing, we made dinner reservations there for 5:00pm. We still have some time to kill, so we drive towards that area and go to the beach we saw before that had some windsurfers. We hit it big. There were tons of surfers and TONS of windsurfers. Mike went out to watch ’em out there, and I stayed in the car and watched them. There were so many people out at that beach, but I had a great view of all the windsurfers, and it just mesmerized me.

After that we drove into Paia and then past that into Makawao Town (Cowboy Town), got gas, and managed to be late for our reservation at Mama’s. Mike had an Uku dish cooked in upcountry style, and I had the mahi mahi dish Mike had at our previous visit. Very good. Ridiculous how good their food is. We also made sure to have one more Scorpion before we left the island. Mike even managed to get the recipe from the bartender for it. Excellent.

We headed to Alamo to return our rental car, and I almost forgot my wallet in the car. We got to the terminal and put our bags through the agriculture inspection, then TSA. Then we went to get our boarding passes, and we have one bag at 44 lbs, and the other at 54 lbs or something. Mike took them and moved stuff around so they would both be under the 50 lb restriction. I refuse to pay the airlines more for baggage crap. Hate airline fees. Bastards. Anyway… Mike did that, but was told he had to go back through the whole process. So, back to the Ag inspection, back to TSA, and finally off we go. We couldn’t have timed it better. We had a few minutes before boarding started and it dawns on me that I think I forgot my glasses in their case in the rental car. Mike called Alamo for me, and since we didn’t have time to go get them, he arranged for Alamo to mail ’em to us and charge us. They only charged us $10 for fedex, so not bad.

We got on the plane, and Mike was out pretty quickly. I actually stayed awake and watched Horton Hears A Who, I shouldn’t have bothered, but then after that I completely conked out. I can never sleep on a plane. Not truly sleep. But I slept all the way until just before landing in LAX. THEN, I actually managed to do the same thing all the way to Austin. Couldn’t have asked for better, it seems so fast when you’re asleep the whole time!

When we arrived at the house, my office Aeron chair was completely coated in white Sundae fur. I think she may have actually missed me!

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